Event Organiser vs Event Tickets Plus: Comparing Key Features and Benefits

In the world of event management, choosing the right tools can make all the difference. Two popular WordPress plugins that stand out for their features and capabilities are Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus. These plugins offer unique solutions that cater to different aspects of organizing and managing event-related tasks. Understanding their features and comparing them to determine which one best fits your needs can lead to a more streamlined event organization process.

Event Organiser presents itself as a versatile event management plugin, designed to handle multiple aspects of event planning and coordination, such as venue management or recurring event scheduling. On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus focuses on the ticketing process, enabling users to sell tickets and manage registrations conveniently. When evaluating these plugins, it is essential to take into consideration factors such as ease of use, payment gateways, and pricing structure.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus are two distinct WordPress plugins, catering to different aspects of event management
  • Comparing features, pricing, and overall usability enables users to make informed decisions about the tools best suited for their needs
  • Assessing elements like payment gateways, event creation, and support can greatly influence the decision-making process

Understanding Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus

Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus are two popular WordPress event management plugins that have unique features and cater to different event-related needs. These plugins help streamline event organization and management, making it easier for users to create and manage events directly on their WordPress websites.

Event Organiser is a comprehensive plugin that focuses on simplifying the process of creating, managing, and displaying events. It supports features such as recurring events, customizable event details, venue management, and more. Users can easily add and manage events within the WordPress admin dashboard, making it an efficient tool for those who organize events regularly.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is designed primarily for ticket sales and registration. It integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, enabling users to sell tickets and collect RSVPs for their events. Its main strength lies in its ability to provide multiple ticket options, flexible payment gateways, and attendee management features.

Both plugins are packed with essential features for event organizers:

  • Event Organiser:

    • Create and manage events
    • Recurring events support
    • Customizable event details
    • Calendar view and list view for displaying events
    • Venue management
  • Event Tickets Plus:

    • Ticket sales and registration
    • Multiple ticket options
    • Integration with e-commerce plugins (WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads)
    • Attendee management
    • Flexible payment gateways

Though Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus serve different purposes, they can be used together to create a more robust event management system for your WordPress website. By leveraging the strengths of both plugins, users can offer seamless event organization, registration, and ticketing processes for their website visitors.

Key Features Comparison

Ticketing and Sales

Both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus offer comprehensive ticketing and sales features for your events. With Event Organiser, you can create and manage a variety of ticket types, set capacities, and define pricing tiers1. Event Tickets Plus also enables the creation of multiple ticket types, as well as the ability to accommodate various pricing tiers and capacities2.

Event Management

When it comes to event management, both plugins provide valuable tools to help you organize and manage your events efficiently. Event Organiser allows for the easy creation of events, calendar view, and front-end event submission3. On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus works in tandem with The Events Calendar plugin, offering robust features for managing events, registrations, and ticketing4.


Integration options are a key consideration for choosing the right event management tool. Event Organiser offers seamless integration with various payment gateways, ensuring a smooth ticket sales process5. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus boasts extensive e-commerce plugin integration, including WooCommerce6, which enables event organizers to take advantage of advanced sales and marketing features. Moreover, both plugins can integrate with Zoom, making it easier to manage and promote virtual events7.

Ease of Use and User Interface

When comparing Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus, it is essential to consider their user-friendliness, ease of use, and user interface. These factors are crucial for event organizers who need an efficient solution to create, manage, and promote their events.

Event Organiser offers a simple user interface that focuses on the essential tools needed to manage events effectively. Its features are easy to understand, and the learning curve is relatively low for new users. This simplicity ensures that event organizers can start creating events quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus also provides a user-friendly design that prioritizes ease of use. The plugin allows administrators to create and manage tickets for their events seamlessly. As a premium add-on to the popular Event Tickets plugin, Event Tickets Plus has a familiar and comfortable interface for users who have used other similar plugins before.

Both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus integrate well with popular calendar tools and event management systems, ensuring a smooth event creation process. These integrations enable users to stay organized and informed about their events without having to worry about compatibilities or issues.

In conclusion, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus offer features that cater to the needs of event organizers. When it comes to ease of use and user interface, both solutions provide user-friendly designs that help streamline the event management process.

Payment Gateway Options

Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus offer a variety of payment gateway options to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for users purchasing event tickets. Understanding the available payment methods is crucial for event organizers as they choose the best plugin for their needs.

Event Tickets Plus supports several payment gateways, as it is integrated with the popular e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce. WooCommerce itself offers a wide range of payment gateways to choose from, including popular options like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. This integration gives event organizers access to a broad base of payment methods to cater to attendees’ preferences.

On the other hand, Event Organiser also supports multiple payment gateways, ensuring a versatile payment experience. Some examples include PayPal, which is a widely recognized and trusted payment method for online transactions. This gives event organizers the confidence and flexibility they need to cater to diverse attendee payment preferences.

In summary, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus provide event organizers with a variety of payment gateway options for accepting payments efficiently. By evaluating each plugin’s available payment methods, organizers can choose the most suitable plugin that caters to their needs and requirements.

Event Creation and Management

Event creation and management are essential aspects of organizing successful events, whether they are small community gatherings or large professional conferences. With Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus, organizers have two powerful tools at their disposal for creating and managing events efficiently.

Event Organiser is a comprehensive event management solution that allows users to create and manage events directly within their WordPress website. This plugin covers all the necessary details, from event dates, times, and locations to organizers’ names and contact information. It is particularly useful for community events, as it offers seamless integration with Google Maps, allowing attendees to pinpoint the event venue with ease.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus simplifies event management through its integration with The Events Calendar plugin. This streamlines the event creation process for organizers, enabling them to focus on other vital aspects of their event, such as promotion and attendee engagement. Event Tickets Plus also allows for ticket sales and RSVP collection, making it a more comprehensive solution for managing events, particularly those that require attendee registration and payment.

One significant advantage of Event Tickets Plus over Event Organiser is its ability to integrate with popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This enables organizers to leverage these platforms’ payment processing features, security measures, and reporting capabilities for collecting ticket sales and managing attendees.

Additionally, Event Tickets Plus supports the use of QR codes for event check-ins, ensuring a smoother and more efficient check-in process for attendees. This is particularly beneficial for large-scale events with sizable guest lists, as it helps reduce wait times and keep everything running smoothly.

In summary, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different event management needs. Where Event Organiser focuses primarily on the creation and planning aspect of events, Event Tickets Plus provides more advanced tools for handling ticket sales and attendee management. By evaluating the specific requirements of their events, organizers can determine which plugin best suits their needs and make an informed choice for their event management solution.

Support and Documentation

When it comes to event management plugins, having an efficient support system and comprehensive documentation is crucial for users. Support systems can help resolve technical issues and provide guidance to optimize the user experience.

For Event Organiser, various support options are available for users, such as a support forum and documentation. The support forum can address various concerns and queries from users, while the documentation offers a detailed guide on how to utilize the plugin effectively. However, premium support may require upgrading to a higher tier or package.

Event Tickets Plus also offers its users an extensive documentation that covers all aspects of the plugin’s functionality. Users can easily navigate through the detailed guides to quickly learn features, setup processes, and troubleshooting steps. Additionally, there is a support system that provides assistance for both basic and premium users, with premium users receiving prioritized assistance.

Both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus have put in the effort to offer a strong support system and detailed documentation for their respective plugins. This ensures that their users have a smooth experience while managing events and generating tickets. With these support offerings, users can confidently and efficiently use either of these plugins to cater to their event management needs.

Additional Functionalities

Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus are both powerful tools for managing events on your website. However, they differ in their additional functionalities that cater to specific needs for event management and ticketing.

Event Organiser boasts a rich calendar feature, enabling users to display their events in various calendar views and incorporate Google Maps integration for easy navigation. Utilizing custom post types, this plugin provides extensive customization options for unique event layouts and styles. Users can take advantage of widgets and shortcodes to easily embed event listings and calendars into their website, while also implementing custom event attributes for added flexibility.

One standout feature of Event Organiser is its capacity for managing both physical and virtual events seamlessly. This makes it a suitable option for businesses that want to cater to a broader audience. Furthermore, the plugin can integrate with email marketing tools to keep attendees informed and engaged.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus specializes in ticket sales and registrations. By integrating with popular e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, it offers a smooth process for handling online transactions. Users can create multiple ticket types, set discounts, and enable custom registration fields – allowing for a tailored ticketing experience for event attendees. RSVPs can also be collected effortlessly, ensuring a well-organized event.

Payment options play a crucial role in the ticket sales process, and Event Tickets Plus delivers by supporting various gateways and currencies. By offering these features, this plugin caters to a diverse clientele and ensures effortless transactions.

All in all, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus come equipped with unique functionalities that cater to the individual needs of event organizers. Whether focusing on flexible calendar display and customization with Event Organiser or robust ticket sales capabilities and payment options in Event Tickets Plus, event planners can easily find the right plugin to enhance their website’s overall event management experience.

Pricing Structure and Value

Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus offer different pricing structures, catering to the diverse needs of event organizers. It is essential to understand their differences in terms of pricing, revenue generation, and fees to decide which one is the best fit for your requirements.

Event Organiser operates on a freemium model, providing basic event management tools at no cost. However, for advanced features such as ticket selling and collecting attendee information, additional premium add-ons can be purchased separately. This flexible approach allows organizers to pick and choose the specific features they require, thus preventing unnecessary expenses.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus operates as a comprehensive ticketing solution, offering a one-time purchase for their full suite of features. This includes more advanced options for selling tickets, managing capacities, and collecting attendee information. While this option may be more costly upfront, it provides organizers everything they need for complex events.

In regards to revenue generation, both plugins offer users different levels of control and opportunities to maximize profits. Event Organiser allows users to implement a value-based pricing strategy, taking into account perceived value, actual price, and cost per ticket. This approach enables organizers to align ticket prices with the value perceived by customers, enhancing overall revenue potential.

Similarly, Event Tickets Plus can optimize ticket pricing through break-even point calculation. By considering fixed and variable costs of the event, organizers can determine the right price to cover expenses while ensuring a healthy profit margin.

Lastly, both plugins have a unique fee structure. Event Organiser’s pay-as-you-go strategy means users only pay for the add-ons they need, allowing organizers with budget constraints to access essential features without spending a fortune. In contrast, Event Tickets Plus provides access to all its features through a single, one-time payment, making it a better choice for organizers hosting multiple events.

In summary, the pricing structure and value differences between Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus cater to various needs and preferences for event organizers. Careful consideration of their respective offerings in terms of pricing, revenue generation, and fees is crucial when deciding which plugin best suits your specific requirements.


In comparing Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus, both plugins offer valuable features for managing events and selling tickets on a WordPress website. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user.

Event Organiser is tailored to event organizers who need to create, manage, and display events efficiently. Its features cover essential aspects of event management such as event scheduling, venues, bookings, and calendar views. This plugin allows users to maintain a streamlined workflow when it comes to organizing their event offerings.

On the other hand, Event Tickets Plus is designed for users requiring advanced ticketing options and attendee information collection. With integrations to popular e-commerce platforms, this plugin enables easy ticket sales and registration processes for various types of events. The variety of customizable ticketing options ensures that the users can tailor the plugin to their specific needs.

In conclusion, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus are robust solutions for different aspects of event management. Users should weigh their priorities and requirements before deciding on the plugin that best suits their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus?

Event Organiser is a WordPress plugin focused mainly on calendar and event management, while Event Tickets Plus concentrates on ticket sales and registration for events. Event Organiser provides tools for creating and managing events, date schedules, and venue information, whereas Event Tickets Plus aims to optimize the process of selling tickets and managing attendees.

Which platform offers better integration with WooCommerce?

Event Tickets Plus has seamless integration with WooCommerce, allowing users to benefit from the powerful WooCommerce features and payment gateways to sell event tickets. Event Organiser, on the other hand, does not have native support for WooCommerce, which limits its capability to facilitate ticket sales compared to Event Tickets Plus.

How do both platforms handle event ticketing and registration?

Event Tickets Plus handles event ticketing and registration with tools for creating and managing tickets including custom registration fields, attendees management, QR codes, and barcode scanning. Event Organiser may require additional plugins or extensions to provide similar functionalities.

Can both solutions be customized for different event types?

Yes, both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus can be customized for various event types. Event Organiser allows you to create and customize a range of event categories, while Event Tickets Plus has features geared toward optimizing ticketing and registration for different event types, such as conferences, workshops, and gigs.

How does pricing compare between Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus?

Event Organiser offers a free version with basic functionalities, as well as paid plans for more advanced features. Event Tickets Plus offers different pricing plans based on the features and integrations a user might need. It’s essential to review the features and requirements of each platform to determine which one offers the best value for your specific needs.

What kind of support and documentation is available for users?

Both Event Organiser and Event Tickets Plus provide support and extensive documentation for users. Event Organiser has a dedicated forum for support, and a detailed user guide to help users navigate its features. Event Tickets Plus, on the other hand, offers comprehensive documentation, video guides, and priority support for users with a valid license.


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