Event Organiser vs EventON: A Comprehensive Comparison for Better Event Management

Choosing the right event management plugin for your WordPress website can be a challenging task, given the wide range of options available in the market. Two popular plugins that often come up for comparison are Event Organiser and EventON. Both plugins have their distinctive features and benefits, but understanding how they differ is crucial for making the right selection to best suit your needs.

Event Organiser offers seamless integration with WordPress, utilizing its in-built custom post types for events with the same functionality as posts. On the other hand, EventON focuses on providing a visually appealing list-style event calendar with a strong emphasis on customizability and aesthetics.

Users of both Event Organiser and EventON benefit from a variety of event management features, including options for recurring events and detailed event information management. Premium features and pricing, support and resources, and customization opportunities vary between both plugins, and a close evaluation of these factors will determine which plugin is the ideal choice for your specific event management requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Organiser integrates well with WordPress, while EventON prioritizes aesthetics and customizability.
  • Both plugins offer a wide range of event management features, but their premium options differ.
  • Choosing between Event Organiser and EventON depends on factors like pricing, support resources, and customization opportunities.

Comparing Event Organiser and EventON

Core Functionality

Event Organiser and EventON are both popular choices for event management on WordPress websites. Event Organiser focuses on building a simple events calendar using the Block Editor, while EventON offers more advanced features designed to assist with organizing meetings, events, and team schedules. Both plugins provide core functionalities to create, manage, and display events on a website efficiently.


Compatibility is crucial when selecting a plugin for your website. Event Organiser has a more straightforward approach, integrating well with the WordPress Block Editor and most themes. EventON, on the other hand, is a more feature-rich plugin, but its extensive features may impact compatibility with certain themes or other plugins.

User Interface

The ease-of-use of a plugin is critical, and both Event Organiser and EventON excel in this area. Event Organiser leverages the WordPress Block Editor to create a user-friendly experience when creating and managing events. EventON also offers an easy-to-use interface that enables website administrators to manage events with just a few clicks, even being popular among event organizers.

Customization Options

Customization is essential when it comes to the appearance and functionality of your events calendar. Event Organiser offers basic customization options, allowing users to create a clean and simple events calendar. On the other hand, EventON provides more extensive customization options , with visually appealing and customizable calendar styles, catering to users who prefer a more sophisticated look for their events.

WordPress Integration

Plugin Compatibility

Both Event Organiser and EventON have been designed to be compatible with a variety of WordPress themes and plugins. They both use standard WordPress development practices, which ensures that they can work seamlessly alongside other popular plugins on your WordPress site. Furthermore, these event management plugins are updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress updates and other essential plugins.

However, as with any plugin, there may be occasional compatibility issues with specific themes or additional plugins, depending on the unique combination that is used across your WordPress site. It’s essential to test both Event Organiser and EventON in different WordPress environments to ensure smooth integration with other plugins.

WordPress Site Integration

When it comes to integrating these plugins into your WordPress site, both Event Organiser and EventON allow for a seamless experience. Upon installation and activation, these plugins create a new set of custom post types in the WordPress dashboard, specifically for managing events.

Event Organiser follows a similar format to typical WordPress posts, ensuring that users familiar with the WordPress dashboard can manage their events with ease. The plugin also offers a variety of shortcodes and widgets that allow for the effortless integration of event calendars and lists into your site’s layout. Moreover, it provides comprehensive documentation to guide users in optimizing the integration process.

EventON, on the other hand, is known for its beautiful and modern design, offering customizable calendar displays to enhance your website’s appearance. By utilizing EventON’s shortcode generator and multiple addons, you can easily embed event calendars, lists, and other features into your WordPress site without needing any coding knowledge. Additionally, EventON offers extensive documentation and customer support to ensure seamless integration with your site.

In summary, both Event Organiser and EventON provide a smooth integration experience with your WordPress site while still offering unique features and designs tailored to fit your site’s specific needs. It is crucial to assess each plugin’s compatibility with your site’s theme and other plugins, as well as how well the plugin’s features align with your specific event management requirements.

Event Management Features

Booking Management

Both Event Organiser and EventON offer booking management features to ensure seamless organization of event registrations. These features include managing event categories, different event types, and event schedules. Users can also handle attendee registration with ease, making the entire booking process efficient and effortless.

Venue Management

Venue management is an essential aspect of event planning, and both plugins cater to this need. Event Organiser and EventON offer location management features that make it simple to set up and manage venues for different events. Users can easily add, edit, and manage venue details, such as location, capacity, and contact information.

Event Promotion

Promoting events is vital for attracting attendees and driving engagement. Event Organiser and EventON provide event promotion tools, enabling users to showcase their events effectively. These plugins allow users to create visually appealing event listings, customize event pages, and integrate with social media platforms for online promotion, ensuring events are visible to potential attendees.


Having a reliable ticketing system in place is crucial for event management. Both Event Organiser and EventON plugins come equipped with ticketing features, allowing users to create, manage, and sell tickets for different events. They support multiple payment gateway integrations, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for both the event organizers and the attendees.

Premium Features and Pricing

Advanced Features

Event Organiser and EventON both offer advanced features in their premium versions to enhance the user experience and provide sophisticated event management and ticketing solutions. Event Organiser Pro comes with features such as customizable booking forms, capacity management, and detailed ticket reporting. Additionally, it offers event entry filtering and attendee lists for improved organization.

On the other hand, the premium version of EventON includes features like integration with payment gateways, enabling ticket sales directly through the plugin. Apart from this, it has event discounts, guest lists, and the ability to showcase featured events, further enhancing the user experience.

Pricing and Budget

When choosing between Event Organiser and EventON, it is essential to consider the pricing and budget for your event management needs. Event Organiser has various tiered plans available, with prices depending on the desired features (source). This allows you to find the right balance between cost and functionality.

EventON offers a one-time purchase license with lifetime updates, making it a cost-effective option for businesses looking for long-term event management solutions. Moreover, it also has addon bundles for users to expand the plugin’s functionality and tailor the system to their requirements.

In conclusion, both Event Organiser and EventON provide advanced features and flexible pricing options for their premium versions. By analyzing your specific needs and budget, you can choose the best suited event management plugin for your website.

Support and Resources

Developer Support

Both Event Organiser and EventON offer solid developer support for users with different needs and skill levels. The creators of these plugins understand the importance of providing accessible and timely assistance to their customers. Event Organiser provides detailed documentation that covers various topics, including setting up events, customizing templates, and using shortcodes. On the other hand, EventON offers a comprehensive knowledge base that tackles issues such as installation, customization, and common issues.

Resources and Extensions

Event Organiser and EventON both provide a variety of resources and extensions that can enhance the functionality of their plugins. Event Organiser offers both free and premium extensions, allowing you to customize your event management experience. Some noteworthy extensions include the Pro add-on, which adds booking management, a form editor, and payment gateways, as well as additional extensions for importing and exporting events.

EventON, alternatively, offers a wide range of add-ons to boost the plugin’s features. These add-ons cover functionalities such as RSVP and ticket management, event speakers and schedules, event reviews and ratings, and many more.

Performance and Scalability

When it comes to performance and scalability, both Event Organiser and EventON are built to handle small to large-scale events with ease. Both plugins are optimized for speed and performance, ensuring that they do not significantly impact the loading times of your website. Moreover, they can efficiently manage numerous events, registrations, and attendants, making them suitable for various event management needs.

In summary, Event Organiser and EventON both provide solid support and resources for developers, as well as a wide range of extensions to improve functionality. These plugins are also designed to deliver reliable performance, ensuring that they can handle various event sizes and requirements. Users can confidently choose either Event Organiser or EventON, knowing that they are feature-packed and well-supported WordPress plugins for organizing and managing events.

Customization Opportunities

Custom Post Types

Both Event Organiser and EventON offer custom post types to manage and display events on your WordPress website. Custom post types enable you to structure and organize your events in a more efficient way. They provide a separate section in your WordPress Dashboard for easy management. In Event Organiser, you can create and manage custom event categories and tags, while EventON offers custom event types and additional taxonomies for better event organization.

Custom Fields

Custom fields play a crucial role in adding extra event-related information. Event Organiser allows you to add custom fields for event data such as date, time, venue, and organizer details. EventON provides a more extensive set of custom fields that can be used to showcase event features like ticket pricing, guest lists, and social sharing options. To further enhance event information, both plugins support the use of shortcodes to display custom fields in various calendar and day views.

Custom Forms

Custom forms are an essential aspect of event management, as they allow your users to submit event details, RSVPs, and buy tickets. Event Organiser provides basic forms and registration options that can be integrated with other popular forms plugins like Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7. On the other hand, EventON offers its own custom forms module, which enables you to create and manage sophisticated event registration forms. These forms can include Google Maps integrations, allowing attendees to view the event location directly within the form, thus improving the overall user experience.


When comparing Event Organiser and EventON, it is essential to consider the specific needs of your event management process. While both plugins offer valuable features for WordPress event management, they cater to different user requirements.

Event Organiser provides a robust set of tools for managing events, including event registration, recurring events, and event categories. These features make it a suitable choice for organizations that need a streamlined, comprehensive solution for managing a variety of events on their website.

On the other hand, EventON focuses on customizability and aesthetics, offering visually appealing calendar layouts and support for a wide range of event display options. This focus on design makes EventON an excellent choice for creators who prioritize presentation and user experience to enhance event visibility and engagement.

The ease of use and integration with other WordPress themes and plugins also play a role in selecting the right event calendar plugin. Users familiar with WordPress development may find Event Organiser’s developer-friendly features appealing, while EventON provides a more intuitive interface for those with limited technical knowledge.

In summary, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate the features, functionalities, and compatibility of both Event Organiser and EventON before making a decision. By doing so, users can select the most suitable plugin to meet their specific event management needs, considering factors such as registration, design, usability, and integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Event Organiser and EventON?

Event Organiser and EventON are both popular event management plugins for WordPress, but they differ in terms of customization, features, and pricing. Event Organiser has basic event management tools, while EventON provides more advanced options, like custom event designs and various integration support.

How does EventON Lite compare to the full version?

EventON Lite is the free version of EventON, offering limited features compared to the premium version. The full version includes extended functionality like ticketing, event color coding, and additional customization options, which are not available in the Lite version.

What is the average salary for Event Planner Manager?

The average salary for an Event Planner Manager may vary depending on the location, industry, and experience level. Generally, the average salary ranges from $45,000 to $65,000 per year. Please note that this number is only a general estimate, and actual salaries may differ significantly.

What kind of support is available for EventON?

EventON offers customer support through their online helpdesk and community forums. Premium users with active licenses usually get priority support and access to regular updates.

Can EventON be integrated with WordPress?

Yes, EventON is specifically designed for easy integration with WordPress websites. It can be installed as a plugin and managed directly from the WordPress admin dashboard.

What are the key features of EventON’s action user function?

EventON’s action user function introduces several features to improve event management, such as allowing users to submit their events, manage bookings, and integrate with third-party plugins. This functionality enhances user engagement, streamlines event planning, and increases the overall usability of the event management process on your website.

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