Event Espresso vs Event Tickets Plus: Unbiased Comparison for Event Managers

Choosing the right event management software for your WordPress website can significantly affect how smoothly your events run and the ease with which you manage them. With numerous options available, deciding which software best suits your needs can be overwhelming. Two popular options are Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus. In this article, we’ll briefly introduce each of these solutions, taking into account their key features, integrations, and pricing.

Event Espresso is a powerful event registration and ticketing plugin designed specifically for WordPress. Offering unlimited events and multiple ticket types, it streamlines the ticket sales and registration process while integrating seamlessly with your existing website. On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is an add-on for The Events Calendar plugin that enables you to sell tickets or collect RSVPs for your events directly on your WordPress site. Both platforms offer several features, payment options, and integrations, making them strong contenders in event management solutions.

Before making your final decision, it’s important to consider factors such as ticket sales and registration, payment methods, integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, support and customer service, pricing, and additional services. By evaluating these elements, you can choose the solution that best meets your event management needs and ensures the success of your events.

Key Takeaways

  • Compare features and integrations for both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus to find the best fit for your needs
  • Evaluate the ticket sales process, payment options, and customer support for each platform
  • Consider pricing and additional services to determine the most cost-effective event management solution

Understanding Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus

Event Espresso is a WordPress event ticket system designed to help create events, manage ticketing, and handle registrations directly on your website. Compatible with Event Espresso 4, this plugin allows you to present multiple ticket options to registrants, making it ideal for organizing free and paid events. Additionally, Event Espresso can manage events with multiple dates and various ticket types or registration options.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is an add-on for The Events Calendar, another popular WordPress plugin. With Event Tickets Plus, users can seamlessly sell tickets or collect RSVPs through their WordPress site while managing events. This plugin supports integration with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. It provides payment gateway options like PayPal, making it convenient for organizers to handle event finances.

Both of these WordPress plugins have their unique features, but they also share some similarities. For instance, they both facilitate ticket sales and enable event group registrations. Additionally, they integrate with your site’s calendar of events, allowing for easier event management and attendee experience.

Understanding the differences and similarities between Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus is crucial when deciding which WordPress plugin meets your specific event management needs. By carefully assessing their features and functionality, you can confidently pick the right plugin to position your event for success.

Key Features Comparison

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus are two popular event management plugins for WordPress, offering various features to help businesses handle event registration and ticketing. This section will provide a comparison of their key features.

Event Espresso is an all-in-one event management solution with powerful features such as event registration, ticketing, payment gateway support, and mobile app integration. It supports various payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, allowing for easy processing of payments. With Event Espresso’s mobile app, available for Android and iOS, you can check attendees in by scanning event tickets or looking them up. The plugin also includes email marketing features to keep attendees informed, and it supports recurring events and customizable event registrations.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is an extension of The Events Calendar, another popular WordPress events plugin. It enables you to sell tickets, collect RSVPs, and manage attendees for both physical and virtual events within your WordPress website. Event Tickets Plus supports payment gateways, such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. While it does not offer a dedicated mobile app, it is compatible with third-party ticket scanning applications, helping to streamline the event check-in process.

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus provide extensive add-on options to enhance functionality. For example, Event Espresso offers additional features such as social sharing, promotion and discount codes, and printable tickets. Meanwhile, Event Tickets Plus can be further customized with Eventbrite Tickets and community events add-ons.

Regarding pricing, Event Espresso offers various plans and pricing options, while Event Tickets Plus has a per-site pricing structure that requires the purchase of The Events Calendar first.

In summary, both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus have valuable features for managing events, registrations, and ticketing. Selecting the best solution depends on your specific needs, such as the type of event, payment gateway preferences, and the importance of mobile app functionality.

Ticket Sales and Registration Process

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus are both powerful solutions for managing event ticket sales and registration processes. Let’s explore their features and capabilities in this area.

Event Espresso allows you to sell tickets and create custom registration forms for your events. This functionality enables attendees to quickly register for your events while you gather important information needed for event planning. In addition, Event Espresso supports online registrations, group registrations, and even waiting lists for when your event becomes full.

On the other hand, Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus are part of The Events Calendar WordPress plugin suite. With Event Tickets, you can easily sell tickets and allow attendees to RSVP for your events directly on your website. Event Tickets Plus adds additional features, such as the ability to create multiple ticket types, including paid, free, and donation-based tickets.

While managing ticket sales, both solutions allow you to monitor attendance and registration in real-time. Furthermore, they enable you to collect more specific details from your attendees, such as t-shirt sizes, meal preferences, and other necessary information.

In terms of attendee registration, Event Espresso provides custom registration forms that can be tailored to collect the exact data you need for your event. This ensures a more streamlined and personalized registration process for your attendees.

Event Tickets Plus also allows for customization of registration forms, enabling you to collect relevant information for your events with ease. Both solutions offer a robust and flexible registration process, ensuring you have the tools needed to manage and organize successful events.

By utilizing Event Espresso or Event Tickets Plus, you can efficiently manage ticket sales and the registration process for your events, providing a seamless experience for your attendees. Both solutions offer effective tools, such as multiple ticket types, waiting lists, and customizable registration forms, to handle the many aspects of event planning and execution.

Payment Methods

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus both offer various payment methods to accommodate event organizers and attendees’ preferences. Let’s take a closer look at these payment options and the platforms’ supported payment gateways.

Event Espresso supports numerous popular payment methods, including Authorize.net, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and more. Furthermore, it allows for offline payment options such as checks, bank transfers, and invoices. For increased security while accepting payments through Event Espresso, it is recommended to have an SSL certificate for your website.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus also supports a range of payment options, with PayPal and Stripe integration being the most common. Given that it works in conjunction with WooCommerce, it allows event organizers to leverage various payment gateways available in the WooCommerce ecosystem to accept credit card payments and other transaction methods.

Both platforms’ diverse payment gateway support ensures event organizers can smoothly handle transactions, whether they’re online or offline. Moreover, the compatibility with popular providers like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net enables them to process credit card payments securely and efficiently.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to create and manage event ticket sales, both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus provide robust payment solutions and support numerous payment gateways. This flexibility makes it easy to tailor payment processing to your specific needs and accommodate your event attendees’ preferences.

Integration with WordPress and WooCommerce

Both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus offer seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce. These tools allow users to manage their event registration and sell tickets easily, all within their WordPress website.

Event Espresso is a comprehensive event management platform, providing registration, ticketing, and event management features with a focus on WordPress integration. To use Event Espresso, simply install the WordPress plugin from the official plugin directory. This plugin can be installed on a self-hosted WordPress site, or a WordPress multisite setup. Once installed, you can configure and manage your events directly from the WordPress dashboard.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is an extension of The Events Calendar’s free Event Tickets plugin. It adds premium features to enhance your ticketing experience and supports WooCommerce integration for easy ticket sales. To integrate Event Tickets Plus with WooCommerce, you need to purchase the plugin and install both the free Event Tickets plugin and the premium Event Tickets Plus plugin. After installation, the plugins will integrate automatically with WooCommerce, giving you the ability to add tickets to your events and manage attendees.

Although both plugins offer easy integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, they have different approaches to event management. Event Espresso focuses on providing a complete event management solution, including robust registration features and detailed event reporting. Event Tickets Plus, on the other hand, enhances your ticket sales experience within The Events Calendar and WooCommerce environment.

In summary, when considering the integration of either Event Espresso or Event Tickets Plus with your WordPress website and WooCommerce, it’s essential to evaluate your event management needs. Each tool has its strengths, and both plugins can facilitate ticket sales and event registrations for e-commerce websites using WooCommerce. No matter which option you choose, your event management experience on your WordPress site will be vastly improved.

Support and Customer Service

When it comes to support and customer service, both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus offer various channels to assist users.

Event Espresso provides a comprehensive documentation to help users understand and navigate through its platform. Additionally, they have an active support forum where users can post their questions or issues and receive responses from the community or the support team.

For urgent or time-sensitive matters, Event Espresso offers premium support through the purchase of a support token. Users can receive expedited one-on-one assistance, demonstrating the company’s commitment to addressing customer needs effectively.

Event Tickets Plus, on the other hand, is part of The Events Calendar ecosystem. It has a dedicated support forum for users to raise questions and connect with the community and staff. The support forum covers a wide range of topics including troubleshooting, configuration, and best practices.

Both platforms are committed to providing knowledgeable and efficient support to their users. They understand the importance of clear communication and addressing customer concerns promptly. The available support resources, such as documentation and forums, reflect the companies’ dedication to delivering exceptional service for their users.

Pricing and Additional Services

Event Espresso offers various pricing plans to cater to different event management needs. The EE4 Personal License costs $79.95 and includes support for 1 website. On the other hand, the EE4 Everything License is priced at $299.95, also for 1 website but with more features. Depending on your requirements, premium add-ons are available to extend the functionality of the plugin.

Event Tickets Plus is another option for event management, although its pricing model differs. Event Tickets Plus is an add-on for the free Event Tickets plugin and requires a combination of paid solutions from The Events Calendar. Pricing for The Events Calendar starts from $99/year for a single site, while the Event Tickets Plus add-on comes at an additional cost of $89/year for a single site.

In terms of fees and revenue, Event Espresso provides a more direct approach, allowing you to collect registration payments through your WordPress site without any additional transaction fees. This means you get to keep all your revenue without losing money on service fees.

On the other hand, some event management solutions charge per-ticket fees. For example, Eventbrite charges 3.5% and an additional $1.59 per ticket sold, cutting into your potential profits.

Additional services and features can be added to both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus. Event Espresso supports adding extra paid services during the registration process, streamlining the process and allowing for better customer experience. Event Tickets Plus can also be enhanced with various premium add-ons, such as the Events Calendar Pro, through the base solution provided by The Events Calendar.

Both solutions have their benefits when it comes to pricing and additional services. Event Espresso focuses on a straightforward pricing model with no hidden fees, while Event Tickets Plus offers flexibility through its integration with The Events Calendar and additional premium extensions.

Event Promotion and Marketing

Event promotion and marketing play a crucial role in the success of both physical and virtual events. These strategies involve spreading the word about an event and stimulating interest among potential attendees. Two robust tools that can help streamline event promotion and marketing are Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus.

Developed for WordPress, Event Espresso is an event management plugin that offers a comprehensive suite of event management features. It can handle various event types, including online events and events with multiple dates and ticket options. The plugin covers everything from ticket sales, registration, and even integrates with Zoom to facilitate seamless virtual events.

In addition to event management capabilities, Event Espresso also offers promotions and discount codes, social media sharing options, and email marketing integrations. These features help event organizers promote their events and optimize attendance.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is designed to work with The Events Calendar, a highly popular WordPress plugin for managing events. Event Tickets Plus allows users to sell tickets, collect RSVPs, and leverage various ticket sale options directly on their WordPress website. Event organizers can also use this plugin for free events.

With Event Tickets Plus, you can easily create customizable event registration pages, incorporate coupon codes, and enable attendees to subscribe to event updates. The plugin also supports calendar integration with popular services like Google Calendar and iCal, making it easier for your target audience to track and plan for your event.

Both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus offer unique features catering to different event management needs. But what remains consistent across both platforms is their commitment to empowering event organizers with the necessary tools for successful event promotion and marketing.

Security and Privacy Measures

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus provide several security and privacy measures to protect user data and ensure safe transactions. Both platforms prioritize secure payment processing, registration forms, and data storage.

When it comes to payment processing, Event Espresso supports various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. These payment gateways are known for their security features and compliance with industry standards like PCI-DSS. Similarly, Event Tickets Plus uses the WooCommerce platform for transactions, which also supports multiple secure payment options.

Registration forms in both platforms implement safety measures. Event Espresso allows you to create custom registration forms tailored for your events, without compromising data protection. With Event Tickets Plus, your registration forms are created and managed through WooCommerce, ensuring they adhere to security best practices.

Data privacy is a key concern for anyone handling sensitive information. Event Espresso follows strict data privacy guidelines and uses WordPress to store data on your website, allowing you to control and protect your information. On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus, as part of the WooCommerce ecosystem, ensures that data privacy is maintained and adheres to GDPR guidelines.

To conclude, both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus prioritize the security and privacy of their users by offering secure payment processing, safe and customizable registration forms, and robust data protection measures.


Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus both offer powerful solutions for event management, registration, and ticketing on a WordPress website. While both options provide a range of features, the choice largely depends on the specific needs of your events.

Event Espresso is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to manage events directly from your website. The plugin allows visitors to register for events, purchase tickets, and process payments. Event Espresso is a suitable option for those looking for a comprehensive solution with many features and scalability options, making it ideal for larger events.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus works in conjunction with an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, which provides flexibility in managing ticket sales. The primary advantage of using Event Tickets Plus is the elimination of third-party fees, which is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized events.

In terms of payment gateways, both Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus can utilize PayPal, while the latter can also integrate more payment options through the chosen e-commerce plugin.

Ultimately, deciding between Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus depends on the nature of your events, the size of your audience, and your budget preferences. Consider your specific requirements, and you’ll be able to select the right solution to power your event registration and ticketing on your WordPress website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one offers better features?

Event Espresso and Event Tickets Plus both have a good range of features for event management. Event Espresso provides a fully-functional event site built using WordPress, allowing you to create free and paid events with multiple dates and various ticket types. Event Tickets Plus, on the other hand, is an extension for the popular The Events Calendar plugin and integrates well with WordPress too, offering e-commerce capabilities and multiple ticket types.

How do the prices compare?

When it comes to pricing, both plugins have different pricing structures. Event Espresso offers various pricing options depending on the features you need, including a free version called Event Espresso Decaf and premium versions with more advanced features. Event Tickets Plus pricing can be found on their website and is available as a standalone purchase or within a bundle of other plugins.

What are their payment gateway options?

Both plugins support a decent number of payment gateway options. Event Espresso offers an extensive range of payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal_, and many others. Event Tickets Plus supports several payment gateways as it is integrated with WooCommerce, which has its own range of payment gateways to choose from.

Are both plugins compatible with WooCommerce?

Event Tickets Plus is designed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, utilizing its e-commerce capabilities for selling tickets. Event Espresso, on the other hand, is a standalone event management system that does not require WooCommerce for its functionality. However, it is compatible with many WooCommerce extensions to enhance the event management experience.

Is the setup process similar for both?

The setup process for both plugins is quite straightforward and user-friendly. For Event Espresso, you can follow their step-by-step guide on setting up various features and options. Meanwhile, to set up Event Tickets Plus, you can refer to their documentation and follow the guidelines for proper integration with The Events Calendar plugin and WooCommerce.

Can they handle multi-event registrations?

Event Espresso has the capability to handle multi-event registrations and allows users to register for multiple events in a single checkout process. Event Tickets Plus, on the other hand, does not natively support multi-event registrations. However, if you integrate it with WooCommerce, you can achieve a similar effect by allowing customers to add multiple events to their shopping cart before checking out.

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