Event Tickets Plus vs EventON: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Choosing the right event management plugin for your WordPress website is crucial for ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees. Two popular options in this space are Event Tickets Plus and EventON. Both plugins come with a range of features and functionality that cater to different needs and preferences of event management and ticketing.

Event Tickets Plus is designed for seamless integration with The Events Calendar plugin, allowing users to sell tickets and manage RSVPs directly from their WordPress site. On the other hand, EventON, a popular option on the CodeCanyon marketplace, offers a feature-rich solution for creating and managing events, complete with location and organizer details. Understanding the differences between these two plugins in terms of core features, integrations, support, pricing, and customization options will help you make an informed decision suited to your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets Plus and EventON offer unique features and functionality for event management on WordPress sites.
  • Integration options, support, and pricing vary between the two plugins, impacting user choice.
  • Consider event management, marketing, and promotion capabilities when comparing these plugins for your specific needs.

Overview of Event Tickets Plus and EventON

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are two popular plugins for managing events and selling tickets on WordPress websites. These plugins integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, and The Events Calendar plugin for a user-friendly experience when organizing events and handling ticket sales.

Event Tickets Plus is concentrated on ticket sales and registrations, offering a one-stop solution for event organizers to manage their ticketing needs. It works well with The Events Calendar plugin, enhancing it with advanced features such as custom registration fields, attendees management, and different payment options. This plugin’s support and comprehensive e-commerce integration help users sell tickets with ease and efficiency, providing them with a robust platform for ticketing requirements.

In contrast, EventON is known for its visual appeal and ease of use, helping event organizers present their events in an attractive and organized manner. It offers a variety of viewing options, like calendars and event lists, along with customizable design elements. EventON also supports ticket sales and works with the WooCommerce plugin to handle transactions, adding versatility to its event management capabilities.

While both plugins cater to event organization and ticketing needs, their primary focus areas slightly differ. Event Tickets Plus prioritizes the ticketing aspect for WordPress websites, making it an excellent choice for users that have The Events Calendar plugin and want to enhance its functionalities. On the other hand, EventON puts more emphasis on overall event presentation and organization, offering additional features like multiple viewing options and design customizations, along with support for ticket sales.

By leveraging these plugins in conjunction with WooCommerce and The Events Calendar plugin, WordPress website owners can effectively create, manage, and promote their events while handling ticket sales on a user-friendly e-commerce platform. The choice between Event Tickets Plus and EventON depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the event organizer, as both offer reliable and versatile solutions for event management and ticketing.

Core Features and Functionality

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are both popular WordPress plugins designed to help users manage event ticket sales, registrations, and attendances. They offer a range of features that make it easy to create, promote, and run a successful event.

Event Tickets Plus is known for its robust ticketing and RSVP functionality. It allows organizers to create and sell tickets directly on their WordPress website. Integrating seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, Event Tickets Plus supports various payment options, including PayPal and Stripe. With an intuitive user interface, this plugin enables the creation of multiple ticket types, custom registration fields, and personalized email notifications. Moreover, Event Tickets Plus also offers QR code check-ins, allowing for smooth attendee management during in-person and virtual events .

On the other hand, EventON is a feature-rich calendar and event management plugin that excels in displaying events in a visually appealing manner. With its customizable calendar layout, EventON allows users to create and manage events on both pages and posts directly. This plugin provides several useful features, such as customizable event details, color-coded categories, and an advanced search functionality for easy event discovery.

Additionally, EventON supports ticket sales and RSVP collection through its add-on services. The plugin is compatible with multiple payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, ensuring secure transactions for event organizers and attendees. One unique aspect of EventON is its use of QR codes for facilitating an easy check-in process and tracking attendee details.

Both plugins offer a range of features that cater to various event management needs. Event Tickets Plus focuses on efficient and secure ticket sales, registrations, and attendee management. Meanwhile, EventON stands out for its visually appealing calendar display and advanced event discovery options.

In terms of functionality, both plugins provide users with easy-to-use shortcodes and configuration settings to customize their event management experience. They also offer timely updates and support, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

Integration Options

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are both powerful ticketing solutions that offer different integration options to suit a variety of event management needs. Understanding these integration options is essential for choosing the right plugin for your event site.

Event Tickets Plus boasts robust WooCommerce integration, making it an ideal choice for those who are already using WooCommerce on their WordPress site. This integration allows users to manage event ticket sales seamlessly alongside other e-commerce products. Moreover, Event Tickets Plus supports popular payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal for secure and easy online payment processing. Being able to accept credit card payments and other key payment methods like AfterPay, ClearPay, AliPay, Giropay, and Klarna adds to the plugin’s flexibility.

On the other hand, EventON offers a more lightweight core plugin with extensive features available through premium add-ons. While EventON also includes options for creating and selling tickets, it lacks the advanced payment gateway integrations found in Event Tickets Plus. Nonetheless, it provides a solid foundation for customizing events and ticketing through its support for custom post types.

When considering integrations with major e-commerce platforms, Event Tickets Plus holds the advantage due to its seamless WooCommerce integration. However, EventON may be beneficial for users who prefer a lighter-weight core plugin with specific features available through add-ons.

In terms of payment options, Event Tickets Plus clearly demonstrates its strength through its support for multiple payment gateways and methods. This makes it an ideal choice for users who require a variety of payment options for their ticketing needs.

It is worth noting that both plugins provide integration with Zoom for virtual events, which is an important feature for event managers dealing with remote events. However, neither plugin currently offers integration with Braintree as a payment gateway.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and EventON provide valuable integration options for different event management needs. When choosing between the two, carefully consider factors such as payment gateway requirements, e-commerce platform compatibility, and desired features available through add-ons. Ultimately, the right plugin for your events website will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Support and Documentation

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are both popular event management solutions, and they offer different ways of obtaining support and documentation to enhance user experiences.

Event Tickets Plus provides premium support for users who have purchased the plugin, and this support is typically more comprehensive than the basic support plan. It may include access to a dedicated team of support agents, quicker response times, and priority status in the support queue. Users can also take advantage of a support forum, where they can discuss issues and seek advice from other users and support agents. Their documentation is extensive and covers various aspects of the plugin, from installation to configuration, ensuring that users can find assistance easily.

EventON, on the other hand, has a knowledgebase that covers topics such as setting up the plugin, using the filter bar on calendars, and licensing products. The documentation includes how-to guides, video tutorials, and troubleshooting tips to help users with any problems that may arise. EventON also offers a support forum for the community to share their experiences and issues, allowing users to learn from each other and find solutions to common problems. Certain community events may also be held periodically to offer additional guidance and support.

As part of their continuous efforts to help users, both Event Tickets Plus and EventON periodically update their documentation to ensure it stays relevant and useful. The support teams also regularly share the latest developments and enhancements, keeping users informed about new features and improvements.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and EventON offer a variety of support and documentation resources to help users maximize the potential of their event management plugins. These include premium support, support forums, documentation, knowledgebase, community events, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips. By making use of these resources, users can confidently navigate and utilize the tools necessary for successful event management.

Pricing and License Information

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are two popular event management plugins for WordPress websites. Both options come with different pricing structures and license options based on the individual needs of the users.

Event Tickets Plus offers two types of pricing plans. The primary plan is free, while the paid plan comes with advanced features and functionalities. The free version of Event Tickets Plus provides basic event ticket management on a single website. On the other hand, the paid solution offers added features such as QR code scanning, saved attendee information, and integration with several e-commerce platforms.

EventON, in contrast, offers a single site license for its core plugin with a price of $39. EventON’s core plugin consists of a multitude of features, including recurring events, custom event types, and simple event booking options. As your needs grow, you can choose to purchase additional add-ons to extend the plugin’s functionality further. One such addon is the Dynamic Pricing addon, priced at $15 for a single site license, which enables early bird special prices and other flexible pricing options.

For license key and fees, Event Tickets Plus requires a yearly subscription for the paid plan, which covers support and updates. Similarly, EventON’s single site license also comes with a yearly fee for support and updates. Both plugins’ licenses grant usage on a single website with permissions to receive updates and access to support. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription for either plugin, you can still utilize the features but will no longer receive updates or support.

In conclusion, when choosing between Event Tickets Plus and EventON, it is essential to consider the pricing, license key, and fees associated with each option. Both plugins offer unique features and pricing structures that cater to different users’ requirements, making it important to evaluate your needs carefully before making a decision.

Difference Between Event Tickets Plus and EventON

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are two popular ticketing solutions for WordPress websites that enable event organizers to manage and sell tickets. Despite their similarities, there are some key differences between these two platforms to be aware of.

First and foremost, Event Tickets Plus is a premium add-on that operates alongside the free Event Tickets plugin. It extends the core functionality of Event Tickets, offering features like custom ticket fields, integration with e-commerce solutions, and additional RSVP functionality. Event Tickets Plus is designed specifically for users of The Events Calendar, a popular WordPress events management plugin, ensuring seamless integration between the two.

On the other hand, EventON is a standalone WordPress event plugin that includes built-in ticket management and RSVP capabilities. With EventON, users can create and customize event listings, manage recurring events, and handle ticketing without needing any additional plugins or add-ons.

When it comes to ticket management, Event Tickets Plus leverages the power of WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads for ticket sales and payment processing. The integration with these e-commerce platforms provides a robust and flexible ticketing solution, allowing for customizable order confirmation emails and detailed sales reports. Additionally, the Event Tickets Plus user interface is designed to make it easy to manage attendee registrations and check-in processes.

With EventON, the ticketing system is built directly into the plugin, allowing users to manage and sell tickets without any third-party integrations. While this simplifies the setup and management process, it may not offer the same level of flexibility as Event Tickets Plus when it comes to payment processing and customizations. However, for users seeking a streamlined, all-in-one solution, EventON may be a preferable choice.

Key differences in RSVP functionality between the two platforms include Event Tickets Plus providing the option to create custom registration forms with additional fields, while EventON offers a simplified RSVP form with minimal customization options. Both platforms provide tools to export attendee data and generate attendee lists for easy event management.

In summary, the choice between Event Tickets Plus and EventON will largely depend on an event organizer’s specific needs and preferences for their ticketing and event management platform. Event Tickets Plus offers more advanced customization options and integration with popular e-commerce solutions, while EventON provides an all-in-one, streamlined solution with built-in ticketing functionality. By considering these factors, event organizers can select the option that best suits their requirements.

Add-ons and Customization

Event Tickets Plus and EventON both offer a variety of add-ons and customization options to enhance the functionality and user experience of your event management system. These tools allow you to create custom fields, offer multiple ticket types, and more.

Event Tickets Plus integrates with WooCommerce and its custom registration fields feature allows you to collect all the information you need from your attendees during the registration process. This can include T-shirt sizes, meal preferences, or any other relevant information. These custom fields also enable you to have multiple ticket types for different attendee preferences. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus has premium add-ons like the Filter Bar and Community Tickets, which make it easier for visitors to search for events and for the community to create and manage its ticket sales.

On the other hand, EventON provides a wide range of customization options to create a unique event management system according to your requirements. Like Event Tickets Plus, EventON allows you to create custom fields to collect necessary attendee information. However, EventON sets itself apart by offering easy-to-use shortcodes, a built-in filtering system, and a drag-and-drop visual event builder that simplifies the event creation process. Additionally, EventON offers several free and paid add-ons to enhance its core features. These include a Ticket Variations & Options add-on, which allows you to offer multiple ticket types, and a User Submitted Events add-on, which enables your community to create and manage events.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and EventON provide options for custom fields and multiple ticket types, while each offering unique customization tools and add-ons to cater to your specific needs. Determining the best choice for your event management system ultimately depends on the features, flexibility, and overall user experience that fit your event management goals.

Event Management

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are two popular WordPress plugins designed for effective event management. Both of these tools offer various features to help create, organize, and manage events on a website. In this section, we will discuss the event management capabilities of each plugin, focusing on aspects such as recurring events, resources, event organizers, event organization, online events, and ticket options.

Event Tickets Plus is a robust plugin that focuses on ticket sales and registration processes. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, allowing users to manage ticket options and payment gateways efficiently. Event organizers can create and manage tickets for multiple events, offering different pricing tiers and availability. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus offers support for online events, enabling easy setup and management of virtual event tickets.

In contrast, EventON is an all-in-one calendar solution with advanced event management features. It supports recurring events and allows event organizers to schedule multiple instances of an event over a specified time period. The plugin’s flexibility enables users to define event details and resources, such as venue information, accommodation options, and specific event-related assets. With its RSVP and ticketing add-ons, EventON also provides ticket management capabilities for both offline and virtual events.

Both plugins enable event managers to control the appearance and functionality of their event pages. Event Tickets Plus supports integration with various e-commerce plugins, while EventON offers numerous customization options and add-on features. This allows for a tailored event organization experience that suits the specific needs of each user.

In terms of event organizer features, both Event Tickets Plus and EventON deliver comprehensive management solutions. They provide options for handling communications, promoting events, and tracking attendee information. Additionally, event organizers can use these tools to efficiently allocate resources and coordinate schedules, ensuring a smooth event execution.

Marketing and Promotion

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are two popular event management plugins for WordPress that cater to a variety of needs. When it comes to marketing and promotion, both plugins offer different features that can help event organizers reach their target audience and generate ticket sales.

Event Tickets Plus boasts a robust email marketing system that allows users to send customized and targeted emails to attendees. This helps keep them informed about the event and encourages them to share event details with their friends and family. The integration with popular email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, further streamlines this process and provides event organizers with the tools necessary to effectively promote their event.

On the other hand, EventON focuses on providing a visually engaging and responsive design for event listings on your website. This ensures that events look attractive and are easy to navigate on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The plugin also offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to create eye-catching event pages that appeal to potential attendees.

Both Event Tickets Plus and EventON have marketing features that are aimed at increasing ticket sales. Event Tickets Plus, for example, offers the Tickets Commerce feature which simplifies and streamlines the ticket selling process. EventON, meanwhile, provides a variety of ticket selling options with configurable pricing, discounts, and variations, ensuring that users have the flexibility needed to optimize their ticket sales strategy.

When evaluating the marketing and promotion capabilities of these plugins, it’s important to consider which features best align with your specific needs. If email marketing is a priority for your event promotion strategy, Event Tickets Plus may be the better choice. However, if you value visual appeal and customizability in your event listings, EventON could be the more suitable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Event Tickets Plus and EventON?

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful ticketing solution designed for event organizers who require advanced features for selling tickets and collecting attendee information. It allows users to take full control of the event ticketing process using their favorite e-commerce provider. On the other hand, EventON is a feature-rich event calendar plugin for WordPress sites. It allows users to manage events, create beautiful calendars, and display them on their website with a focus on visual presentation and customization.

Which platform is best suited for selling event tickets?

While both platforms can be used for creating events, Event Tickets Plus is specifically designed for selling tickets and managing the entire ticketing process. EventON does offer ticketing functionality; however, it is primarily focused on event management and displaying calendars.

How does pricing compare for Event Tickets Plus and EventON?

Event Tickets Plus and EventON follow different pricing structures. Event Tickets Plus is an add-on to the Event Tickets plugin and requires purchase of a license either annually or with lifetime access. EventON pricing includes a one-time payment for a regular license along with optional paid add-ons for extended features. It is recommended to visit their respective websites for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What are the main features of Event Tickets Plus and EventON?

Event Tickets Plus offers features like customizable ticket templates, collection of attendee information, integration with popular e-commerce platforms, QR code ticket scanning, and more. Whereas, EventON provides users with a visually appealing event calendar, customizable layouts, event filters, event categories, and the ability to display various event information.

Can both platforms be integrated with popular website builders?

Event Tickets Plus and EventON are both designed to work seamlessly with WordPress sites. They are compatible with most WordPress themes and can integrate with popular site builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder. However, their compatibility can be subjective and may vary with different themes and site builder plugins.

How do user reviews compare for Event Tickets Plus and EventON?

User reviews for both platforms are generally positive. Event Tickets Plus is praised for its ticket-selling features, ease of use, and overall functionality. EventON is well-regarded for its visually appealing event presentation and customization options. It is advisable to research specific needs and requirements to determine which platform aligns best with individual preferences and organizational goals.

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