All-in-One Event Calendar vs EventON: What Event Plugin Should You Use?

Choosing the right event calendar plugin for your WordPress website can significantly impact your organization’s online presence and visibility. Two popular options to consider are All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON. Both plugins provide robust features and intuitive interfaces that cater to event management and calendaring needs but vary in terms of customization, design, and integrations.

All-in-One Event Calendar boasts a user-friendly interface with powerful filtering and categorization features, allowing users to easily navigate through events. On the other hand, EventON offers a highly customizable and visually appealing layout with a variety of innovative event card designs. While both plugins provide essential event management features, it’s crucial to weigh their unique offerings, pricing, and support options to determine which plugin best suits your website’s needs and objectives.

Key Takeaways

  • All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON are popular event management plugins for WordPress, offering unique features and designs.
  • Both plugins provide essential event management tools, but vary in customization, integrations, and pricing.
  • Evaluating each plugin’s specific offerings and what they bring to your organization’s online presence is crucial to making the right choice.

All-in-One Event Calendar Overview

The All-in-One Event Calendar is a versatile and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that offers a comprehensive solution for event management on your website. It is trusted by over 150,000 event creators worldwide, including top organizations such as Harvard University, UPS, and AT&T.

One of the key features of this plugin is its clean and visually appealing design. It efficiently displays events in a variety of formats, such as a month, week, day, or a standard agenda view, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate with other calendars, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. This feature enables users to easily import and export events to and from their preferred calendaring tools, simplifying the overall event management process.

Customization is another significant aspect of the All-in-One Event Calendar. The plugin offers multiple pre-built themes and color schemes to match your website’s aesthetics. Additionally, you can create your own custom themes using the provided styling options.

When comparing the All-in-One Event Calendar to other event management plugins, such as EventON, it is essential to consider its strength in offering an extensive set of features while maintaining simplicity. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, the All-in-One Event Calendar stands as a strong contender in the WordPress event calendar ecosystem.

EventON Overview

EventON is a popular WordPress event calendar plugin widely used in the industry. This plugin offers extensive features designed to make event management simple, efficient, and visually appealing. With its easy-to-use interface and customization options, users can seamlessly create and manage events on their website.

One of the key aspects of EventON is its ability to create event categories, making it easier for users to organize and search for specific events. With the help of custom taxonomies, you can use event_type and event_type_2 parameters to assign different categories to each event. This is particularly useful for websites with various event types and themes.

In addition to that, EventON offers a vast collection of shortcodes for displaying the event calendar in diverse ways. These shortcodes allow you to embed the calendar directly onto your website pages and posts, providing a flexible system for listing events per your preferences.

Customization is another area where EventON shines. It has various calendar layout designs that cater to different website styles and aesthetics. Moreover, users can customize repeating events, multiple event images, and many other event details to create a unique event calendar tailored to their needs.

EventON is a premium plugin available on CodeCanyon with over 200 valuable features, such as multi-day events, event locations and organizers, language-corresponding events, and many more. With its user-friendly interface, powerful options, and diverse capabilities, EventON has become an ideal choice for creating and managing event calendars on WordPress websites.

Calendar Display and Navigation

All-in-One Event Calendar Display Features

All-in-One Event Calendar offers a clean and visually appealing display for users. The plugin includes various views, such as month, week, and agenda. The month view notably displays events on their respective date and automatically advances to the next month with the month_incre option. The responsive design ensures a seamless experience regardless of the device used for viewing.

The plugin features a customizable header that allows navigation between calendar views. Additionally, it offers a month jumper feature, enabling users to navigate between months and years easily. One prominent aspect of All-in-One Event Calendar is its ability to support recurring events, streamlining the process for event organizers.

EventON Display Features

eventON is renowned for its industry-leading minimal and responsive layout. This plugin allows the creation and display of unlimited events, ensuring you have the flexibility needed when organizing events. The calendar view emphasizes the month, date, and year format, making it easy for users to find the necessary information.

Hassle-free navigation is facilitated by the inclusion of a month_incre feature, which lets visitors effortlessly switch between months. The calendar is presented with a sleek design that adapts responsively to different devices. Furthermore, the plugin enables customization of event cards, allowing you to rearrange data fields according to your preferences.

The jumper feature in EventON significantly enhances user experience by providing an expedited method of switching between months and years. Ultimately, EventON delivers a visually appealing, easy-to-use, and feature-rich event calendar experience for your website.

Event Management Features

This section will discuss the event management features of two popular WordPress plugins: All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON. We will cover recurring events, past events, multi-day events, single-day events, event venues, event type categories, and more to help you choose the right event management platform for your needs.

All-in-One Event Calendar Management

The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin is designed to provide a comprehensive event management solution for WordPress users. Some of its key features include:

  • Recurring events: Easily schedule events that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, with customizable patterns.
  • Past events: Display and showcase your event history, allowing visitors to review content from previous events.
  • Multi-day events: Schedule events that span multiple days, providing flexibility for more extensive conferences or festivals.
  • Event type categories: Organize events using color-coded categories, making it simple for users to find the events they are interested in.
  • Event venues: Display venue information, including maps, directions, and contact details for each location.

The All-in-One Event Calendar also integrates seamlessly with other event management plugins, such as Event Espresso, Event Manager, and Event Organiser, allowing for a more feature-rich event management experience.

EventON Management

EventON, another popular WordPress event calendar plugin, offers a unique and aesthetically pleasing presentation of events, focusing on simplicity and user experience. Key features of EventON include:

  • Recurring events: Set events that recur daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.
  • Past events: Keep track of and display past events, allowing users to browse historical event content.
  • Multi-day events: Create events that span multiple days, perfect for hosting longer events or conferences.
  • Single-day events: Schedule single-day events easily, suitable for simple gatherings or one-time workshops.
  • Event type categories: Categorize events using custom event types and tags to help users easily discover relevant events.
  • Event venue: Display event location details, such as address and capacity, ensuring smooth event attendance.

Overall, All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON provide effective and flexible event management platforms for WordPress users. Both plugins offer essential management features like recurring events, event type categorization, and venue-related details. Choosing between the two will depend on your specific event management needs and preferences.

Customization and Design

This section explore the customization and design options of two popular WordPress event calendar plugins: All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON.

All-in-One Event Calendar Customization

All-in-One Event Calendar is highly customizable, allowing users to create a unique look for their event calendars. Users can choose from various calendar themes and adjust colors to match their website’s branding. The plugin supports custom CSS, enabling advanced design modifications.

The overall user experience for managing events is enriched with the support of Font Awesome icons and customizable date formats. Event listings can be filtered and sorted by categories and tags to provide a more organized view for the users. Additionally, All-in-One Event Calendar supports multiple languages, making it accessible for a wider audience.

EventON Customization

EventON offers a crisp and clean calendar design along with numerous customization options. It has 200+ features, including various calendar layout designs, customizable event listings with Font Awesome icons, and custom colors to match your website’s theme.

This plugin allows users to apply filters and sorting options, making it easier for website visitors to find relevant events. EventON supports multiple languages and allows users to set the calendar’s direction (i.e., right to left or left to right), making it more inclusive.

Moreover, EventON supports custom CSS styles, enabling further design customization for users with advanced CSS knowledge. In summary, All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON offer a wide range of design and customization options to cater to the unique needs of individual users.

Event Promotion and Presentation

All-in-One Event Calendar Promotional Features

The All-in-One Event Calendar provides various promotional features to help showcase your upcoming events. It includes an easy-to-use search box that makes finding events simple for visitors. Events can be organized by tags, allowing users to filter events by their interests.

One distinguishing feature of All-in-One Event Calendar is its beautiful and highly customizable design. Your events can be displayed on various calendars, ensuring the presentation is aesthetically pleasing and accessible to your audience. The plugin also supports event images, allowing you to engage and entice visitors to your events visually.

Integrating with Google Maps API, All-in-One Event Calendar provides a convenient way for attendees to view event locations and directions, making it easy to plan their visit. The plugin also supports RSVP and ticketing options, where organizers can manage bookings, keep tabs on event attendance, and make any necessary adjustments.

EventON Promotional Features

EventON is another powerful WordPress plugin packed with promotional features, designed to help you manage and present your events effectively. One of the key aspects of EventON is its support for featured events, which allows you to highlight the most important events, increasing exposure and attracting visitor attention.

The EventON plugin also supports multiple event images for each event, enabling you to create a visually appealing presentation. A lightbox option is available for image display, providing your site visitors with an immersive and engaging experience.

EventON makes it easy to manage and display information about event organizers, providing a professional touch to your calendar. Furthermore, the plugin’s seamless integration with Zoom enables you to create and manage virtual events, expanding your reach to a wider audience.

In addition, EventON features a robust ticketing system, allowing visitors to book tickets and RSVP to your events easily. Its “My Calendar” feature enables users to save their favorite events and track their personal list. With its versatile functionality and intuitive design, EventON provides a comprehensive solution for promoting events on your WordPress site.

Extensions and Integrations

All-in-One Event Calendar Integrations

The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin offers various integrations and extensions that enhance its functionality. One of its standout features is the ability to manage repeating events, making it easier for organizers to schedule events occurring multiple times.

For e-commerce integration, the plugin supports WooCommerce, allowing users to sell tickets within the platform. Additionally, it comes with a range of payment gateways that can be easily set up for a seamless payment experience.

In terms of managing events, All-in-One Event Calendar has options for categorizing events and assigning event venues, helping organizers stay organized.

EventON Integrations

EventON, on the other hand, is a powerful event calendar plugin that supports several integrations and extensions. It shines when managing virtual events with dedicated features for organizing and categorizing online gatherings.

The plugin allows for repeating events and has robust extension options that can be added for advanced functionality. For instance, the Amelia booking plugin can be integrated for streamlined ticket purchasing and reservations.

EventON’s Pro version enhances the available features, adding event check-in and ticket-scanning apps for comprehensive event management. The plugin also supports webhooks and cal_id integrations, opening possibilities for automation and synchronization with other platforms.

All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON offer various integrations and extensions to suit different event management needs. Users can determine the best fit for their requirements by comparing their features and supported integrations.

Pricing and Support

All-in-One Event Calendar Pricing

The All-in-One Event Calendar offers both a free version and premium plans. The free version is lightweight and SEO-friendly, perfect for newbies and smaller websites. Premium plans offer more advanced features, flexibility, and access to a range of add-ons for customization.

Premium pricing starts at $9 per month for the Core plan and goes up to $29 per month for the Pro plan, which includes additional features such as recurring events, front-end event submissions, advanced widgets, and email support.

EventON Pricing

EventON, too, has a paid plugin version for WordPress, which provides highly customizable, feature-rich event management capabilities. The plugin has a one-time cost of $24 and comes with a robust set of features such as multiple event images, unlimited event creation, various calendar layout designs, and support for different data types and languages.

To enhance the functionality of the EventON plugin, you can purchase additional add-ons. These add-ons cover various aspects, such as:

  • Modern Events Calendar: This add-on ensures your events calendar stays stylish and visually appealing, syncing perfectly with your website’s design.
  • Hide Past: With this feature, you can automatically hide past events to keep the calendar fresh and focused on upcoming activities.
  • Upcoming Events List: Showcase a list of upcoming events, making it easy for visitors to plan and stay up to date.

In addition to plugin features, EventON offers support services, ensuring users get prompt assistance with configuration and usage. Both All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON are flexible, and versatile, and provide various options for managing WordPress event calendars.


In comparing the All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON, both plugins offer a wide range of features and functionality to meet various event management needs. These plugins help users manage their events efficiently and effectively on a WordPress website.

The All-in-One Event Calendar is known for its customizable and responsive design, allowing users to create visually appealing event calendars. With features such as recurring events, event filtering, and Google Maps integration, it offers a comprehensive solution for event management.

On the other hand, EventON is well-regarded for its unique and minimalist design, allowing users to showcase events visually appealingly. Notable features include a shortcode generator, event search, and social sharing options, adding further user convenience and interaction opportunities.

Both plugins are reliable choices, depending on the specific event management requirements and design preferences. By considering factors such as budget, essential features, and the event calendar’s desired look and feel, users can decide between All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON for their WordPress website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON?

All-in-One Event Calendar is a feature-packed event management solution that offers event filtering, color-coding, and widgets for easy display of events. On the other hand, EventON is a versatile event calendar plugin with features like featured events, repeating events, and support for virtual events.

Which calendar plugin offers better customization options?

Both plugins offer a range of customization options. All-in-One Event Calendar allows users to choose different color schemes for their events and has several calendar views. EventON provides various customization options like calendar layout, styling, and allowing users to reorder the data fields on the event card.

Are there any limitations in the free versions of these plugins?

All-in-One Event Calendar’s core features are free, while premium add-ons offer additional functionalities. In the case of EventON, the free version, known as EventON Lite, includes basic features, and more advanced options can be accessed through purchasing premium add-ons.

Which of these plugins has better support for recurring events?

All-in-One Event Calendar has built-in support for creating events that recur daily, weekly, or monthly. EventON also has a comprehensive recurring events feature. However, this functionality is available through a premium addon.

How do these plugins integrate with popular page builders?

All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON have shortcode options to integrate easily with popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, and WPBakery. This allows users to effortlessly display event calendars on their websites using these tools.

How do All-in-One Event Calendar and EventON handle event bookings?

Event bookings can be managed in All-in-One Event Calendar with the help of premium add-ons designed for event ticketing and registration. In the case of EventON, handling event bookings is also possible through premium addons, which enable users to set up and manage tickets for their events.

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