Eventer vs WP Event Manager: Comparing Top Event Management Plugins

Event management plugins are essential tools for organizing and showcasing events on a WordPress website. Two popular plugins in this category are Eventer and WP Event Manager. Both offer robust features and help streamline the process of creating, managing, and promoting events. As a website owner, it’s crucial to understand the differences and similarities between Eventer and WP Event Manager to make an informed decision when selecting the best plugin for your site.

Eventer is a feature-rich WordPress event and booking management plugin that offers built-in ticket generation, QR code integration, and email notifications. This plugin allows for easy event filtering and includes social sharing links and calendar integration for seamless promotion. On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a scalable and customizable plugin that showcases impressive design elements and advanced search filters, making it easier for users to find events they may be interested in attending.

Key Takeaways

  • Eventer and WP Event Manager are popular WordPress event management plugins with unique features.
  • Both plugins provide powerful event management tools, with Eventer focusing on ticketing and WP Event Manager emphasizing design and usability.
  • Choosing the right plugin depends on factors such as pricing, integration, customization, and support.

Overview of Eventer and WP Event Manager

Eventer and WP Event Manager are two well-known event management plugins for WordPress that aim to improve the way events are managed and organized on websites. Both plugins are designed to make event management stress-free and efficient for users of all skill levels.

Eventer is a powerful event management plugin that provides users with a range of features to schedule, organize, and promote events on their WordPress websites. Some of the primary functions of Eventer include event registration, ticketing management, and calendar integration. With Eventer, users can create and customize event listings, display various event types on the website through widgets, and receive payments through popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a lightweight and scalable plugin that offers a full-featured event management system for both live and virtual events. It works with a wide variety of WordPress themes, so users won’t need to develop any custom solutions or make additional purchases. WP Event Manager source offers event calendar integration, registrations, and the ability to sell tickets. The plugin also has a range of premium add-ons for extended functionality such as event alerts, Google Maps integration, and event tags.

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager are suitable options for those looking to implement event management solutions on their WordPress websites. While Eventer offers a comprehensive set of features for event organization and management, WP Event Manager focuses on a more lightweight approach with its core functionality and optional premium add-ons. Neither plugin requires extensive technical knowledge, making event planning and management accessible to a broader range of users within the WordPress ecosystem.

Key Features

Booking and Registration

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager offer efficient booking and registration systems. Eventer provides a smooth booking process with integrated payment options, while WP Event Manager excels in managing event listings and registrations. These event management plugins simplify the process of booking and registering for events through user-friendly interfaces and customizable options.

Calendar and Events Management

Managing calendars and events is crucial for any event management plugin. Eventer offers an all-in-one event calendar that is visually appealing and functional. On the other hand, WP Event Manager’s main strength is its Ajax-based event listings that provide a seamless browsing experience and powerful filtering options. Both plugins allow users to create and customize event calendars, making it easy to organize and display upcoming events.

Venues Management

Managing venues is an essential aspect of event organization. Eventer provides a dedicated venue management system that allows users to easily add and manage the details of event locations. WP Event Manager also offers venue management through its custom post type feature. Both plugins provide a simple way to manage and display event venues, catering to the needs of event organizers.

Organizers Management

Organizers play a vital role in ensuring the success of any event. Eventer and WP Event Manager understand this, equipping users with the tools needed for effective organizer management. WP Event Manager features an organizers management system that aids in creating and linking organizers to corresponding events. Similarly, Eventer allows users to create, display, and manage organizer details. Both plugins make it simple to keep track of and manage the individuals behind each event.

Pricing Comparison

Eventer and WP Event Manager are both popular choices for event management on WordPress websites. When evaluating these two plugins, pricing plays a crucial role in decision-making. In this section, we will discuss the pricing differences between Eventer and WP Event Manager, focusing on free offerings, price points, and premium version features.

Eventer provides a free version with basic features and functionalities for users. It allows them to create and manage events on their websites. For those who need more advanced features and customizations, Eventer offers a premium version. The premium version’s pricing can vary based on the features and add-ons selected by the user.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager also offers a free version that includes essential event management tools and features. Just like Eventer, WP Event Manager has a premium version available for users who require advanced functionalities. The pricing for the premium version starts at $19.00 per year, which is quite affordable compared to many other event management plugins on the market.

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager provide ample features to support event management in their free versions. However, to unlock more advanced features and capabilities, users will need to opt for the premium versions. Some key features available in the premium versions include advanced event search and filter options, multiple event layouts and designs, recurring events, and customizable event registration forms.

In conclusion, when comparing the pricing structures of Eventer and WP Event Manager, both plugins offer reasonable and competitive pricing for their features and functionalities. Choosing between the two would depend on the specific needs of the website and the desired functionality. Keep in mind that investing in a premium version may be necessary for users who require advanced event management options and features.


Eventer and WP Event Manager are both powerful event management plugins that offer various integration options. This section will cover some of the essential integrations, focusing on Google and WooCommerce integration.

Google Integration

Eventer and WP Event Manager offer integration with Google services such as Google Maps and Google Calendar. This makes it simple for users to provide event locations with map displays and allow visitors to add events to their Google Calendar directly from the event page.

WP Event Manager excels in its Google Maps integration, offering a seamless experience for displaying event venues on an interactive map. Eventer, on the other hand, provides smooth iCal integration for synchronizing event data between the plugin and Google Calendar, ensuring that attendees stay up-to-date with any changes in event details.

WooCommerce Integration

Both plugins also offer WooCommerce integration, providing an excellent solution for online ticket sales and registration. Users can leverage the functionality of WooCommerce to handle event-related transactions like ticket sales, using various payment gateways supported by the eCommerce platform.

Additionally, Eventer provides a range of add-ons and integrations with other popular WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, to further enhance the capabilities of the event management system. This compatibility ensures a smooth and cohesive experience for users that require a more elaborate e-commerce ecosystem for their event ticket sales and registrations.

In conclusion, both Eventer and WP Event Manager offer an array of integration options for event management, catering to different user needs and preferences. Integrating with Google services enhances the overall user experience, while WooCommerce integration provides a robust solution for managing ticket sales and event registrations.

Usability and User Experience

Eventer and WP Event Manager offer distinct advantages when it comes to usability and user experience. Both plugins cater to different aspects of event organization, with unique features that satisfy various requirements for users.

In terms of frontend design, both plugins allow users to create visually appealing events with customizable theme options. This ensures seamless integration within the website, resulting in an event management experience that is tailored to the specific needs of each user.

Additionally, a key aspect to consider in the usability of these plugins is their responsiveness. Both Eventer and WP Event Manager are designed to work well on various devices, providing a responsive experience for users who access the event management system from their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. This adaptability is crucial in today’s world, where event attendees are more likely to access event information through their mobile devices.

The user experience also plays a significant role in the utility of these plugins. WP Event Manager has a reputation for its ease of use and simplicity, making it an ideal choice for users who have limited technical expertise or are new to event management. On the other hand, Eventer offers more advanced capabilities that cater to users who require a higher level of control and customization. This can result in a steeper learning curve but provides a more robust and comprehensive event management system.

In conclusion, when comparing Eventer and WP Event Manager in terms of usability and user experience, it’s crucial for users to consider the frontend design, responsiveness, and overall user experience offered by each plugin. Both options cater to different event management needs and provide their own set of advantages, so it’s essential to choose the one that best aligns with the specific requirements of the user and the event being organized.

Add-ons and Extensions

Frontend Submission

Eventer and WP Event Manager both provide frontend event submission capabilities through the use of add-ons. These add-ons allow organizers and users to seamlessly create and manage events from the frontend of the website. This feature is highly beneficial for those looking to streamline the event listing process.

WP Event Manager offers a Frontend Submission add-on that allows event organizers to submit their events directly from the frontend. This add-on supports various custom fields for events, such as dates, times, venues, and more.

Eventer also supports frontend event submissions through its own Frontend Event Submission add-on. Similar to WP Event Manager, it allows for the creation of custom fields so that users can provide complete and accurate information about their events.

QR Code

QR codes are a valuable tool for event management, particularly for checking attendees in at the door and tracking event statistics. Both Eventer and WP Event Manager offer add-ons to generate and manage QR codes for events.

WP Event Manager features a QR Code add-on that generates unique QR codes for each event registration. Event organizers can scan these codes using a smartphone or tablet to verify tickets and log attendance.

Eventer’s QR Code add-on also generates unique QR codes for registrants. The plugin integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, providing a seamless and secure ticketing experience for attendees.

In summary, both Eventer and WP Event Manager offer extensive add-ons and extensions, allowing customization and enhanced functionality. With the support of frontend event submission and QR code management, these plugins provide powerful tools for event organizers to create and manage events with ease.

Support and Documentation

Eventer and WP Event Manager are both popular event management plugins available for WordPress users. They both provide support and documentation to help users make the most of their event management needs.

Eventer offers a Help Center where users can access various resources to assist them in using the plugin effectively. These resources include a comprehensive knowledge base that contains articles and tutorials covering different aspects of the plugin. Users can also find a section dedicated to frequently asked questions (FAQs) where they can get answers to common queries. Additionally, Eventer provides video tutorials on their website, helping users learn different skills and features through visual demonstrations.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager also exhibits a commitment to assisting its users through robust support and documentation. Their website contains detailed articles and guides on how to best use the plugin’s features. They provide information on event and location lists, customizing fields, importing/exporting events, and optimization recommendations. By offering a wealth of information on various topics, the comprehensive documentation ensures that users can navigate the plugin with relative ease.

In conclusion, both Eventer and WP Event Manager excel in providing extensive support and documentation to their users. Their websites contain a plethora of resources, including articles, tutorials, FAQs, and video demonstrations. This ensures that users of these event management plugins can operate them with confidence and ease, backed by knowledgeable support teams.

Customization and Flexibility

Eventer and WP Event Manager are both event management tools that offer a variety of customization and flexibility features to make event creation and management simple and efficient for users.

Eventer provides users with a simple interface, allowing them to create and manage events with ease. The customization options in Eventer are straightforward, focusing on basic visual elements such as fonts, colors, and layout. This simplicity makes it easy for beginners to set up events without any prior experience.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager offers a more comprehensive set of customization options. With custom fields, users can add specific information to their events, such as ticket prices, venue details, and event speakers. This tailored approach enables event planners to communicate more precise information to attendees and engage them effectively. Moreover, the plugin comes with numerous filters to sort and display events, enhancing the user experience by allowing users to find events that align with their preferences easily.

The flexibility of WP Event Manager is evident in its integration capabilities with other tools, such as calendar applications and e-commerce platforms. This facilitates a seamless ticket booking and payment process for event attendees. In addition, the plugin offers various themes, allowing users to choose one that resonates with their event’s brand image, which contributes to a polished and cohesive online presence.

In conclusion, both Eventer and WP Event Manager cater to different needs and preferences in terms of customization and flexibility. Eventer’s simplicity is suited for users who seek basic visual customization options, while WP Event Manager offers a more advanced set of features, such as custom fields and filters, to accommodate the demands of experienced event planners.

Performance and Loading Speed

Eventer and WP Event Manager are both popular event management plugins, but their performance and loading speed may differ depending on the user’s needs. In terms of loading speed, both plugins are designed with optimization in mind, ensuring that users have a seamless experience when browsing events on their websites.

For mobile users, it is crucial to have a plugin that performs seamlessly on various devices. WP Event Manager’s mobile-friendly design allows users to easily view and manage events on the go. The plugin’s responsive design ensures that the display and functionality adapt well on different screen sizes. On the other hand, Eventer also provides a mobile-first approach, enabling users to smoothly navigate and organize events via smartphones and tablets.

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager utilize efficient coding practices and lightweight structures, helping to maintain fast loading speeds. However, users should be mindful of the potential impact of third-party add-ons and plugins, as these may affect overall performance. It is essential to select a plugin that balances functionality and features with loading speed, in order to avoid slow website performance.

While neither plugin offers a dedicated mobile application, their mobile-responsive designs ensure that users can manage and promote events with ease, regardless of the device they are using. Both Eventer and WP Event Manager prioritize providing a user-friendly and efficient experience for event organizers and attendees alike.

In conclusion, both Eventer and WP Event Manager perform well in terms of loading speed and mobile responsiveness, but the chosen plugin should align with the unique needs and preferences of the user. Event organizers should consider their audience and the type of events they manage when deciding on the best plugin for their needs.

SEO and Social Media

When comparing Eventer and WP Event Manager, it is crucial to examine their features related to SEO and social media integration. These aspects are essential for the success of any online event platform as they highly influence an event’s visibility and reach.

Eventer offers built-in SEO optimization, ensuring that your event website ranks higher on search engine results pages. This usability is further enhanced by support for microdata and rich snippets, providing search engines with the necessary information to display your event details optimally. Eventer also offers social media integration, allowing users to easily share their events on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This feature contributes significantly to increasing event visibility and promoting attendee engagement.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager provides users with SEO-friendly event pages that follow best practices and guidelines to achieve higher search engine rankings. With the use of shortcodes, organizers can customize event listings and create search engine optimized URLs. Additionally, WP Event Manager offers compatibility with popular SEO plugins, such as The SEO Framework and Yoast SEO, giving you more control over your event’s SEO performance.

In terms of social media, WP Event Manager supports sharing events on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also allows for the integration of social sharing buttons on event pages, making it simpler for attendees to share events with their network. Furthermore, the plugin provides options for adding social media links to the organizer and attendee profiles, strengthening their online presence and boosting engagement.

In summary, both Eventer and WP Event Manager provide valuable SEO and social media features that contribute to their overall effectiveness as event management tools. These functionalities help ensure better visibility for events and enhance user engagement, making them ideal choices for event organizers seeking a tool that caters to their marketing needs.


Final Comparison

Eventer and WP Event Manager are two WordPress event management plugins that differ in their focus and features. Eventer is known for its simpler approach to event organization, whereas WP Event Manager provides more advanced capabilities and additional event listing features.

The user experience and customization options also vary between these two plugins. Eventer offers a more straightforward and easy-to-use interface, while WP Event Manager caters to a more diverse range of event management needs with its scalable and flexible solutions.

In terms of pricing, the choice between the two plugins will depend on the user’s budget and requirements. Eventer might cater to users looking for a more budget-friendly option, while WP Event Manager can offer additional features and premium support at a higher price point.

When it comes to integration and compatibility, both plugins have their own set of supported tools and integrations. Users should thoroughly explore these options and choose the plugin that best aligns with their website requirements and overall goal for event management.

In summary, both Eventer and WP Event Manager have unique strengths that cater to different event management needs on WordPress sites. It is essential for users to carefully evaluate their requirements and make an informed decision based on the plugins’ features, user experience, customization, pricing, and compatibility within their WordPress ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of Eventer and WP Event Manager?

Eventer provides a comprehensive set of features for event management, including repeating events, an advanced event filter header, built-in ticket generator, QR codes on printable tickets, and email notifications source. WP Event Manager, on the other hand, offers useful functionalities such as event countdowns, venue shortcodes, one-click demo import, and speaker and schedule management.

How do Eventer and WP Event Manager integrate with Elementor?

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager support integration with the popular page builder Elementor. By using Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface, you can create custom-designed event pages and easily insert elements from the event plugins.

Can both Eventer and WP Event Manager handle ticket sales?

Yes, both Eventer and WP Event Manager can handle ticket sales for your events. Eventer offers a built-in ticket generator and QR code integration for printable tickets source. WP Event Manager also provides booking and ticket selling capabilities through the use of add-ons.

How do these plugins compare in terms of registration capabilities?

Both Eventer and WP Event Manager offer robust registration options for event attendees. Eventer has a comprehensive booking system, while WP Event Manager allows for registration through various forms and add-ons, facilitating a customizable registration experience.

What is the ease of use for both plugins in terms of documentation?

Eventer and WP Event Manager both offer extensive documentation, ensuring their users have access to the necessary knowledge for seamless implementation. WP Event Manager provides a help center, featuring FAQs, video tutorials, and popular articles. Eventer also offers documentation within the plugin, guiding users in its use and configuration.

How do their shortcode options differ in functionality?

The shortcode options for both Eventer and WP Event Manager enable users to insert event-specific content into their website pages. While WP Event Manager focuses on functionality such as event countdowns, venue shortcodes, and speaker and schedule management source, Eventer comes with an advanced event filter header for list views and built-in social sharing links on event details pages source. These differences allow users to select the plugin that best suits their event management needs.

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