EventON vs EventPrime: In-Depth Comparison for Your Event Management Needs

Event management is crucial for any website owner who wishes to effectively organize and promote their events. Choosing the right WordPress event plugin can be a daunting task, as there are numerous options available in the market. Two highly competitive event management plugins are EventON and EventPrime. Both plugins offer a wide range of features, but their unique characteristics set them apart from each other. In this article, we will delve into the differences between these two event plugins to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

EventON is a highly customizable plugin, known for its aesthetic appeal and user-friendly interface. With numerous features to create stunning event listings, it allows users to manage events, dates, times, and details with ease. On the other hand, EventPrime is a versatile plugin that offers a comprehensive event management solution. It provides functionality such as event filtering by type and location, and integrates well with popular page builders, making it suitable for a variety of website owners and purposes.

Key Takeaways

  • Both EventON and EventPrime offer extensive event management features while differing in their unique focus areas.
  • Customization and aesthetics are key strengths of EventON, while versatility and robust functionality are highlights of EventPrime.
  • Selecting the right plugin depends on individual website requirements and the specific needs of the event organizer.

Overview of EventON and EventPrime

EventON and EventPrime are two popular WordPress event management plugins that cater to different user needs and requirements. Both plugins aim to provide a comprehensive solution for event management, offering various features and functionalities to create and manage events seamlessly on a WordPress website.

EventON is a widely used WordPress event calendar plugin known for its visually appealing interface and extensive customization options. It offers a simple and efficient event management process, making it easy for users to create, manage, and display events on their websites. Some of the notable features of EventON include sophisticated event filtering options, unique event layouts, and easy-to-use shortcodes. The plugin also supports integration with popular third-party services, increasing its versatility and compatibility with different website configurations.

On the other hand, EventPrime focuses on providing an easy-to-use and modern WordPress event calendar plugin experience. It enables users to create and publish events on their websites through a few simple clicks, offering an easy-to-navigate events calendar in the WordPress dashboard area. EventPrime includes basic booking functionalities, along with options to set capacity limits and allow visitors to cancel bookings after-the-fact. Additionally, the plugin offers features such as event types, categories, and tags to ensure efficient event organization.

Both EventON and EventPrime are essential solutions for event management on your WordPress website. Each plugin offers unique features, catering to individual user preferences and requirements. When choosing the right solution for your event management needs, consider the functionalities, integrations, and support offered by each plugin to ensure a smooth and efficient event management experience.

Key Features of EventON and EventPrime

Booking and Registration

EventPrime offers a smooth booking and registration system, allowing users to easily create and manage event registrations. This includes integration with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, ensuring a seamless payment process for attendees. In contrast, EventON also provides user-friendly booking and registration capabilities, although it may require specific extensions for added functionalities.

Calendar Display

Both EventON and EventPrime feature visually attractive and intuitive calendar displays. EventPrime boasts a modern events calendar with customizable views, allowing users to tailor the layout to their requirements. EventON, on the other hand, provides a clean and minimalistic calendar design that can be further enhanced by leveraging its shortcode generator to create custom calendar layouts.

Event Types and Categories

EventPrime offers easy event categorization, supporting multiple event types and categories, allowing users to organize events effectively. Similarly, EventON comes with a powerful event categorization system, allowing users to assign event types and categories, making it simpler for site visitors to filter events based on their interests.

Customizability and Design

When it comes to customization options and design, both EventON and EventPrime stand out. EventPrime provides several visual customization options, such as predefined color schemes and a variety of layout choices. On the other hand, EventON exposes a greater degree of customization through custom event colors, appearance modification, and frontend displays.

Integrations and Extensions

EventPrime comes with essential integrations for event management, including popular payment gateways. It is designed to be compatible with many WordPress themes and plugins for added functionality. EventON, however, has a large ecosystem of extensions, allowing users to add extra features, such as ticketing, booking, and social sharing. This makes EventON more versatile by providing extended features for your event management needs.

Performance and User Interface

Both plugins are optimized for performance and feature user-friendly interfaces. EventPrime has an easy-to-use dashboard for managing events, bookings, and settings with a focus on simplicity and modern design. EventON also prides itself on its intuitive and ergonomic dashboard, providing a seamless user experience for site administrators.

Supported Payment Gateways

EventON and EventPrime both provide support for various payment gateways to facilitate secure transactions for event bookings and ticket purchases. Understanding the available payment options for each plugin helps users make an informed decision when choosing a suitable event management solution.

EventPrime offers PayPal integration as a primary payment gateway for processing online transactions. With PayPal, users can securely accept payments from their attendees using debit, credit cards, or PayPal accounts. Although EventPrime is primarily focused on PayPal support, there is scope for additional payment gateway integrations through their plugins and addons, extending the functionality to suit specific business needs.

On the other hand, EventON supports a more extensive range of payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and offline payments. Stripe integration allows users to process credit card payments directly on the event registration page, ensuring a smooth experience for attendees. For offline payments, EventON enables event organizers to accept transactions through check or cash, providing flexibility for both the users and their attendees.

When it comes to sales taxes, EventON allows users to set up taxes for each ticket type and calculate the overall tax amount at checkout. This feature helps event organizers manage their tax obligations easily and efficiently. It is essential to note that users should adhere to tax regulations in their respective regions.

In summary, EventON offers a wider range of payment gateways and options compared to EventPrime. However, both plugins provide reliable and secure solutions for processing event bookings and ticket sales. It is crucial to evaluate the specific payment needs of your event management website to select the most suitable plugin.

Event Management and Organization

Events Site Dashboard

Both EventON and EventPrime provide organizers with a user-friendly dashboard to manage their events efficiently. The dashboard allows them to quickly view crucial data, such as the number of upcoming events, venues, and locations. Additionally, they can access event settings, event types, and performer details with ease.

Event Listing and Performers

EventON and EventPrime allow for easy event creation and management. Organizers can create various event types, including conferences, webinars, workshops, and online events. Furthermore, they can input event venues and locations, providing event-goers with essential information.

In EventON, there’s also the option to add performers to your events. This feature helps organizers display essential information about the artists, speakers, and instructors participating in the event. On the other hand, EventPrime primarily focuses on event settings and management, with performers being a future addition.

Event Settings

Both plugins offer a wide range of event settings for organizers to customize their events to suit specific requirements. These settings may include booking options, ticketing systems, and event visibility.

EventON allows organizers to manage event bookings by specifying the number of available tickets and setting up different pricing tiers, while EventPrime integrates a booking system that handles event registrations and online bookings. This integrated system simplifies the process for attendees and streamlines management tasks for organizers.

With EventON and EventPrime, organizers can also control the visibility of their events. They can choose to display events publicly or restrict access to specific user groups. This flexibility enables them to cater to various audience types and create exclusive events.

Pricing Details and Options

EventON and EventPrime are two popular event management plugins for WordPress, each offering different pricing options to cater to various user requirements.

EventON’s pricing is straightforward with a one-time payment, starting at $25 for a regular license that includes 6 months of support and updates. If users need extended support, they can opt for an additional cost of $7.50, which covers 12 months. Add-ons for EventON, such as ticketing and booking systems, also come with additional fees.

On the other hand, EventPrime offers a more flexible pricing structure. Users can enjoy the basic features of EventPrime with its free version. However, to unlock advanced functionality, one can choose between the Starter plan at $59 per year for a single site license or the Ultimate plan at $149 per year with unlimited site licenses. These premium plans give access to features like attendee management, Stripe payments, customizable event registration forms, and more premium add-ons.

Both EventON and EventPrime provide options for integrating payment gateways, such as Stripe, for online ticket sales. EventON requires the purchase of a separate add-on for Stripe payments, while EventPrime includes Stripe integration with its premium plans.

In summary, EventON offers a simpler pricing structure with a one-time fee and additional costs for add-ons if required, whereas EventPrime provides a free version for users with basic event management needs and multiple premium plans for advanced features and integrations.

Support and Documentation

EventON and EventPrime are popular event management plugins for WordPress websites, and both prioritize offering quality support and documentation to users. Access to comprehensive documentation, helpful guides, and reliable customer support plays an essential role in the user experience, as it enables users to effortlessly navigate through the plugins and make the most out of their features.

EventON maintains an extensive knowledge base filled with practical information, including video tutorials, articles about different plugin features, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs. By providing various content formats and detailed answers to common questions, EventON ensures that users can quickly find solutions for any issue they encounter. Additionally, the plugin’s developers offer premium support via a dedicated ticket system, allowing users to receive personalized assistance from technical experts if necessary.

On the other hand, EventPrime also boasts a comprehensive support center where users can access an array of helpful resources. These include detailed documentation covering various aspects of the plugin, such as installation, configuration, and customization. Furthermore, EventPrime offers a live chat support feature, connecting users directly to the developers for prompt and efficient assistance. This responsiveness ensures that users can resolve any problems they encounter with minimal downtime.

Both EventON and EventPrime emphasize providing their users with accessible and accurate documentation, coupled with responsive customer support. By prioritizing these aspects, the plugins’ developers ensure that their users can enjoy a seamless experience, irrespective of their level of expertise with event management.

Reviews and Ratings

EventON and EventPrime are both popular WordPress event management plugins, offering a variety of features to cater to different user needs. In terms of user reviews and ratings, each plugin has its own strengths and areas where it could improve.

EventON has a larger user base, reflected in the number of reviews and ratings available online. Users generally find it highly customizable, with a visually appealing design. It provides an extensive range of features like event filtering, calendar views, and social media integration. Users appreciate the frequent updates and responsive customer support provided by the EventON team. However, some users may find the plugin complex, with a steeper learning curve than simpler event management tools.

EventPrime, on the other hand, is a more recent plugin with a smaller customer base. Nevertheless, it has gained positive reviews for its ease of use, straightforward interface, and helpful customer support. Users find EventPrime’s various features, such as performer and venue management, valuable for organizing events with multiple components. The plugin offers a clean user interface and simple design layouts for event listings. However, due to its smaller user base, there might be fewer resources or community support available compared to more established plugins like EventON.

It is important to note that user reviews and ratings are subjective, and experiences may vary from one user to another. Given the nature of plugins and the variation of needs among users, one may find either EventON or EventPrime to be a better fit depending on their specific requirements and preferences. It is recommended to explore both plugins and their respective feature sets to determine which one best suits your needs.

Comparing Unique Features of EventON vs EventPrime

EventON and EventPrime are both popular event management plugins for WordPress. In this section, we will compare their unique features, highlight the differences, and discuss the various offerings provided by each plugin.

EventON is known for its clean, minimal, and responsive layout, making it visually appealing to website visitors. Apart from standard event management features, EventON offers additional functionalities such as featured events, repeating events, month/year long events, and virtual events. This enables users to create and manage events with different timeframes and configurations effortlessly.

On the other hand, EventPrime provides a comprehensive event calendar plugin with tools that cater to various event types, categories, and tags. The booking and ticketing system is particularly noteworthy, as it allows for smooth and efficient reservation management. EventPrime also supports easy customization, enabling users to tailor their event calendars to meet specific needs.

When comparing the integration capabilities of these plugins, EventON boasts better integration with third-party services and plugins, while EventPrime focuses more on providing a standalone solution that is easy to implement. This makes EventON a more versatile option for those who require additional functionalities through integrations.

In terms of pricing, both EventON and EventPrime offer different pricing plans for their premium features. Users seeking more advanced options, such as payment gateway integrations or ticket add-ons, can choose a plan according to their requirements and budget.

In conclusion, both plugins offer unique features suitable for different needs. EventON stands out for its visually appealing, responsive design and integration options, whereas EventPrime excels in its comprehensive event management tools and user-friendly booking system. Choosing the ideal plugin will depend on your specific requirements, audience, and website objectives.


In comparing the two popular WordPress event management plugins, EventON and EventPrime, it becomes clear that each plugin offers distinct features and services tailored to different user needs.

EventON is widely recognized for its visually appealing design, numerous customization options, and ease of use. Its feature set includes creating event calendars, selling tickets, and advanced event filtering, making it a suitable choice for users in search of a user-friendly plugin with a polished look.

On the other hand, EventPrime is known for its versatility, extensive feature list, and compatibility with page builder plugins. The plugin allows users to create events, manage performers and venues, and display events in various styles. Additionally, EventPrime offers advanced functionalities such as event type and location filtering and customizable event booking systems, enabling more comprehensive event management.

Choosing between EventON and EventPrime ultimately depends on an individual’s specific needs and priorities. For those focused on striking design and simplicity, EventON may be the preferred choice. Meanwhile, users seeking a broader set of features and seamless integration with page builder plugins might find EventPrime better aligns with their requirements. Regardless of the choice, both plugins confidently address the essential aspects of event management, offering valuable solutions for any WordPress site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between EventON and EventPrime?

EventON and EventPrime are both event management plugins for WordPress. EventON is primarily focused on providing an elegant calendar interface, with features like color-coded event categories, event images, and customizable event details. EventPrime, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive event management solution, including venue and performer management, ticketing, and registration capabilities. Both plugins have their unique strengths and are suitable for different event management requirements.

How do EventON and EventPrime integrate with WooCommerce?

EventON integrates with WooCommerce through an add-on which allows the selling of event tickets through the WooCommerce platform. EventPrime also supports WooCommerce integration for handling ticket sales, offering seamless user experiences for both event organizers and attendees.

Which plugin, EventON or EventPrime, offers better customization for event calendars?

EventON is well-known for its visually appealing event calendars, offering a variety of customization options such as color schemes, event categories, and event details display. EventPrime, while also offering calendar customization, focuses more on event management capabilities. So, if you prioritize calendar design and aesthetics, EventON might be the better choice for you.

How do EventON and EventPrime handle event registration?

While EventON itself does not natively support event registration, it can be integrated with the RSVP and Ticket add-ons to provide registration and ticketing features. EventPrime, in contrast, offers built-in event registration and ticketing capabilities, allowing users to manage and track event bookings directly within the plugin.

Can EventON and EventPrime sync with Google Calendar?

Yes, both EventON and EventPrime have the option to sync with Google Calendar, allowing users to display events from their Google Calendar in the event management plugin, as well as export events to Google Calendar. EventON offers this feature through the Sync addon, while EventPrime provides Google Calendar integration through the Event Calendar addon.

Which plugin is more user-friendly, EventON or EventPrime?

Both EventON and EventPrime are designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-understand settings and options for managing events. However, their user experiences may differ depending on the user’s specific needs and familiarity with event management plugins. It is recommended to try each plugin’s demo or free version to determine which one suits your preferences and requirements best.

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