Event Tickets Plus vs WP Event Manager: Unbiased Comparison for Better Choices

Deciding between Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager for your WordPress event management website can be a daunting task. Both plugins offer powerful features and benefits, but choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and preferences. Event Tickets Plus focuses on providing a comprehensive ticketing solution for event organizers, while WP Event Manager emphasizes a robust set of event listing and management features.

Event Tickets Plus works seamlessly with The Events Calendar plugin, offering advanced ticket sales and RSVP capabilities, whereas WP Event Manager is designed as a standalone solution with free and premium add-on options to enhance functionality tailored to your event management requirements. Ultimately, your choice between these two plugins should be guided by the specific requirements of your event management project and your preferences as a website owner or manager.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager are both powerful WordPress event plugins with different focuses.
  • Event Tickets Plus offers a comprehensive ticketing solution, while WP Event Manager focuses on event listings and management.
  • Consider your specific event management requirements and preferences when deciding between these two plugins.

Overview of Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager

Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager are two popular event management plugins for WordPress that enable users to manage and sell tickets for both live and virtual events. While both plugins offer extensive features, their approach to event management differs, catering to different users depending on their specific needs.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium plugin developed by the team behind The Events Calendar, one of the most popular calendar plugins for WordPress. With a strong focus on ticket sales, it offers integration with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to streamline the selling process. In addition to the basic ticketing features, Event Tickets Plus offers advanced functionality like tiered pricing, custom ticket templates, and attendee management. The plugin is an excellent choice for users looking to sell tickets for a variety of events and willing to invest in a plugin with more advanced features. More information can be found on their official website .

On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a lightweight and scalable plugin that works out of the box with almost every WordPress theme. It offers a wide range of event management features, including calendar display, registration, and customizable event listings. The core plugin is available for free, with optional premium add-ons to enhance functionality such as selling tickets, integrating with Google Maps, or offering event alerts to subscribers. WP Event Manager’s ease of use and flexibility make it an excellent choice for users seeking a cost-effective solution for their event management needs. Further details can be found on their official website.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager are powerful event management plugins for WordPress, catering to different user needs. Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket sales and offers more advanced features for e-commerce integration, while WP Event Manager balances lightweight design with rich event management functionality. When choosing between these two plugins, the most important factors to consider are your specific event management requirements, budget, and the desired level of customization.

Core Features

Event Tickets Plus Features

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful event management tool offering a wide range of features that cater to different event requirements, both big and small. Some of its key features include:

  • Frontend and backend event management: Easily create, edit, and manage events from both the frontend and backend.
  • Custom event attributes: Customize and add unique attributes to your events, such as location, date, time, and organizer details.
  • Ticketing and RSVP system: Sell tickets and manage RSVPs seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe payment integration.
  • Calendar and schedule: Display event schedules and calendars using shortcodes and widgets, helping visitors stay up-to-date on upcoming happenings.
  • Google Calendar integration: Sync and auto-import events from Google Calendar to your website.
  • Email notifications: Set up auto-generated email notifications for event organizers and attendees concerning reminders, updates, or confirmations.

Event Tickets Plus also offers a range of addons such as Zoom integration for virtual events, frontend submission forms to allow users to submit events, and additional payment gateways to enhance the overall user experience.

WP Event Manager Features

WP Event Manager is another excellent choice for managing events on your WordPress website. The plugin comes packed with several useful features that make it suitable for both live and virtual events. Below are some of the core features provided by WP Event Manager:

  • Lightweight and scalable: Create and manage events effortlessly across various themes without worrying about compatibility issues or significant performance impact.
  • Frontend event submission: Users can easily submit events through frontend forms which can be approved and featured on your website.
  • Free version and addons: Its free version includes an array of features, while additional functionalities, such as ticketing, calendar, and virtual events, can be added through addons.
  • Event registrations: Manage attendee registrations and track their activity with intuitive backend features.
  • Google Maps integration: Embed Google Maps into your event listings to show location information.

With the Events Manager Pro addon, you can further expand the features and functionalities offered by WP Event Manager, providing options such as advanced ticketing and multiple calendar views. This makes WP Event Manager a versatile solution to handle diverse events efficiently on your WordPress website.

Add-on Capabilities

Event Tickets Plus Add-ons

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful events plugin designed to handle ticket sales and registrations seamlessly. It incorporates WooCommerce integration which ensures a smooth ticketing process and provides a user-friendly experience. Its customizable features allow for tailored event management solutions.

Some key features of Event Tickets Plus add-ons include:

  • Registration: Allows users to register for an event easily.
  • Custom post types: Offers flexibility in organizing and displaying events.
  • WooCommerce integration: Integrates with the widely popular e-commerce platform for a streamlined ticket selling process.
  • Hooks, filters, and actions: Utilizes advanced WordPress functionality to provide customization options for developers.
  • Eventbrite tickets: Bridges the gap between your website’s events and Eventbrite listing, expanding your event’s reach.

WP Event Manager Add-ons

WP Event Manager is a lightweight and scalable plugin for managing both live and virtual events on WordPress. It is compatible with most WordPress themes and provides an extensive range of add-ons that cater to different event management needs.

Some noteworthy WP Event Manager add-ons are:

  • Events Calendar: Allows users to visualize events in a calendar format.
  • Registrations: Lets people register for an event as an attendee from your website.
  • Sell Tickets: Offers the ability to sell tickets directly through your website.
  • Frontend Submissions: Enables users to submit events from the front-end, streamlining the event submission process.
  • Custom post types: Provides various custom post types for improved functionality and organization of event content.
  • Hooks, filters, and actions: Gives developers the option to customize the plugin according to their requirements.

Both Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager offer impressive add-on capabilities to enhance your event management experience. While Event Tickets Plus focuses on seamless ticket sales and WooCommerce integration, WP Event Manager provides a broader range of add-ons for various event management aspects. Choosing the right plugin depends on your specific event management needs and preferences.

Ease of Use

User Interface of Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus offers a clear and comprehensive user interface, which caters to both frontend and backend event management aspects. The user experience is enhanced through the plugin’s flexible design that allows for easy customization of events, ticket sales, and check-in processes. The backend of the Event Tickets Plus plugin is designed for smooth navigation, with the use of template tags to further facilitate the organization of event details.

The frontend user interface focuses on providing a convenient experience for potential attendees. The plugin’s flexibility supports various event designs and formats, making it an ideal choice for different types of events.

User Interface of WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager, on the other hand, emphasizes simplicity and accessibility in its user interface. The backend comprises user-friendly tools for event creation and management, while the frontend is tailored to provide an engaging experience for attendees.

The user experience of WP Event Manager is enriched by its responsive design across multiple browsers, ensuring compatibility with modern browser options like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Its “Ajaxified” interactions, such as the live search feature, add to the smooth user experience on the frontend.

Furthermore, WP Event Manager allows for customization using a variety of template tags. These tags enable event organizers to personalize the look and feel of their event pages. In addition to these features, WP Event Manager offers check-in functionalities to streamline the event administration process.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager prioritize ease of use and positive user experiences for event organizers and attendees. These plugins offer flexible and customizable event management tools to cater to various event types and formats.

Support and Documentation

Support for Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus offers a range of support options to users, ensuring they have access to the necessary resources when they need them. A support forum is available for users to ask questions and engage with other plugin users or support staff. Additionally, comprehensive documentation is provided, which covers various topics like installation, setup, and customization.

For users who require assistance beyond the support forum and documentation, premium support is offered. This feature grants access to a team of experienced professionals who can help with troubleshooting or implementation concerns. Furthermore, the developers of Event Tickets Plus provide tutorials and video tutorials that help guide users through different aspects of the plugin, making it easier for them to understand and utilize its features to the fullest.

Support for WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager also offers robust support to their users, including a dedicated Help Center which covers various topics like setup, add-ons, and developer resources. Similar to Event Tickets Plus, WP Event Manager provides a support forum where users can ask questions and receive assistance from the plugin’s community or support staff.

Documentation is another area where WP Event Manager excels, as they offer detailed guides and resources that cater to both novice and advanced users. In terms of premium support, WP Event Manager features a dedicated add-ons support system, where its experienced support team is available to address specific queries related to the plugin’s additional features.

To further assist users, WP Event Manager provides tutorials detailing various aspects of the plugin. Although video tutorials are not explicitly mentioned, the availability of written tutorials ensures that users have enough instructional material to help them understand and make the most of the plugin.

Pricing Details

Pricing of Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus is a specialized plugin focusing on ticket sales and registrations, offering seamless integration with e-commerce platforms for a smooth event management process. When it comes to pricing, the plugin offers different pricing tiers based on the features and functionality required for your event. It is important to note that Event Tickets Plus is a premium plugin, meaning there is no free version available. Pricing tiers typically depend on the user’s specific needs, with varying levels of access to features, support, and updates.

Pricing of WP Event Manager

Unlike Event Tickets Plus, WP Event Manager has a free version that provides a capable and user-friendly tool for creating and customizing events on a WordPress website. This can be a preferable option for users who have a limited budget or those who are testing or exploring various event management options. However, if you require more advanced or comprehensive features, WP Event Manager offers premium add-ons that can upgrade your event management experience. These add-ons allow you to create a more sophisticated event business website, catering to various needs such as registrations, event listings, and more.

In summary, while Event Tickets Plus focuses on a premium experience and pricing tiers for ticket sales and registrations, WP Event Manager caters to a wider range of budgets with its free base plugin and optional premium add-ons. Each option has its own unique advantages in terms of pricing and features, with the choice ultimately depending on the user’s individual requirements and event management goals.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager, it is essential to consider several factors, such as performance, integrations, display options, and user reviews.

Event Tickets Plus is known for its seamless integration with popular calendar plugins, including The Events Calendar, to provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution for event organizers. Its compatibility with BuddyPress adds to the user experience, allowing community events and social networking. Additionally, it offers multiple ticketing modules, customizable display options, and an API for developers, making it a powerful and flexible solution.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager stands out for its lightweight and scalable approach. The plugin is designed to efficiently manage both live and virtual events, catering to various organizer needs. The registrations add-on lets users register as attendees through the website. Furthermore, the plugin allows contributors to create and manage events directly from the frontend or backend of a WordPress site.

Both plugins have received positive reviews and are widely adopted by event organizers worldwide. The choice between these plugins will largely depend on the specific requirements and preferences of the users. Those seeking a comprehensive platform with social features may lean towards Event Tickets Plus, while users who prioritize scalability and performance might find WP Event Manager more suitable.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager offer unique features and advantages for particular scenarios. By assessing the factors mentioned above, event organizers can make an informed decision on the best event management solution for their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Event Tickets Plus and WP Event Manager?

Event Tickets Plus is an add-on for the free Event Tickets plugin, working in conjunction with The Events Calendar to provide ticketing and registration functionalities on a WordPress site. On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a standalone, lightweight, and scalable plugin focusing on event management for both live and virtual events within WordPress without making extra purchases12.

How do their features compare in terms of ticket sales and event management?

Event Tickets Plus is primarily designed to complement The Events Calendar plugin, offering ticketing and registration functionalities2. Meanwhile, WP Event Manager is a comprehensive solution covering both event management and basic ticketing options1.

Which plugin offers better integration with WooCommerce for selling tickets?

Event Tickets Plus is designed specifically to work with WooCommerce by integrating seamlessly with it for selling tickets on a WordPress site3. WP Event Manager allows WooCommerce integration but may not provide as robust ticketing options as Event Tickets Plus1.

How do both plugins perform when integrated with Elementor?

WP Event Manager offers built-in compatibility with Elementor and includes custom widgets and templates for designing your event pages1. However, information regarding the integration of Event Tickets Plus with Elementor is limited, so it is recommended to test and verify compatibility before committing.

What are the most renowned alternative plugins for managing events in WordPress?

Some notable alternatives for managing events in WordPress include All-in-One Event Calendar, which focuses on providing a comprehensive event calendar solution2, and Event Espresso, offering a wide range of event management and ticketing features in direct competition with Event Tickets Plus4.

Is there any significant difference in their pricing and support options?

Pricing for The Events Calendar (a prerequisite for Event Tickets Plus) starts from $99/year for a single site, and Event Tickets Plus add-on comes with an additional cost of $89/year for a single site4. WP Event Manager offers a free version with core features, but premium add-ons like event ticketing and calendar view come at separate costs, starting from $39 each1. In terms of support, both plugins have dedicated forums and customer support teams ready to help users with their queries.


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