EventON vs Events Manager: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Event Planning Needs

EventON and Events Manager are popular WordPress plugins that allow users to manage and showcase events on their websites. These plugins offer various features to create engaging and visually appealing event calendars, making it easier for website owners to manage their events efficiently.

However, choosing between the two plugins can be a challenging decision as both have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it’s essential to compare their features, design, user experience, support, documentation, pricing, and add-ons to determine the best plugin for your specific needs. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your unique requirements, budget, and design preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • EventON and Events Manager offer unique features and benefits for creating event calendars on WordPress sites.
  • Careful comparison of their design, user experience, and support documentation can help make an informed decision.
  • Consideration of your specific needs, budget, and design preferences will lead to a suitable choice between the two plugins.

A Comparison of EventON and Events Manager

EventON and Events Manager are two popular event management plugins for WordPress. Both are designed to help users manage events on their websites, seamlessly integrating with the WordPress platform. In this section, we will explore the key differences and similarities between EventON and Events Manager to help you make an informed decision.

EventON is a visually appealing and user-friendly plugin. It offers a wide range of highly customizable and visually appealing calendar styles. With this plugin, website administrators can easily create and manage events with just a few clicks. Its features include:

  • A wide variety of calendar styles
  • Drag-and-drop event builder
  • Colorful and customizable event cards
  • Filter and search functionality
  • Integration with popular e-commerce platforms

On the other hand, Events Manager is an advanced event calendar solution, active on more than 100,000 WordPress websites. It provides a comprehensive feature set for managing single and multi-day events, as well as recurring event options. Some of the standout features of Events Manager include:

  • Single and multi-day event management
  • Recurring event functionality
  • Google Maps integration
  • Customizable event registration forms
  • Support for multiple payment gateways

When it comes to pricing, Events Manager offers a free version with basic features, while the premium version costs $75 per year for a single site or $150 per year for up to 5 sites. The premium version adds a host of features that many websites will find beneficial. However, EventON is available at a one-time cost of $24, making it a more budget-friendly option for those who don’t require the additional features provided by the premium version of Events Manager.

Both plugins offer integration capabilities with third-party services. Events Manager allows the integration of popular payment gateways, while EventON offers compatibility with major e-commerce platforms.

The choice between EventON and Events Manager depends on several factors, such as the user’s budget, required features, and preferred design aesthetics. EventON might be suitable for users looking for a visually appealing and straightforward-to-use plugin, while Events Manager would be ideal for users requiring advanced event management functionalities and integrations.

Feature Breakdown

Calendar Views

EventON offers a clean and visually appealing calendar design, efficiently displaying events in various formats such as month, week, day, or a standard agenda view while maintaining a user-friendly interface1. Events Manager, on the other hand, also has a rich event calendar with various views and supports recurring events as well as all-day events2.

Event Management

Both EventON and Events Manager have a centralized event management system. Events Manager excels with its ability to manage event categories, event locations, and event statuses2. Meanwhile, EventON has a user-friendly system with a focus on simplicity and aesthetics3. Both plugins support shortcodes for embedding calendars, virtual events, and event filters to help users find their desired events easily41.


EventON is known for its highly customizable calendar, allowing users to alter its appearance according to their preferences1. It also has a shortcode generator for creating custom calendars with specific features4. Events Manager, too, provides customization options but is more feature-rich in the free version2.

Ticketing and Bookings

For ticketing and bookings, both EventON and Events Manager provide a solid platform. Events Manager allows users to manage bookings, RSVPs, and sell tickets directly through the plugin2. EventON also includes options for creating and selling tickets, albeit with the support of additional add-ons3.


Events Manager integrates with popular platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, and Google Calendar52. This wide range of integration options makes it easy to manage events, sell tickets, and promote your events on other platforms. EventON also integrates with Google Calendar and uses the Google Maps API for location-based integrations4. However, additional EventON add-ons may be required for more advanced integrations2.

Design and User Experience

WordPress Integration

EventON and Events Manager are both popular event calendar plugins for WordPress websites. They integrate seamlessly with the WordPress platform, allowing users to effortlessly create, manage, and showcase events on their sites. EventON provides a sleek design that can easily be customized by adjusting its settings, while Events Manager offers a more robust suite of features aimed at delivering a comprehensive event management solution.

User Interface

In terms of user interface, EventON boasts a visually appealing and intuitive interface for both website administrators and visitors. Its interface allows users to effortlessly create and manage events with minimal effort. On the other hand, Events Manager prioritizes functionality over aesthetics, with a more practical, albeit less visually striking, interface that prioritizes comprehensive event management tools.

Navigation and Direction

Navigation and direction play a crucial role in enhancing user experience for any event management tool. EventON shines in this aspect, providing clear and concise navigation options for users to easily browse through events and find the information they need. Events Manager also provides solid navigation options, with its focus on functionality, enabling users to access a wide range of features and ensure optimal event management.

Responsive Design

A responsive design is critical in the modern digital landscape, as it ensures that event calendars display and function well on devices of all screen sizes. Both EventON and Events Manager are equipped with a responsive design, catering to various screen sizes and devices. Users can expect a consistent and enjoyable experience browsing and managing events, whether they’re on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Support and Documentation

EventON and Events Manager both offer extensive support and documentation to help users get the most out of their event management plugins.

EventON’s documentation consists of general setup guides, feature explanations, and frequently asked questions. Users can find detailed instructions on setting up and customizing the plugin to suit their specific needs. Additionally, EventON provides support through its ticketing system, which enables users to submit requests and receive assistance from the dedicated support team.

Conversely, Events Manager’s documentation encompasses numerous guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting resources to assist with the installation process and customization of the plugin. The user interface includes tooltips and explanations, designed to assist users with a smooth setup process. Moreover, Events Manager offers support through its official support forums, allowing users to ask questions, read previous discussions, and receive guidance from experienced developers and community members.

Both plugins ensure that users have ample resources and support available to address any challenges they may encounter. This includes extensive documentation and various support channels, enabling users to resolve issues quickly and effectively. By providing these support resources, EventON and Events Manager maintain an ongoing commitment to helping users create successful event management solutions.

Pricing and Add-ons

Pricing Structure

EventON and Events Manager are both popular event management plugins for WordPress. Each plugin has its own pricing structure that caters to different user requirements. EventON is available at CodeCanyon for $25, which is a great price for basic event management features. However, users need to purchase additional extensions separately, with the cost ranging from $15 to $310 per year.

On the other hand, Events Manager offers both a free version and a premium version called Events Manager Pro. The free version provides plenty of features for average users, while the Pro version adds more advanced features at a price of $75 per year for a single site license or $150 per year for up to 5 sites.

Available Add-ons

EventON and Events Manager plugins offer a variety of add-ons to extend their functionality and help users tailor the plugins to their specific needs.

EventON add-ons include:

  • ActionUser for user submitted events
  • Event lists and calendars
  • Booking and ticketing options
  • Custom event types
  • Location and organizer features
  • WooCommerce integration

Events Manager add-ons, available to Pro users, include:

  • PayPal and Authorize.net payment integration
  • Offline payment options
  • Advanced recurring event options
  • Ticketing and booking
  • Custom booking forms
  • Location and category management

These add-ons enable users to enhance their event management experience and customize their event calendars according to their preferences and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which EventON and Events Manager features differ most?

EventON and Events Manager are both popular WordPress event calendar plugins with distinct features and functionalities. EventON focuses more on aesthetics and customizability, offering unique calendar designs and visual elements. On the other hand, Events Manager has a robust set of features that cater to event organization and management, such as registration, booking, and integration with other services.

Which plugin provides better integration with Elementor?

Both EventON and Events Manager offer integration with the Elementor page builder. EventON has a dedicated Elementor add-on that lets users design and customize event lists using Elementor tools. Similarly, Events Manager offers Elementor support, allowing for seamless integration and easy event element creation within the Elementor environment.

How does the performance of EventON compare to Events Manager?

The performance of both plugins can vary depending on server configurations and the complexity of the events being managed. EventON is known for its visually appealing designs and smooth user experience, which may impact site speed if heavy customizations and animations are applied. Conversely, Events Manager focuses on efficient event management features, such as bookings integration, making it potentially more suitable for high-traffic websites.

What are the pricing differences between EventON and Events Manager?

EventON offers a paid version starting at $24 for a single site license, with additional add-ons available for purchase separately. Events Manager, on the other hand, has a free version with basic functionalities and a Pro version that starts at $75 for a single site license, which includes premium support and access to advanced features.

Which plugin offers more customization options?

EventON is known for its diverse range of customization options, including visual elements, event categories, and event display settings. It focuses on providing aesthetically pleasing designs and unique layouts for events and calendars. Events Manager, while offering customization, has a more traditional approach to event calendar design, focusing on providing a functional platform for managing and organizing events.

How do their user interfaces compare for ease of use?

EventON’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward configuration options and a clean layout. Its visual appeal and simplicity make it easier for beginners to get started. On the other hand, Events Manager offers a more comprehensive set of features, which might require a slight learning curve for new users. However, it provides extensive documentation and support to help users navigate its interface and capabilities.


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