EventON vs The Events Calendar: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right event calendar plugin for your WordPress website can be a daunting task, especially when there are many great options available. Two popular calendar plugins that often get compared are The Events Calendar and EventON. Both plugins are designed to manage and display events efficiently, but they offer different features and options that might be more suitable for specific needs.

The Events Calendar is known for its reliability and versatility, powering over 800,000 calendars worldwide. It focuses on providing essential features without adding unnecessary clutter, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a straightforward event management solution. On the other hand, EventON boasts a wide array of features and customization options, making it perfect for users who want more control over the look and feel of their event calendars.

Key Takeaways

  • The Events Calendar and EventON are both popular WordPress plugins, each offering a different set of features to cater to various user requirements.
  • While The Events Calendar prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, EventON provides extensive customization options for a unique user experience.
  • Both plugins offer support and integration with third-party tools, but pricing and additional features may vary depending on the chosen plugin.

Understanding EventON and The Events Calendar

EventON and The Events Calendar are two popular WordPress plugins for creating and managing event calendars on your website. Both of these calendar plugins offer users a wide variety of features for event management and can be easily integrated into a WordPress site.

EventON is a widely used event calendar plugin in the industry due to its extensive features and visually appealing design. It allows users to create, customize, and manage events seamlessly on their website. The plugin offers multiple views for displaying events, such as month view, week view, day view, and a standard agenda view. This variety of formats ensures that users can easily navigate and find relevant events on the calendar. (source: linkwhisper.com)

On the other hand, The Events Calendar is a user-friendly and free-to-start plugin, offering both free and paid versions with different levels of features. It supports a wide range of needs for event management, from small websites to large-scale event organizers. One of the key features of The Events Calendar is its compatibility with other commonly used WordPress plugins and themes, making it easier for users to incorporate the calendar into their existing site setup. Additionally, it offers multiple view options, advanced filtering and searching features, and integrated maps and directions for event locations. (source: theeventscalendar.com )

While both plugins cater to managing events on a WordPress site, they offer slightly different feature sets and experiences. EventON focuses on providing a visually appealing experience, combined with a user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. The Events Calendar, on the other hand, is known for its compatibility options, multiple views, and advanced search capabilities.

When choosing between these two WordPress calendar plugins, it is important to consider your specific event management needs, the existing setup of your website, and customization preferences to determine which plugin will best suit your requirements.

Key Features of EventON

Core and Advanced Features

EventON is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers both basic and advanced features for creating and managing events. The plugin allows for unlimited event creation, single and multiple day events, all-day events, and even year-long events. EventON supports recurring events, enabling users to easily create repeat events without duplicating work. Another useful feature is the event filter, which lets visitors search and filter events based on categories, locations, and other criteria. This plugin also comes with a free version for users who want to try out its core functionalities.

EventON provides several options for displaying event information, such as event progress bars, schedule views, and location archive pages. This makes it easier for visitors to find and view important details such as event end time and event location. The plugin also supports social sharing, allowing users to promote events on multiple platforms.

Customization Options

One of EventON’s key strengths is its customization options. Users can personalize their calendars with custom colors, font styles, and icons from Font Awesome. They can also utilize shortcodes to embed events seamlessly into any website layout, while the featured image option allows for visually appealing event presentation. Custom CSS styles offer further control over the look and feel of your event calendar.

Moreover, the plugin offers a single event page option for events that require additional details. These pages can include unlimited event images, related events, and event organizers, providing visitors with complete information on the event.

Integration Capabilities

EventON offers a range of integration capabilities to enhance its functionality. For instance, the plugin supports Zoom integration for online events, enabling users to conduct meetings, webinars, or conferences directly on their website. The EventTOP Designer addon enhances the visual appearance of your event listings, while the quick edit feature simplifies the event management process.

To further improve your event management experience, EventON provides options to sell tickets, import events from other sources, and track attendance. The plugin also integrates with third-party add-ons and tools for additional functionality, such as email marketing and event promotion.

Key Features of The Events Calendar

Essential and Extra Features

The Events Calendar offers a wide range of features, catering to different user needs. The free version includes basic features such as the ability to create and manage unlimited events, single and multiple day events, all-day events, and even year-long events. It also comes with a responsive design, ensuring your calendar looks great on any device.

In addition to the basic features, there are numerous addons available to enhance your calendar’s functionality. Some notable addons include event end time, event location, event filter, and location archive page. Users can also opt for advanced features like hiding past events, managing meetings, selling tickets, and importing event information.

Customization Opportunities

The Events Calendar provides ample customization opportunities for users who want to personalize their calendar. Users can choose from various custom colors, shortcodes, and font awesome icons to style their calendar according to their preferences. The plugin also supports custom CSS styles, enabling users to create a unique look for their event calendar.

Moreover, The Events Calendar gives users the ability to create custom event categories, event statuses, and event organizers. Event features such as featured image, related events, and event progress bar also come with customization options to ensure your calendar looks visually appealing to your audience.

Integration Possibilities

One major strength of The Events Calendar is its various integration possibilities. The plugin supports integration with popular tools like Zoom, enhancing the functionality of online events. Additional integration options include event attendance mode, quick edit, event top designer, and change log for added convenience and efficiency.

For those who wish to display upcoming events around their website, The Events Calendar plugin offers widgets such as the search box, event filter, and schedule view. These widgets allow visitors to easily access event information and find events that interest them, further enhancing their user experience.

In summary, The Events Calendar is a powerful and adaptable plugin that offers a wide range of features, customization opportunities, and integration possibilities to meet the varying needs of event organizers.

Comparing Design and User Experience

EventON Design and User Experience

EventON offers a highly customizable and visually appealing layout with a variety of innovative event card designs. Users will appreciate the ease of navigation and powerful filtering options that allow for a smooth browsing experience. EventON also incorporates Font Awesome icons, providing a modern and polished look across its interface.

The plugin is equipped with an intuitive shortcode generator that helps to simplify event management for both beginners and experienced users. Custom CSS styles can be applied as needed, providing additional opportunities for personalization and branding alignment. Furthermore, the EventON eventtop designer enables users to create unique event cards that suit the theme of their website or event.

The Events Calendar Design and User Experience

The Events Calendar provides a clean and organized design that focuses on functionality and user engagement. While not as visually customizable as EventON, this plugin offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand options for managing events. The plugin also supports the use of shortcodes and Font Awesome icons, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of WordPress themes.

Custom CSS styles can be applied to The Events Calendar as well, offering the ability to tailor the appearance of events and calendars to align with a site’s aesthetic. Although it lacks the extensive design capabilities offered by the eventtop designer in EventON, The Events Calendar provides a reliable and straightforward solution for managing and showcasing events on a WordPress site.

Both plugins prioritize user experience by incorporating design elements like Font Awesome icons, shortcode generators, and the flexibility of custom CSS styles. While EventON stands out with its visually rich layouts and eventtop designer, The Events Calendar offers a more streamlined and minimalistic approach. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to the user’s preferences and desired level of customization.

Support and Pricing

EventON Support and Pricing

EventON is a popular event management plugin for WordPress, available for purchase on CodeCanyon. The plugin offers a variety of features, including customization options and WooCommerce integration. The pricing for EventON is based on a one-time fee for a regular license, with additional costs for extended support.

Upon purchasing EventON, customers receive 6 months of support, and they have the option to extend this for an additional 12 months at an extra cost. The developer team is known to be responsive and helpful, addressing any concerns that may arise. The plugin also has positive reviews, with users appreciating its ease of use and extensive features.

Customers can enhance EventON’s functionality by purchasing various addons, such as booking and ticketing integrations. The integration with WooCommerce allows users to sell tickets for events directly through their websites.

The Events Calendar Support and Pricing

The Events Calendar is another well-known event management plugin for WordPress available on wordpress.org. The plugin provides comprehensive event management features with a user-friendly interface. There is a free version available with basic event features, and users can upgrade to a premium version for additional functionality.

The premium version of The Events Calendar offers a variety of pricing plans, based on the number of sites and features needed. Each plan includes licenses and access to premium addons such as ticket sales and additional views. Purchasing a premium plan also grants users access to timely and reliable support.

The Events Calendar’s integration with WooCommerce enables users to sell tickets for their events and manage bookings. Overall, The Events Calendar has received positive feedback, with users appreciating its ease of use, feature set, and attentive support team.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

EventON Integration Capabilities

EventON boasts a variety of integration capabilities with popular third-party tools. For example, it provides seamless WooCommerce integration for event ticketing, making it easy for event organizers to manage ticket sales on their websites.

In addition, EventON can work with Google Maps, displaying events’ locations effectively on the map. By utilizing the Google Maps API, EventON offers a better user experience for attendees looking to find event venues.

Moreover, EventON can be integrated with Mailchimp, a popular email marketing platform. This integration enables organizers to communicate effectively with their audience, sending out event updates and news via email campaigns.

The Events Calendar Integration Capabilities

The Events Calendar is another powerful event management plugin that offers a variety of integrations for better event management. Just like EventON, it supports WooCommerce integration for seamless event ticketing, allowing event organizers to manage the ticket sales without any hassle.

One of the distinguishing features of The Events Calendar is its Zoom integration, which is useful for organizing virtual events, especially during the global pandemic when social distancing is a priority. This integration makes it easy for event hosts to manage webinars and online meetings directly from their website.

Furthermore, The Events Calendar supports Google Maps integration, providing event attendees with clear and accurate directions to event locations. The plugin utilizes the Google Maps API for a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Both EventON and The Events Calendar offer valuable eCommerce integrations with WooCommerce and strong geo-location features through their Google Maps integration. These capabilities make them effective solutions for event management on the WordPress platform.


When comparing EventON and The Events Calendar, each plugin offers its own set of benefits and features. EventON stands out due to its clean and visually appealing design, along with various display views, including month, week, and day views. Moreover, it has earned a 4.45-star rating on 1,700+ reviews and has been purchased over 37,000 times on CodeCanyon [^2^].

On the other hand, The Events Calendar is a widely-used plugin that comes with free and premium versions. The free version includes core features, while the premium version, starting at $99 per year, offers additional customization options, recurring events, and priority support [^3^].

In terms of features and design, EventON provides more than 200 useful features, such as highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, and unlimited event creation 1. The Events Calendar, on the other hand, emphasizes ease of use and offers additional calendar views and widget options in its premium version [^3^].

Choosing between EventON and The Events Calendar ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you’re after a modern and stylish design with numerous customization options, EventON may be the better choice2. However, if you require a reliable plugin with core features and the option to upgrade for added functionality, The Events Calendar could be the more suitable option 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between EventON and The Events Calendar?

EventON is a visually appealing and feature-rich WordPress calendar plugin with several view options, such as month, week, day, and standard agenda views3. On the other hand, The Events Calendar is a user-friendly time management plugin that allows for easy event creation and management2.

Which plugin is better for managing recurring events?

Both EventON and The Events Calendar handle recurring events, but EventON has an edge with its easy setup and management of recurring events1. The Events Calendar also manages recurring events, but specific features relating to recurrence may require a premium version2.

Can I integrate WooCommerce with both EventON and The Events Calendar?

Yes, both EventON and The Events Calendar have built-in WooCommerce integration. This enables users to sell tickets and manage event registrations using the popular WooCommerce platform for both plugins.

How do EventON and The Events Calendar compare in terms of Elementor compatibility?

Both plugins are compatible with Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. This compatibility allows users to design and customize their website’s event pages in a responsive and visually engaging way using the drag-and-drop capabilities of Elementor.

Which plugin offers more advanced features for free?

The Events Calendar provides a powerful set of features in its free version, including custom event attributes, event search, and thumbnail images2. In comparison, EventON also has numerous free features3, but it may require additional add-ons or the premium version for some advanced functionalities.

How do both plugins perform in terms of ease of customization?

EventON is known for its clean and visually appealing design, offering a high level of customization with its various view options and easy-to-use interface3. The Events Calendar also offers customization options, but might involve a steeper learning curve for a beginner compared to EventON.


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