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How to Install and Activate Link Whisper

How to Add Outbound Internal Links

How to Adjust Anchor Text

How to Add New Inbound Internal Links

Link Whisper Reports Overview

How to Open Links in a New Tab

How to Adjust Post Types for Link Suggestions

How to Customize Link Suggestions with “Ignore” Words and Numbers

How to Search by Keyword and Add Inbound Internal Links

How to Only Link Within the Same Category

How to Remove Internal Links with Link Whisper

How to Edit Sentences within Link Whisper and Add Custom Links

How to Ignore Certain Posts or Categories so They Never Get Suggested as Links

How to Use the Auto-Linking Feature

Using “Auto-links” you can you can link to a URL of your choice any time a given keyword is mentioned on your site.  So, if you want to link to a certain page every time the phrase “best survival knife” is mentioned, you can make that happen automatically in the auto-linking feature.

The will not only link from any past mentions of the phrase, but will also automatically add a link any time you mention the keyword phrase in the future.

How to Use the Broken Links Error Report

Please note that the first time you use the error report, you should click the “Reset Data” button if the scan process does not start automatically for you.

How to Use the URL Changer

How to Integrate with Google Search Console

After connecting Google Search Console, please be sure to click “Refresh Keywords” in the target keywords report.  This will pull in all the Google Search Console data the first time.

How to Add Target Keywords from Google Seach Console, Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or Custom Keywords

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