Event Tickets Plus vs Events Manager: A Comprehensive Comparison

Event management is a crucial aspect of organizing successful gatherings, and having the right tools can simplify the process. In the world of WordPress, Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are popular plugins to handle event registration, ticketing, and organization. Both plugins come with their unique features and strengths, making it essential to understand their key differences to determine the best fit for your event management needs.

With Event Tickets Plus, users can sell tickets, collect registrations, and manage event attendees with ease. This plugin is integrated with popular payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe, for seamless transactions. On the other hand, Events Manager offers a comprehensive event booking system and payment integration, including support for multiple payment methods like PayPal and Authorize.net, in its pro version.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both powerful WordPress plugins for event management, differing in features and pricing.
  • Both plugins allow users to create and manage events, however, Event Tickets Plus offers integration with major payment gateways for ticket sales.
  • Events Manager’s pro version provides support for multiple payment methods and additional advanced features for event organization.

Overview of Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both popular WordPress plugins designed to help users manage and sell tickets for events. Each plugin has its own unique set of features and capabilities, making it suitable for different scenarios and requirements. In this section we will provide an overview of both plugins, detailing the key aspects that make them stand out.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium add-on for The Events Calendar’s base Event Tickets plugin. It allows event organizers to easily sell tickets and manage event registrations on their WordPress site. Some of its key features include custom ticket fields, integration with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and the ability to display event details on pages and posts. Event Tickets Plus caters to a wide range of event types and sizes, making it a flexible solution for many organizers. More information on Event Tickets Plus can be found on The Events Calendar product page .

Events Manager is another comprehensive WordPress plugin designed for managing events and selling tickets. It offers robust event management capabilities, including recurring events, location management, and support for various event types such as virtual events. The plugin also has a pro version, Events Manager Pro, which provides additional features such as ticketing, registration, and payment processing. Events Manager is suitable for both small and large-scale events, as well as a variety of purposes, from community gatherings to corporate conferences. Pricing information and a list of features for Events Manager can be found on their website.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager offer a wide range of features designed to help users create, manage, and sell tickets for events on their WordPress sites. The main difference between the two lies in their core focus and the integration options they provide. Event Tickets Plus has a stronger emphasis on ticket sales and e-commerce platforms, while Events Manager focuses on offering robust event management capabilities. Each plugin has its own unique benefits and is best suited for different types of events and user requirements.

Setting Up

When comparing Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager, the setup process for each plugin is a crucial aspect to consider. Both plugins offer various features to help manage event registration and ticketing seamlessly on a WordPress site.

For Event Tickets Plus, the installation process is straightforward. To begin, users must have an e-commerce plugin installed, such as WooCommerce, which ensures compatibility. Once the e-commerce plugin is active and configured, it’s essential to configure the settings for Event Tickets Plus to utilize its functionality fully. The plugin offers multiple customization options to better manage ticket sales and registration.

In contrast, Events Manager focuses on managing events and bookings without the need for an additional e-commerce plugin. Prioritizing flexibility, its settings and customization options cover a wide range of event scenarios. Installation is also simple and accompanied by extensive Documentation that caters to user needs, ensuring an easy setup experience.

Both plugins provide tight integration with WooCommerce. Event Tickets Plus does this inherently, given its dependence on an e-commerce plugin. Events Manager, on the other hand, offers a WooCommerce integration add-on to extend its functionality and directly connect to WooCommerce for ticket sales management.

When customizing either plugin, users can explore various settings to personalize their event registration experience. Event Tickets Plus boasts options for ticket display, capacity settings, and email notifications. Similarly, Events Manager offers features such as custom booking forms, Google Maps integration, and various booking approval processes.

The flexibility of settings and customization options for both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager allow users to tailor their event management experience to suit their unique needs. This adaptability ensures that every aspect of ticketing and event registration is under control, providing a professional and efficient process for both users and their attendees.

Creating and Managing Events

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both popular solutions for event management on WordPress websites, offering functionalities to create and manage events as well as ticketing options. The confidence of being knowledgeable and neutral in this comparison stems from an understanding of the unique features each plugin offers.

With Event Tickets Plus, event management is streamlined through its integration with the Events Calendar plugin, which simplifies the event creation process. Users can create events, manage RSVPs, and sell tickets via this plugin. Moreover, the plugin enables users to utilize QR codes for easy check-in at events. The calendar view provided by this plugin gives a visually appealing layout of all the upcoming events.

On the other hand, Events Manager is a feature-packed WordPress plugin that offers a lot of flexibility from the backend of the website. The wide range of functionalities includes creating and managing events, multiple calendar views, recurring events, as well as multi-day events, catering to the diverse needs of various event organizers.

Both plugins offer event ticketing capabilities, but with slight differences. Event Tickets Plus focuses on selling tickets and collecting RSVPs, while Events Manager goes a step further by providing a more comprehensive event management experience. That said, Event Tickets Plus is an excellent choice for those who primarily need ticket sales and registration features, whereas Events Manager caters to those who seek an all-in-one event management solution.

In summary, creating and managing events on WordPress websites is made easier with the help of both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager plugins. While each plugin has its unique features and target audience, the deciding factor between the two lies in the specific event management requirements of the user.

Ticket Sales and Attendance Management

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both powerful tools for managing ticket sales and attendees for various events. They offer numerous features that streamline the event organization process, providing event organizers with control and flexibility in managing their events.

Event Tickets Plus provides a robust solution for ticket sales, offering features such as custom ticket tiers to differentiate between ticket types, a ticket stock countdown, and an optional public attendees list. It supports integration with popular payment platforms like Stripe and PayPal business accounts, ensuring secure and convenient transactions for event organizers and attendees.

On the other hand, Events Manager offers functionality for both ticket sales and bookings. It allows organizers to customize ticket types and prices, set capacities, and manage booking approvals. The plugin also features an RSVP system, so event organizers can easily collect RSVPs from attendees and keep track of the guest list.

Both platforms offer tools for managing attendees, with Event Tickets Plus focusing on an attendees list that can be made public or private depending on the organizer’s preference. Events Manager provides a more comprehensive attendance management system with options to export attendee lists, view booking history, send email notifications, and more.

Additionally, Event Tickets Plus offers custom registration fields through its Event Tickets Plus add-on, allowing event organizers to gather specific information from attendees during ticket purchase. Events Manager also features customizable registration forms with custom fields, which can be used for gathering attendee information during the booking process.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager provide valuable features for ticket sales and attendance management, tailored to different needs and preferences. Event organizers can choose the platform that best suits their specific requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for both the organizer and the attendees.

Online and Virtual Events

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both excellent plugins for managing online and virtual events on your WordPress website. They offer different features and integrations, allowing you to choose the best option for managing your events efficiently.

Event Tickets Plus is designed for selling tickets and collecting RSVPs for your in-person or virtual events, with easy integration with popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Moreover, Event Tickets Plus is compatible with The Events Calendar’s Virtual Events add-on, which highlights virtual and hybrid events on your calendar, and allows for live streaming and virtual meeting features. Integration with Zoom is possible, creating a seamless experience for your attendees.

On the other hand, Events Manager is a feature-packed WordPress events management plugin that provides flexibility in organizing and managing online and virtual events. It includes essential features like registration, time zones, and location management. While it may not be as focused on virtual events as The Events Calendar’s Virtual Events add-on, Events Manager does offer substantial tools and customization options for your online event creation and management needs.

Both plugins allow you to schedule your virtual events and integrate with calendar systems, ensuring your attendees receive the relevant information about upcoming events. Additionally, each plugin has built-in support for custom event templates and event categories, helping you create a professional and visually appealing calendar for your website users. In conclusion, picking between Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager depends on your specific needs, the level of virtual event support and features you desire, and your preferred integration options.

Design and Customization

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager both offer options for design and customization to help users adapt their event management systems to fit their unique preferences and needs.

In Event Tickets Plus, you have the ability to customize ticket designs with various templates and also insert custom fields to collect specific information from attendees during registration. Users can opt to use built-in templates or create their own ticket designs that best align with their event branding. The custom fields feature allows event organizers to gather additional information from attendees during ticket purchase, such as dietary restrictions, t-shirt sizes, or other relevant details.

On the other hand, Events Manager gives users control over the design aspects by supporting custom post types, which allows for easy integration with theme styles. This feature ensures event pages blend seamlessly with the rest of the website’s design. Moreover, Events Manager offers custom registration fields that enable event organizers to collect various information from attendees during registration, just like with Event Tickets Plus.

In terms of customization, both plugins provide integration options with other plugins and services to further enhance their event management capabilities. Whether it’s integrating with popular e-commerce platforms for ticket sales or connecting to email marketing services for attendee communication, both plugins offer multiple options to streamline processes and improve user experience.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager each bring a variety of design and customization options to the table. From customizing ticket designs and registration fields to integrating with other useful tools, these plugins give users the flexibility to create a tailored event management experience.

Payment Options and Integrations

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager offer a variety of payment options and integrations, catering to the needs of event organizers and attendees. Both solutions support popular payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal, making it easier for customers to purchase tickets securely.

Event Tickets Plus runs alongside e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to handle the ticket sales process. This means you can use additional payment options offered by your chosen e-commerce plugin. For instance, WooCommerce supports a vast range of payment gateways including PayPal, Braintree, and many others.

Events Manager, on the other hand, simplifies the process by providing built-in support for various payment gateways. In addition to Stripe and PayPal, it offers options such as Authorize.Net, SagePay, and offline payment methods like cash or bank transfers. With a PayPal Business Account, you can even accept credit card payments directly on your site.

Both solutions integrate seamlessly with the respective payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process for customers. Additionally, they provide options for customizing payment settings, such as setting different currencies, adding taxes, and offering promotional discounts.

In conclusion, Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager offer diverse payment options and integrations that cater to various event organizers’ needs. While Event Tickets Plus relies on e-commerce plugins to handle ticket sales, Events Manager simplifies the process by providing built-in support for a range of payment gateways. Both solutions prioritize secure transactions, customer-friendly user experiences, and customizable settings that make them top choices for handling event ticket sales.

Support and Documentation

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are two widely-used event management solutions, and both provide a range of support and documentation resources for their users.

Event Tickets Plus is a plugin developed by The Events Calendar, and their support system includes a comprehensive knowledgebase where users can find articles, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips. Additionally, they have support forums where community members can ask questions, interact with other users and receive assistance from technical experts. For customers who have purchased premium versions of their plugins, they can avail of premium support, receiving priority assistance and quicker response times.

On the other hand, Events Manager has a robust documentation section covering various aspects of the plugin, from installation to shortcodes and template tags. This helps users understand the plugin’s features and capabilities and troubleshoot issues independently. They also offer a support forum where users can ask questions and receive guidance from the community, including the plugin developers. For those seeking faster and more personalized support, Events Manager provides a premium support option with their Pro version, giving users access to priority support channels and resolution of issues by their team of experts.

Both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager ensure that their users have access to the necessary support and documentation needed to make the most of their event management plugins. By providing various resources such as knowledgebases, support forums, and premium support channels, they cater to different user needs and preferences, enabling event organizers to focus on creating successful events with minimal technical complications.

Additional Features and Extensions

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both feature-rich event management solutions for WordPress that offer numerous add-ons, extensions, and integrations to enhance their functionalities. Each plugin has its unique set of features that cater to different users and their event management needs.

Event Tickets Plus seamlessly integrates with The Events Calendar plugin, providing a complete solution for event listing and ticketing. One of their standout features is the ability to sell tickets or collect RSVPs through your WordPress site. In addition, Event Tickets Plus supports the use of shortcodes, making it easy to incorporate the plugin functionality into any part of your website. Moreover, it offers a variety of extensions, such as integration with Google Calendar and Google Maps, allowing event-goers to easily access event details and directions.

On the other hand, the Events Manager plugin is a popular choice due to its versatility. It offers both a free version and a Pro version with more advanced features. Events Manager includes an array of useful tools, such as widgets for displaying events on your site, the ability to create and manage events with custom attributes, and options to import/export events through various formats, like CSV and ICS. Furthermore, it integrates with Google Maps, allowing users to easily visualize the event location.

One key extension for Events Manager is Events Calendar Pro, which adds features such as recurring events, location search, and advanced event display options. Another notable extension is the Community Events add-on, which enables frontend users to submit and manage events, fostering a sense of community engagement and interaction.

Both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager provide a wide range of features and extensions to cater to different event management needs. By integrating these add-ons and customizing the plugins to your specific requirements, you can create a powerful and user-friendly event management system on your WordPress site.

Pricing and Updates

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both popular choices for managing events on a WordPress website. When it comes to pricing and updates, each plugin offers different options to suit various needs.

For Event Tickets Plus, they offer a single pricing plan at $99. This plan comes with updates and support for one year. It provides premium features such as e-commerce readiness, custom registration, shared stock, QR code check-in, advanced widgets, and Apple Pay/Google Pay compatibility.

In contrast, Events Manager offers both a free version and premium add-ons to enhance the functionality of the plugin. The free version is a capable tool for creating and customizing events with just a few clicks. For additional features, they offer paid add-ons that can be purchased individually or in bundles.

When it comes to updates, both plugins are committed to providing regular improvements and new features. Event Tickets Plus customers receive updates and support for one year as part of their license key, while Events Manager users can access updates for the core plugin for free. Premium add-on updates for Events Manager are usually included with their purchase for one year.

License key renewals for Event Tickets Plus can be done easily through their website. For those who wish to continue receiving updates and support after the initial year, they can renew their license key at a discounted rate. For Events Manager add-ons, users might need to renew the add-on license key if they want to receive updates and support beyond the first year.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus offers a single pricing plan with a comprehensive set of features and updates for one year, while Events Manager provides a more flexible and modular approach to pricing through its free version and paid add-ons. Both plugins are dedicated to offering updates to ensure the growth and functionality of their tool.

Compatibility and Performance

Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are both powerful event management solutions for WordPress websites. They offer a range of features that cater to different event organization needs. This section discusses their compatibility and performance with WordPress and other plugins or themes.

Event Tickets Plus is an add-on for The Events Calendar plugin, making it specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. It enables users to sell tickets or collect RSVPs for events directly on their WordPress site. This smooth integration is a result of Event Tickets Plus being built by the same team behind the popular calendar plugin. In terms of compatibility, it typically works well with most themes and plugins available on WordPress.org, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Events Manager, on the other hand, is a standalone event management plugin compatible with most major WordPress themes and plugins, and it offers various organizational features, including custom event attributes, location management, and more. While it may not have the native integration with The Events Calendar as Event Tickets Plus, it still provides solid performance and seamless compatibility with WordPress installations.

Both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager plugins are built to ensure that they minimize their impact on website performance. They prioritize efficient coding practices, optimized queries, and lightweight resource usage to provide a seamless user experience without negatively affecting the overall performance of the WordPress site.

In terms of third-party integrations, Event Tickets Plus excels in its ability to integrate with popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, providing a smooth ticket-selling process. Events Manager also supports various payment gateways and offers a wide range of features for event organization, making it a versatile solution for WordPress websites.

In conclusion, the choice between Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user. Both plugins offer excellent compatibility and performance, ensuring that they integrate well with WordPress sites and enhance event management capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager?

Event Tickets Plus focuses on event ticket sales and RSVP collection, while Events Manager provides a broader range of event management features such as location, date, and time of events. Event Tickets Plus integrates with WooCommerce for ticket sales, while Events Manager has built-in booking options.

How do the features of Event Tickets Plus compare to Events Manager?

Event Tickets Plus is designed mainly for ticket sales and RSVP management, whereas Events Manager offers additional features for organizing and managing events like venue management, event categories, and custom event attributes. Event Tickets Plus works seamlessly with The Events Calendar plugin for a comprehensive solution, while Events Manager can function as a standalone event management tool.

Which ticketing plugin offers better integration with WooCommerce?

Event Tickets Plus offers native WooCommerce integration, enabling users to sell tickets through their online store and take advantage of the WooCommerce ecosystem. On the other hand, Events Manager has its own booking system, and WooCommerce integration is possible with their Pro add-on version.

Can both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager handle RSVP for events?

Yes, both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager can handle RSVPs for events. Event Tickets Plus allows users to collect RSVPs alongside selling tickets, while Events Manager has a built-in RSVP system for guests to confirm their attendance.

What are the pricing options for Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager?

Event Tickets Plus has a pricing structure based on the number of sites the plugin will be used on, starting at $89 for a single site. Events Manager offers a free version with core functionalities and a Pro version starting at $75 with extended features and premium support.

How user-friendly are Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager for WordPress?

Both Event Tickets Plus and Events Manager are designed to be user-friendly and integrate well with WordPress. Event Tickets Plus works smoothly with The Events Calendar and WooCommerce, allowing users to manage event tickets easily. Events Manager features a user-friendly interface for creating and managing events, locations, and bookings, making it accessible for beginners and experts alike.

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