Event Tickets Plus vs Modern Events Calendar: Expert Comparison

Selecting the right event management tool for your WordPress website can greatly impact your ability to efficiently organize and promote events. Among the various plugins available, Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are two popular options that cater to different aspects of event management. In this article, we will compare the features and functionalities of Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar, helping you make an informed decision for your specific needs.

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful tool that integrates with popular event calendar plugins, providing features for custom ticket designs, registration, and e-commerce aspects. On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar offers a range of features with a user-friendly interface and a polished design that allows for seamless event promotion and management.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket sales and registration with customizable features
  • Modern Events Calendar offers a user-friendly design for promoting and managing events
  • Both plugins provide a range of integrations and support for efficient event organization

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar Overview

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful WordPress plugin that focuses on ticket sales and registrations for events. Integrating with popular e-commerce platforms, it allows users to manage and sell tickets for their events seamlessly. With a feature-rich offering , Event Tickets Plus is suitable for businesses and individuals who need a comprehensive solution for managing event ticketing and RSVPs on their WordPress websites.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar is a versatile WordPress calendar plugin designed to provide users with a user-friendly way to organize and display events on their website. Apart from offering multiple views and extensive customization options, it also allows event creators to add essential details such as schedule, location, and organizer for each event. Modern Events Calendar excels at creating and managing complex events such as multi-day, recurring, or never-ending events, which makes it suitable for users who need advanced event scheduling features.

When considering these two plugins, it is essential to understand the different aspects they cover. Event Tickets Plus is geared towards ticket sales and registration management, providing a seamless solution for selling tickets and collecting RSVPs for various events through WordPress. It is an excellent choice for users primarily focused on the e-commerce aspect of event management.

In contrast, Modern Events Calendar prioritizes event organization and visibility. Its user-friendly interface and advanced scheduling options make it a popular choice for users who need a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate events calendar. The extensive customization options provide users with complete control over the layout and appearance of events listing, resulting in higher user engagement.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both powerful WordPress plugins, offering different features and capabilities. Their target audience and use cases may differ, with Event Tickets Plus focusing more on ticketing, and Modern Events Calendar emphasizing event organization and display. When choosing between these two plugins, consider your specific needs and priorities to determine which plugin will best suit your WordPress event management requirements.

Key Features Comparison

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both popular plugins designed to improve event management for WordPress users. Each plugin has its unique features and functionalities that cater to different user requirements. In this section, we will compare their key features and integrations.

Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket sales and registration. With its smooth integration with WooCommerce, users can efficiently sell tickets while leveraging the diverse payment gateways available on the platform. The plugin also supports multiple ticket types, QR codes for quick check-in, and email marketing integration for attendee communication. Further, Event Tickets Plus allows users to create custom registration forms to ensure they capture relevant information from attendees.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar is more concerned with overall event management and presentation. Its versatile shortcodes enable users to create custom event displays, layouts, and calendars. The plugin is especially popular for its recurring events functionality, allowing users to schedule events that occur periodically without having to create separate listings for each instance.

The two plugins also differ in terms of add-on offerings. Event Tickets Plus offers a range of add-ons that extend its core features, including the integration with other platforms and additional payment gateways. Modern Events Calendar, while having fewer add-on options, provides users with a solid base for event management, including features like weather forecasting and custom booking forms.

Integration with The Events Calendar plugin is another aspect to consider when comparing the two solutions. While Event Tickets Plus works seamlessly with this popular plugin to create a comprehensive event management system, Modern Events Calendar can also be integrated, though it requires additional configuration and setup to achieve the same level of compatibility.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer distinct features and capabilities that cater to different event management needs. Users seeking a plugin focused on ticket sales, registration, and e-commerce integration may prefer Event Tickets Plus. Conversely, those who prioritize event presentation, customization, and recurring events might find Modern Events Calendar to be a more suitable solution.

Ease of Integration

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar both offer seamless integration with popular WordPress tools and services, ensuring smooth operation with your website’s existing infrastructure.

Event Tickets Plus is designed to work in harmony with The Events Calendar plugin, providing a streamlined event creation and management process. By utilizing the natural connection between these two tools, users can sell tickets, collect RSVPs, and manage event check-ins with ease. This plugin can be integrated with various e-commerce platforms and payment gateways, offering flexibility and convenience when it comes to processing transactions.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar boasts a user-friendly interface that can be easily incorporated into any WordPress page or post. With its array of modern designs and comprehensive features, this plugin can transform a simple webpage into an intuitive event management hub. Additionally, it supports numerous popular add-ons and third-party integrations, such as MailChimp, Elementor, and WooCommerce, making it a versatile option for users with diverse needs.

Despite their differences, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar prioritize ease of integration, providing users with a hassle-free experience when setting up and managing events on their WordPress sites. By supporting integration with various platforms and services, these plugins ensure users have access to a broad range of functionalities to meet their specific event management requirements.

Support and Customizability

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are two popular WordPress plugins designed for event management. While both offer support and customizability, there are some differences between them that may impact your decision-making process.

Event Tickets Plus provides a range of customization options for event organizers. Users can create custom registration fields and custom ticket fields, allowing them to collect essential information about attendees, such as dietary preferences or special requirements. The plugin also offers a wide selection of templates and design choices, making it easy for event organizers to adapt the appearance of their events and tickets to match their branding.

In terms of support, Event Tickets Plus has a dedicated support team that can be reached through their website or the WordPress plugin directory. They are known for their timely and helpful assistance, and there is a wealth of documentation and tutorials available online to help users get started and troubleshoot common issues.

Modern Events Calendar is also highly customizable, offering a variety of design options and features to suit any event’s needs. This plugin emphasizes ease of use and modern design, and includes unique calendar views such as slider view, cover view, and carousel view. Like Event Tickets Plus, Modern Events Calendar allows users to add custom registration fields, giving event organizers the flexibility to gather relevant attendee information.

Support for Modern Events Calendar is provided through a comprehensive online knowledge base, which contains articles and tutorials on a wide range of topics related to the plugin’s functionality. Additionally, users can submit support tickets or engage with the community forum to seek help and advice from other users and the plugin’s support staff.

Both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer impressive support and customization options. The choice between the two will likely depend on each event organizer’s specific needs and priorities, as each plugin offers unique features and benefits to accommodate different types of events.

Ticketing Options and Sales

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both popular WordPress plugins designed to streamline event management processes. They each offer distinct ticketing and sales capabilities, making them suitable for different event organizing needs.

Event Tickets Plus focuses primarily on ticket sales and registration, providing a simple and efficient solution for event organizers. The plugin allows users to create and sell tickets directly on their WordPress site, integrating seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. This feature enables organizers to manage ticket inventory, collect RSVPs, and track sales with ease. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus offers various customizable ticket templates, as well as the option to create multiple ticket types, each with separate pricing, stock, and time frame availability.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar offers a more comprehensive approach to event management, encompassing not only ticketing but also a wide array of event management features. It includes an advanced ticketing system that supports offering different ticket types, such as VIP and standard tickets, along with options for early bird pricing and promotional codes. Modern Events Calendar also provides a real-time ticket availability countdown, helping event organizers to drive urgency among potential attendees. Further, this plugin supports virtual events, allowing event organizers to manage both in-person and online experiences.

Both plugins offer extensive integrations to facilitate the ticket sales process. Event Tickets Plus easily integrates with popular payment gateways and email marketing services, simplifying the organization and promotion of events. Modern Events Calendar, however, boasts a more extensive list of compatible integrations, including various calendar formats, social media sharing, and even weather forecasts.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus is an effective solution for those seeking a dedicated ticket sales and registration tool, while Modern Events Calendar offers a more all-encompassing event management experience. With these distinct benefits, event organizers can confidently select the plugin that best meets their needs.

Payment Options and Gateways

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are two popular WordPress plugins for managing event registrations and ticket sales. One important aspect of choosing the right plugin is understanding the available payment options and gateways.

Event Tickets Plus integrates with WooCommerce for handling ticket sales. This means that users can access a wide variety of payment gateways supported by WooCommerce, including popular options like PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay. WooCommerce also offers a range of additional payment methods depending on your location, which can be useful for targeting events in specific regions.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar provides built-in payment options, eliminating the need for an additional e-commerce plugin. Among these options, PayPal is one of the most secure and widely used gateways that can be configured in the settings of the plugin. Unfortunately, Modern Events Calendar does not provide an extensive selection of payment gateways like Event Tickets Plus with WooCommerce integration.

To summarize, Event Tickets Plus users will have access to an extensive list of payment gateways thanks to its integration with WooCommerce. This offers more flexibility in choosing the best payment option for an event. Meanwhile, Modern Events Calendar does provide built-in payment options, but with a limited selection, primarily featuring PayPal as the most popular choice.

Both plugins emphasize security and user experience, ensuring that attendees can make payments with confidence. It is essential to consider your event’s target audience, location, and preferred payment methods when making a decision between these two solutions.

Event Management and Promotion

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are two efficient event management plugins for running and organizing successful events. Both tools offer a range of features that cater to the needs of event organizers, making it easier for them to handle event promotion and registration processes.

Event Tickets Plus integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress plugins like The Events Calendar, allowing users to manage their events without any hassle. The plugin allows users to easily create and customize tickets for various types of events, such as workshops, classes, or concerts. It also offers multiple payment gateway options and e-commerce integrations, providing organizers with a secure way to sell tickets online.

Modern Events Calendar, on the other hand, is known for its strong focus on event scheduling and organization. With an array of customization options, users can create visually appealing and user-friendly event calendars, boosting attendee satisfaction. It further aids event organizers with features such as multiple calendar views, widgets, and a comprehensive booking system.

When it comes to event promotion, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar provide valuable tools to ensure the success of events. Event Tickets Plus offers integration with Event Tickets, allowing organizers to collect RSVPs and sell tickets directly on their WordPress site. This significantly simplifies the promotion process and helps businesses reach a wider audience.

Modern Events Calendar, in comparison, offers similar ticketing and registration functionality, along with advanced marketing features like built-in SEO and social sharing. Businesses can also leverage detailed analytics and reporting options that provide insights into event attendance and potential areas for improvement.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are valuable tools for event management and promotion, providing a range of features to facilitate the organization, ticketing, and marketing aspects of events. Ultimately, the choice between the two plugins depends on the specific needs and preferences of the event organizer.

E-commerce Aspects and Registration Forms

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar both offer unique capabilities and integrations for managing event ticketing and registration within a WordPress website. To handle e-commerce aspects, Event Tickets Plus relies on external e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. This integration streamlines ticket sales and online transactions for event organizers.

WooCommerce integration with Event Tickets Plus enables organizers to manage their inventory effectively. They can monitor ticket stock, set different prices for various ticket tiers or time frames, and create discount codes. Additionally, event organizers can keep track of their revenue and transaction logs using WooCommerce’s built-in reports.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar focuses on user-friendliness and seamless design while providing essential e-commerce functionalities and registration forms. This all-in-one solution enables event organizers to accept payments using various payment gateways, along with creating customizable registration forms for attendees. These forms can be easily embedded on any page or post within the website.

Registration forms created with Modern Events Calendar can be tailored to collect pertinent attendee information, such as name, email address, and special requirements. This collected data can then be accessed and exported within the modern dashboard, allowing organizers to manage the attendees and communicate with them efficiently.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer robust e-commerce solutions and customizable registration forms to accommodate the diverse requirements of event organizers. Choosing between these two options will depend on the integrations, desired user experience, and specific e-commerce needs an organizer may have.

Design and User Interface

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both popular plugins for managing events and ticketing sales in WordPress. In this section, we will compare their design and user interface aspects, focusing on responsive design and user experience.

Event Tickets Plus specializes in ticket sales and registrations, integrating with e-commerce platforms for a smooth process. The plugin provides a clean and simple layout for events, focusing primarily on ticket purchasing and management. The design is responsive, ensuring that events and tickets display appropriately across various devices and screen sizes. This simplicity not only contributes to a positive user experience but also enables users to easily find and purchase tickets for their desired events.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar offers extensive event management options, including a ticketing system and virtual event support. This plugin comes with a wide variety of calendar views, such as slider view, cover view, and carousel view. Moreover, the design is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the appearance of their event listings to match their website’s theme.

Modern Events Calendar features a responsive design, ensuring that event details render correctly on mobile devices and other screen sizes. This adaptability enhances the user experience, making it easy for visitors to navigate and locate the necessary information and tickets for events.

When considering design and user interface, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar possess noteworthy strengths. Event Tickets Plus is geared towards simplicity and ease of use in ticket purchasing, whereas Modern Events Calendar offers customization options for visually appealing event listings. Ultimately, the choice depends on the user’s priorities–be it a streamlined ticket purchasing experience or a highly customizable event management tool.

Mobile Compatibility

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both designed to provide excellent mobile compatibility for iOS and Android devices. Mobile compatibility is essential in today’s digital world, as most users access websites and manage events on their mobile devices.

Event Tickets Plus works seamlessly with The Events Calendar plugin, ensuring a consistent and smooth user experience across various mobile platforms. The plugin is built with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions. This means that the event pages, ticket selling interface, and ticket management features will be easily accessible and functional on both iOS and Android devices.

On the other hand, Modern Events Calendar also boasts a mobile-friendly and responsive design. It is compatible with popular devices and platforms, as the event management system adapts to various screen sizes ensuring a comfortable user experience. Users of Modern Events Calendar can appreciate the modern design and ease of use while managing and attending events through their mobile devices.

Both plugins provide features such as ticket purchasing, event management, and calendar views that are optimized for mobile performance. These plugins allow attendees to access event information, purchase tickets, and view event schedules with ease on their smartphones or tablets. In addition, organizers can manage their events, track ticket sales, and monitor attendance using the mobile-compatible interfaces.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar deliver a high-quality mobile experience for iOS and Android users alike. The responsive design and compatibility with various mobile devices make these plugins a suitable choice for event organizers who want to provide a seamless experience for attendees managing events on the go.

Event Details and Custom Fields

When organizing events, it is essential to provide comprehensive event details to keep attendees informed. Both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer effective solutions that allow for thorough customization of event information using custom fields.

Event Tickets Plus, when integrated with popular plugins like The Events Calendar, enables you to include additional fields in the ticket sales process. With this feature, you can gather attendee information, preferences, or special requirements. However, it is worth noting that this platform’s custom fields are more focused on ticket-related data. Event Tickets Additional Fields offers more information about its custom field capabilities.

Modern Events Calendar is an all-in-one solution that goes beyond ticketing, providing comprehensive event management functionalities. One of its key features is the ability to create custom fields for various types of event details, including text, email, URL, and date-specific information. Users can easily navigate through the custom fields settings from the Single Event tab, enabling better organization of event information.

Both platforms allow for mobile-responsive and customizable features, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices. For instance, the All-In-One Event Calendar provides diverse themes and customization options, allowing event organizers to display events according to their preferences.

In conclusion, when it comes to event details and custom fields, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer flexible options for event organizers. While Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket-related data, Modern Events Calendar provides a more comprehensive approach to managing event information through its custom field settings.

Email Marketing and Confirmations

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar both offer valuable features for event management, including tools related to email marketing and confirmations. With effective email marketing, event organizers can increase attendance and ensure a smooth event experience for attendees.

Event Tickets Plus integrates seamlessly with various email marketing platforms, allowing event organizers to create targeted campaigns and automate email notifications for different stages of event promotion. From pre-event marketing series to post-event thank you messages, email campaigns can be designed to create a cohesive and memorable experience for attendees. An example of an email marketing best practice is to send a pre-event email marketing series to engage potential attendees and drive interest in the event.

Modern Events Calendar provides customizable email notification templates, enabling event promoters to send personalized email confirmations to those who successfully register for the event. By sending timely and well-designed email confirmations, event organizers can improve attendee satisfaction and reduce any potential confusion related to the event schedule, location, or other logistics.

Both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar facilitate event promotion and management through their commitment to email marketing and confirmations. Implementing these email strategies effectively can result in higher event attendance and increased attendee satisfaction, making the event management process smoother and more successful for all parties involved.

Software Pricing

When comparing Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar, it’s important to consider the pricing of each software to determine which option is best suited for your needs. Both solutions offer a variety of pricing plans and features to accommodate different budgets and preferences.

Event Tickets Plus, a premium plugin for event management, is available for purchase with an annual license. The cost of this license varies depending on the package chosen and the number of sites it will be used on. For a single site, the price starts at $89 per year, with options to upgrade for additional sites and bundled plugins.

Modern Events Calendar, on the other hand, offers a free version with basic features for users who are just getting started with event management. The premium version of Modern Events Calendar starts at $79 per year for a single site license. This version includes additional features such as integrations, advanced booking options, and increased customization capabilities.

Both software solutions provide a range of features for managing events, but the pricing differences may ultimately influence your decision. Event Tickets Plus has a higher starting price for the premium version, while Modern Events Calendar offers a free version with basic features and a lower-priced premium option. By carefully considering the features and pricing of each platform, you can confidently choose the best event management solution that meets your needs and budget.

Pros and Cons

Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar are both popular event management plugins for WordPress. Each has its own set of features and benefits, but they also come with some potential drawbacks. In this section, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both plugins to help you make an informed decision.

Event Tickets Plus:

  • Pros: Event Tickets Plus offers seamless integration with WooCommerce, allowing for a more familiar and secure check-out process for ticket sales1. Additionally, this plugin does not take any fees from your ticket sales, ensuring that you retain 100% of your ticket profits2.
  • Cons: Event Tickets Plus only comes with a single price tier, meaning that you may have to purchase additional add-ons or integrations to get the full feature set you need. This could result in higher overall costs and take some time to configure to your liking1.

Modern Events Calendar:

  • Pros: Modern Events Calendar is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to easily create and manage events3. Its simple and intuitive interface is designed for non-technical users, making event creation a breeze. Moreover, the plugin is quite powerful, offering advanced features, such as ticket selling, without requiring any additional costs3.
  • Cons: While Modern Events Calendar is an excellent solution for those on a budget, it may lack some customization options and advanced features that are available in other, more premium plugins4. Relying on a free plugin may also make it less likely to receive prompt customer support, compared to a paid product with dedicated support resources3.

As you can see, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice between these two plugins ultimately depends on what you prioritize: If you’re looking for a comprehensive ticketing solution integrated with WooCommerce and don’t mind paying for it, then Event Tickets Plus may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a feature-rich, free plugin for your event management needs, Modern Events Calendar could be just what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar?

Event Tickets Plus is a feature-rich plugin that focuses on ticket sales and management, integrating with The Events Calendar plugin to provide seamless events and ticket management. Modern Events Calendar, on the other hand, is an all-in-one event management plugin that covers both event creation and ticketing while offering a powerful booking system.

How are ticketing features integrated in these two plugins??

Event Tickets Plus handles ticket creation and management through integration with The Events Calendar, allowing for easy event creation and RSVP management. It also offers eCommerce integration, custom registration fields, and attendee management tools. Modern Events Calendar includes built-in ticketing features, such as pricing and stock management, as well as compatibility with several payment gateways.

Which plugin offers more customization options?

Both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar offer a variety of customization options. Event Tickets Plus allows users to tailor ticket sales by adding custom registration fields and establishing tiered pricing. Modern Events Calendar, on the other hand, provides several design templates and customization options to personalize the look and feel of your event calendar. It also offers custom booking form fields.

How do user reviews compare for Event Tickets Plus vs Modern Events Calendar?

In general, both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar have received positive reviews from users. Event Tickets Plus is praised for its ease of use and powerful ticket management features, while Modern Events Calendar is highly regarded for its flexibility and robust booking system. Users appreciate the customization options and support provided by both plugins.

What are the pricing models for both Event Tickets Plus and Modern Events Calendar?

Event Tickets Plus offers two main pricing options: personal ($89) and business ($149), both of which cover one year of support and updates. Modern Events Calendar has a free version and a premium version, with the premium version priced at $75 with one year of support and updates. It’s important to note that features and functionality vary between the free and premium versions.

Are there any notable extensions or add-ons for either plugin?

Event Tickets Plus has multiple integrations and extension options, including eCommerce integrations with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, as well as support for currency localization. Modern Events Calendar offers various extensions, such as the MEC User Dashboard, MEC Elementor Integration, and MEC Multisite, which can enhance functionality and further customize the plugin to meet specific needs.


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