FormCraft vs WPForms: Comparing Top WordPress Form Builders

Overview of FormCraft and WPForms

When managing a WordPress site, selecting the right form builder plugin is crucial to facilitate user interaction. Let’s compare two popular plugins: FormCraft and WPForms.

FormCraft is known for its sleek design and flexibility. It’s a powerful form builder that allows for comprehensive customization. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, we can create beautiful forms that are both functional and responsive. Users have noted that FormCraft provides a solid set of features and templates to streamline form creation.

WPForms, on the other hand, is highly praised for its user-friendly approach, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. It boasts a wide array of pre-built templates that cater to various needs, from simple contact forms to complex surveys. In terms of user satisfaction, WPForms is recognized for its ease of use and robust support.

Here’s a quick feature comparison:

Pre-built TemplatesFewerMany
User InterfaceIntuitiveVery User-Friendly
User Rating3.2/53.3/5

We must note that while WPForms is tailored for beginners with its drag-and-drop builder and expansive template library, FormCraft offers more advanced customizability. It’s beneficial to weigh the specific requirements of our WordPress site when choosing between these two plugins.

Ease of Use

When comparing FormCraft and WPForms, we focus on how simply and quickly users can accomplish tasks. We examine the interfaces, form creation processes, and customization flexibility.

Interface Comparison

FormCraft and WPForms both offer intuitive interfaces, but they present distinctive user experiences. WPForms boasts a drag & drop form builder, which simplifies the placement of form fields. Users find they can create forms with minimal effort. On the other hand, FormCraft also provides a user-friendly interface with a clean design, emphasizing a streamlined workflow.

  • WPForms:
    • Drag & drop functionality
    • Minimalist design with clear options
  • FormCraft:
    • Sleek, modern design interface
    • Responsive form builder

Form Creation Process

With WPForms, we see a process that encourages efficiency, especially for beginners. The form builder enables rapid creation of various forms, including contact forms and user registration forms, with an approachable guide for new users. Conversely, FormCraft offers a similar creation process but with a greater emphasis on design and customization options, catering to users who value a more tailored form appearance.

  • WPForms Form Creation Steps:

    1. Select a template or start from scratch.
    2. Drag & drop form fields.
    3. Configure settings and integrate, if necessary.
  • FormCraft Form Creation Steps:

    1. Choose a starter design or template.
    2. Add and edit fields with visual feedback.
    3. Adjust design elements and advanced features.

Customization and Flexibility

We analyze customization and flexibility by how much control over form design and functionality each form builder allows. WPForms provides plenty of form templates to kickstart the design process, paired with essential customization tools that make forms responsive and interactive. FormCraft, while also offering form templates, prioritizes a high level of flexibility with a wide array of stylization and form fields, enabling the creation of multi-faceted forms, including multi-page forms.

  • WPForms Customization:

    • Responsive design options
    • Conditional logic features
    • Form templates for quick setups
  • FormCraft Customization:

    • Advanced design customization
    • High level of field complexity
    • Options for multi-page forms and conditional logic

Advanced Features

In our comparison of FormCraft and WPForms, we have focused on dissecting the platforms’ advanced features. These capabilities are critical for those who require more than just basic form creation and seek to integrate their forms with payments, marketing, and other technical requirements.

Payment Integrations

WPForms and FormCraft both offer robust payment integrations which are essential for any business transaction. Here’s how they stack up:

  • WPForms:

    • Integrates with PayPal and Stripe for smooth payment transactions.
    • Offers additional payment gateways through addons.
  • FormCraft:

    • Also supports PayPal and Stripe add-ons.
    • Allows for discounts and coupons, enhancing e-commerce capabilities.

Marketing and CRM Tools

Effective forms tie into marketing and CRM tools, and here’s what these form builders offer:

  • WPForms:

    • Connections with email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Drip, and Constant Contact.
    • Zapier integration for connection with over 2000+ web apps, including CRMs like HubSpot.
  • FormCraft:

    • Integrates with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and ActiveCampaign.
    • Doesn’t have a direct Zapier integration but offers a comprehensive API and Webhooks for custom integrations.

Form Enhancement Addons

To truly enhance your forms, addons for surveys, polls, and additional form features are available:

  • WPForms:

    • Create surveys and polls with advanced reporting.
    • Conditional logic, file uploads, spam protection with reCAPTCHA, and multi-page forms.
  • FormCraft:

    • Offers surveys, polls, and a math formula feature for complex calculations.
    • Includes conditional logic, spam protection with captcha, and multi-page form capabilities.

Technical Capabilities

Both form builders are packed with technical features to boost functionality:

  • WPForms:

    • Form analytics for insights into form performance.
    • APIs for developers, and webhooks for real-time data syncing.
    • Capabilities to save form progress and a revision system to track changes.
  • FormCraft:

    • Also offers an export/import feature for forms and entries.
    • Save form progress feature and file uploads are available.
    • Provides a form analytics tool, but more limited in comparison to WPForms.

Templates and Pre-Built Forms

When we assess FormCraft and WPForms in terms of their offerings for templates and pre-built forms, we notice distinct benefits that cater to diverse needs.

FormCraft provides users with a cost-effective solution boasting an array of features, and among these are pre-built styled templates. They present an advantage for those who value visual appeal and wish to create beautiful forms without requiring extensive customization.

On the other hand, WPForms is renowned for its user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. With over 1100+ form templates, it’s a versatile choice designed to simplify the creation of various form types, from contact forms to registration forms, in just a few clicks. Below, we’ve outlined the key template features of both plugins:

Ready-Made TemplatesYes, includes pre-built styled templates.Yes, more than 1100+ templates available.
Contact FormsAvailable with stylish designs.Numerous templates easing contact form creation.
Registration FormsUser registration functionality with templates.Pre-built forms ease setting up registration.
CustomizationFocus on aesthetic form styles.Emphasizes ease of use with drag-and-drop builder.

In summary, users looking for an economical option with a significant focus on aesthetics might find FormCraft’s pre-built form templates ideal. Conversely, WPForms caters to those seeking a blend of simplicity and variety, making form building accessible and efficient for users of any skill level. Both form builders respond well to customization needs, but WPForms offers a slightly broader range of templates, easing the initial setup process.

Support and Documentation

When comparing the support and documentation of FormCraft and WPForms, prospective users will find distinct offerings from each plugin provider. Our examination reveals pertinent differences.


  • Documentation: FormCraft’s focus appears to be on design-centric users, providing documentation that helps in crafting aesthetically pleasing forms. The learning materials may be thorough and tailored to users prioritizing form appearance.
  • Support: Access to support is typically available through a ticket system for premium users. As with any plugin, the responsiveness and quality of support may vary based on the nature of the inquiry.


  • Documentation: WPForms extensively caters to both novice and expert users with detailed guides and articles. The depth and accessibility of their documentation can be a notable advantage for users seeking self-help resources.
  • Support: WPForms offers support that is generally well-regarded, with a reputation for being user-friendly. This can be particularly beneficial for beginners needing assistance.


  • Both plugins receive updates that enhance functionality and ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. Regular updates are crucial for maintaining security and introducing new features.
Documentation FocusDesign and aestheticsUser-friendliness, depth
Support TypeTicket system for premiumAccessible to all users
Update FrequencyRegularRegular

In our quest to provide users with factual information, we meticulously ensure that all data reflects the current offerings and may be subject to change as both plugins continue to evolve.

Pricing and Value for Money

When choosing between FormCraft and WPForms, we consider not only the overall pricing but also what each option delivers in terms of value for money. This comparison should help clarify which form builder better aligns with your financial considerations and feature requirements.

Comparison of Free Versions

FormCraft does not offer a free version, which means we’ll focus solely on WPForms’ free offering. WPForms Lite provides a good starting point for those new to form builders, giving us access to basic features such as standard form fields and basic form submission management.

Premium Offerings

In terms of premium options, both FormCraft and WPForms have tiered pricing plans to accommodate different needs. WPForms offers more affordable starting prices and often is seen as providing better value for money, particularly for entry-level users. Here’s a quick price comparison:

WPForms Basic: Starting at around $39.50 per year

FormCraft Basic: Typically starts at a higher price point than WPForms Basic

As business owners, we value features relative to price points. WPForms generally provides a greater number of features per dollar spent, such as multi-page forms and advanced fields, which could be deemed more cost-effective.

Business Owner Perspective

From our perspective, considering the investment in a premium form builder should be aligned with our business goals. We must evaluate whether the additional features of the premium plans will lead to improved efficiency or conversion, thus justifying the expense. Affordability is crucial, yet it’s the return on investment that ultimately dictates the best choice for us. While FormCraft offers a robust set of features, we find that WPForms’ ease of use and range of features per price tier generally presents a more appealing package, especially for businesses seeking to minimize overhead while still being successful without feeling overwhelmed.

Integration with WordPress Environment

When integrating form plugins into the WordPress environment, our focus is on seamless compatibility with existing plugins and the impact these tools have on website performance. We look for plugins that play well with WordPress ecosystems like WooCommerce and maintain responsive designs to ensure a quality experience for website visitors.

Compatibility with Other Plugins

In our experience, both FormCraft and WPForms are designed to be highly compatible with other WordPress plugins. FormCraft performs well with essential WordPress tools, making it versatile for various website needs. It’s particularly responsive, ensuring forms look and function well across different devices, which is crucial for maintaining a professional appearance and functionality for website visitors.

WPForms is also highly regarded for its adaptability within the WordPress plugin landscape. It’s compatible with notable plugins such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms, facilitating efficient data collection and management. WPForms generally works well with popular WordPress themes like Divi, ensuring that forms blend seamlessly with the website’s design.

Website Performance Impact

We monitor the impact on website performance meticulously. FormCraft is known for its lightweight design, which minimizes its impact on website loading times—an important factor when considering the user experience for visitors.

WPForms equally emphasizes performance, with a focus on creating an efficient experience for both users and visitors. It ensures that adding forms to a WordPress site does not significantly affect loading speeds, which can directly influence visitor satisfaction and SEO rankings.

Choosing between FormCraft and WPForms for integration with a WordPress website involves considering specific performance needs and compatibility with existing tools and plugins. Both offer strong integration capabilities, but assessing the fine details of each can help us determine the best fit for our specific use case.

User and Market Opinions

As we look at the landscape of WordPress form plugins, we are guided by user feedback, professional critiques, and the brands’ standing in the community. Here’s how FormCraft and WPForms stack up.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Users have rated WPForms with an overall score of 3.3/5 stars based on three reviews, indicating a solid user satisfaction level. On the other hand, FormCraft has garnered a similar user rating of 3.2/5 stars also from three reviews. Contributors often mention specific features like drag-and-drop building and the ease of use for both plugins. WPForms is frequently acknowledged for its user-friendly tools, which ease the process of user registration and form creation.

User Score3.3/53.2/5

Expert Critiques and Comparisons

In professional reviews, WPForms and FormCraft are both recognized for their distinctive features and efficiency as form builders. Experts emphasize the importance of choosing a plugin based on personalization needs and specific toolsets. Ease of use and the range of functionalities such as responsiveness and availability of pre-made templates are often used as comparison metrics.

  • WPForms: Highlighted for having 29 key features.
  • FormCraft: Noted for offering multi-page forms and popup form capabilities.

Media Presence and Brand Reputation

The media has observed that both WPForms and FormCraft have an impactful presence and are well-regarded in the WordPress community. FormCraft is particularly mentioned for its popup forms, which can be triggered by user actions—a feature touted for enhancing user engagement. WPForms enjoys a reputation for being straightforward, which aligns with its prominent media presence, often visible through instructional videos and detailed screenshots that aid in the user understanding of the product’s design and tools.

  • FormCraft: Acknowledged for its flexibility in design and additional features at a starting price of $49 per year.
  • WPForms: Recognized for its extensive documentation and supportive video resources.

Visual Representation and Media

In our experience, the effectiveness of form builders like FormCraft and WPForms is significantly enhanced by their visual capabilities. From screenshots and demonstrations to videos and design customization showcases, the ability to visually represent and modify forms is crucial for usability and aesthetics.

Screenshots and Demonstrations

For both FormCraft and WPForms, screenshots play a key role in guiding users through the user interface and its usage. Demonstrations of form creation provide insight into the menus and the front-end editor. We find that these visual aids greatly assist users in understanding the workflow without lengthy written instructions.

  • FormCraft often includes screenshots that display its sleek design interface, allowing users to see the visual progression of their form as they build it.
  • WPForms provides screenshots that clearly demonstrate the drag-and-drop editor, showcasing how intuitive it is to manage various form fields.

Instructional and Promotional Videos

Videos offer a dynamic way to communicate the features and functionalities of these form builders. Instructional videos guide users on how to maximize the potential of their forms, while promotional videos highlight the tools’ capabilities.

  • FormCraft and WPForms both host instructional videos that include a tour of their front-end editor, offering a more comprehensive understanding than static images.
  • With WPForms, instructional videos often underscore the ease with which users can navigate the builder’s interface.

Design Customization Showcases

The two form builders excel in providing users with the ability to customize the design of their forms. Showcases of these customization options can be quite impactful in representing the form builders’ flexibility and depth.

  • FormCraft demonstrates various design customizations through galleries or live forms that can be manipulated in real-time, showing the adaptability of its front-end editor.
  • WPForms highlights its design flexibility by showcasing forms that have been tailored to match the branding and design requirements of different websites, which users can view directly on the WPForms website.

Additional Considerations

Before diving into the specific features of FormCraft and WPForms, let us explore some additional considerations that may influence your choice. We’ll assess how these plugins fare in terms of monetization, survey capability, data management, future-proofing, inclusivity, and the array of extra tools they provide.

Monetization Features

FormCraft: Offers a Stripe Addon, which allows for seamless payment collection directly through forms.
WPForms: Supports monetization with features like payment gateway integrations and order forms that make it easy to collect payments.

Survey and Polls Functionality

  • FormCraft: Has built-in capabilities for creating surveys and polls, which include custom fields and various options for data visualization.
  • WPForms: Includes a powerful Surveys and Polls Addon, enabling advanced survey features and report generation.

Ease of Data Management

FormCraft: Comes with an Export/Import feature that facilitates efficient data transfer and backup.
WPForms: It is designed to easily manage entries from the dashboard, with support for various data handling, including smart conditional logic.

Updates and Future Proofing

  • FormCraft: Continuously updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.
  • WPForms: Focuses on future-proofing with regular updates, enhancing existing features, and adding new ones to stay ahead of WordPress evolutions.

Accessibility and Inclusivity Factors

  • FormCraft: Strives to create user-friendly forms that are accessible; however, detailed information on specific accessibility features is not highlighted.
  • WPForms: Prioritizes accessibility, making sure forms are user-friendly and compliant with web accessibility standards.

Extra Features and Tools


  • Offers app source code.
  • Provides conversational forms for engaging user interaction.


  • Integrates with popular marketing services like Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor for effective email campaigns.
  • Includes a feature to easily embed forms on your site with minimal effort.

Security and Compliance

We recognize that security is a paramount concern when it comes to choosing the right form builder plugin for your WordPress site. In terms of security and compliance, both FormCraft and WPForms have implemented features to ensure that your data remains safe and that forms are protected from spam and other malicious activities.

Spam Protection:

  • WPForms: Offers built-in anti-spam features, including the option to add reCaptcha to forms for enhanced spam protection.
  • FormCraft: Also supports anti-spam measures though specific details aren’t mentioned in the search results.

reCaptcha Integration:

  • Both plugins support reCaptcha, helping in mitigating spam and automated submissions by requiring users to prove they are human.

Security Measures:

  • WPForms:
    • Asserts that the plugin maintains secure data handling in line with WordPress’s comprehensive security standards.
    • Encourages adherence to overall website security best practices, as the plugin’s security is as robust as the WordPress installation it resides on.
  • FormCraft:
    • Designed with an emphasis on versatility, and while not explicitly detailed in the search results, it likely follows WordPress plugin security protocols.
    • Customizable templates do not compromise on security, ensuring that the functionality and design do not increase vulnerability.

Focusing on compliance, both plugins should be configured to comply with relevant regulations, such as GDPR, by the user to ensure that form submissions and data storage adhere to legal standards. As security features can be subject to updates, we recommend checking the latest versions and patch notes for any recent security enhancements.


When evaluating the two popular form builders, FormCraft and WPForms, we find both have their advantages and are highly regarded in their field.

FormCraft boasts a slightly higher feature count, providing 31 primary features, while WPForms offers 29. This suggests that FormCraft might be a better fit for users who are looking for a few additional features.

Regarding user satisfaction, WPForms has earned an overall user rating of 3.3/5 stars from 3 reviews, implying a reliable user experience. FormCraft follows closely with a rating of 3.2/5 stars from 3 reviews, indicating a consistent level of quality as well.

  • WPForms is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, offering an easy drag and drop form builder and is known for being suited to both beginners and advanced users alike.

  • FormCraft, on the other hand, may appeal to those who have more specific needs that align with its slightly broader feature set.

We suggest users select the form builder that aligns best with their individual needs. If a user-friendly experience and a strong community backing are crucial for you, WPForms stands out. However, if having a few extra features takes precedence, FormCraft could be the more appropriate option.

In sum, both plugins are strong contenders in the WordPress form builder space, and your choice should be informed by the specific features, pricing, and user reviews that resonate most with your project requirements.

Comparative Analysis

In our examination of FormCraft and WPForms, we focus on pivotal aspects crucial for users selecting a WordPress form plugin. These aspects include feature sets, responsiveness, support, and user satisfaction.

Starting with features, WPForms is often praised for its intuitive interface and robust list of functionalities. It provides a comfortable experience for beginners, with a significant offering of form templates to accelerate the creation process. On the other hand, FormCraft boasts a drag-and-drop form building interface, allowing for high customization and versatility. Our analysis reveals that FormCraft holds a slight edge in the number of primary features it offers.

Responsiveness is a key factor in providing a seamless user experience across devices. WPForms ensures that forms created are fully responsive, making them easily accessible and functional on any device.

When we consider support, WPForms receives high commendation. Users have rated WPForms’ support significantly well, suggesting a reliable support system which is crucial for troubleshooting and getting assistance when needed.

User satisfaction is another decisive factor. Through data derived from actual users, WPForms garners esteem for its clutter-free and user-friendly approach that resonates well with its users.

To synopsize the feature sets and advantages, we list the following:

  • Features:

    • WPForms: Beginner-friendly, vast form templates
    • FormCraft: High customization, drag-and-drop interface
  • Responsiveness:

    • Both WPForms and FormCraft offer full responsiveness for mobile and desktop.
  • Support:

    • WPForms has a higher user rating for support compared to FormCraft.
  • User Satisfaction:

    • WPForms leads in being user-friendly and straightforward.

As we present this comparative analysis, we aim to guide you through the nuances of each plugin to inform your decision-making process without bias. Each plugin presents its unique strengths and it’s essential to align these with your specific needs.

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