What if I want to Upgrade My Account Later?

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What if I want to Upgrade My Account Later?

No problem!  If you buy a 1 or 3 site license and want to upgrade to either the 3 or 10 site license in the future, it’s really easy.  Simply login to your account by clicking “Login” on LinkWhisper.com.

Once in your account, click “Manage License” then click “View Licenses” and “View Upgrades”.

This will show you the price to upgrade your account.  The upgrade price is prorated based on your current license, and the amount of time remaining in your current subscription. When upgrading you only pay the difference to upgrade, divided by the remaining days in your current subscription.

So for example, if you bought a 1 site license for $77, and wanted to upgrade to a 3 site license ($117) after 6 months. Your base upgrade price would be $40, ($117 – $77 = $40), but since the current subscription is already half used, your cost would be adjusted to approximately $20. (It wouldn’t be fair to charge the full upgrade price for half a subscription)

One thing to bear in mind is that when the subscription renews, it will be at the standard price for the upgraded subscription. So in our example case, the renewal price will be $117 since that’s the price of a 3 site license.

Enjoy Link Whisper! 🙂

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