Tickera vs WP Event Manager: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

When it comes to organizing events and handling ticketing, choosing the right plugin for your WordPress site is crucial. Two prominent options for event management are Tickera and WP Event Manager. In this article, we will dive deep into these two solutions, comparing their features, ease of use, payment options, and other aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Tickera is a comprehensive event ticketing system that integrates with WordPress. It offers advanced ticketing solutions and seamless payment gateway integrations for easy event organization. On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a lightweight, scalable, and feature-rich event management plugin. It caters to various types of events, provides customizable templates, and focuses on overall user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer robust features for event organization and management.
  • Comparing ease of use reveals the strengths and limitations of each plugin.
  • Payment solutions, support, and mobile compatibility play a crucial role in determining the ideal choice for your event needs.

Understanding Tickera and WP Event Manager

Tickera and WP Event Manager are two popular WordPress plugins that focus on event management and organization. Both of these plugins have gained recognition in the market for their user-friendly interfaces and feature-rich offerings.

Tickera is an event ticketing system plugin that allows users to sell tickets directly on their websites. By using Tickera, event organizers can conveniently set up and control their own hosted ticketing solution, eliminating the need for middleman fees. The plugin accommodates a variety of event types, such as conferences, seminars, or festivals, and delivers digital tickets to customers once purchased.

Some key features of Tickera include customizable ticket templates, QR code generation, multiple payment gateways, and robust reporting tools. The plugin also supports various add-ons and extensions, such as the Check-In app, which aids in event attendee management.

On the other hand, WP Event Manager is a lightweight and open-source event management plugin that provides a comprehensive solution to create, manage, and display events on WordPress websites. Its scalable and developer-friendly design allows the plugin to effectively handle simple to complex event management requirements.

Notable features of WP Event Manager encompass event categorization, customizable event registration forms, location-based searches, and support for Google Maps integration. In addition, it offers compatibility with SEO plugins and major WordPress themes to ensure smooth and effective website functioning.

Both Tickera and WP Event Manager cater to differing aspects of event management and organization. While Tickera primarily focuses on ticket sales and delivery, WP Event Manager offers a broader range of functionalities for overall event planning and management. Consequently, event organizers can carefully assess their specific needs and select the most suitable plugin accordingly.

Features Comparison

Ticketing and Selling

Both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer ticketing and selling options for event organizers. Tickera provides advanced ticketing solutions and seamless payment gateway integrations, allowing event organizers to sell tickets directly on their WordPress websites. On the other hand, WP Event Manager has a free version with basic ticketing features, while the premium option adds more advanced ticket selling functionalities.

In terms of barcode and ticket scanning, Tickera shines with its multiple options, including a mobile app for scanning tickets at the event venue. WP Event Manager also supports ticket scanning but requires the addition of a third-party plugin for full functionality.

Event Management

Managing events is easy and efficient with both Tickera and WP Event Manager. Tickera offers comprehensive event management solutions, including event registration, venue management, and customizable ticket templates. WP Event Manager, while focusing primarily on an event listing functionality in the free version, expands its event management capabilities with premium add-ons.

Furthermore, Tickera is designed to cater to a wide variety of event management needs, whereas WP Event Manager generally targets a broader range of event categories. Both plugins, however, allow for the creation and management of single or recurring events with ease.

Add-Ons and Customization

Add-ons and customization options are essential for creating unique event experiences. EventON stands out in terms of customizability and aesthetics, offering a wide array of design options, colors, and layouts. On the other hand, Tickera is known for its robust catalog of add-ons, providing event organizers with the tools to expand their events’ functionality.

WP Event Manager also offers a wealth of customization possibilities through premium add-ons. Some popular add-ons for WP Event Manager include registration, paid listings, and recurring events. Both plugins have extensive documentation and support, ensuring users can tailor their events to meet specific needs and preferences.

Ease of Use

Installation and Setup

Both Tickera and WP Event Manager are WordPress plugins, making their installation processes quite straightforward. Tickera can be easily installed from the WordPress plugin repository. After installation, setting up Tickera involves creating events, configuring ticket types, and selecting a payment gateway to manage the ticket sales.

Similarly, WP Event Manager can also be installed from the WordPress plugin repository. Upon installation, users can set up the plugin by following a simple and guided setup wizard. This includes configuring the event listing, handling event registration, and setting up email notifications for attendees.

User Interface

Tickera offers a user-friendly interface that makes event management and ticketing straightforward for event organizers. The plugin’s dashboard provides a clean and organized overview of all events, tickets sold, and revenue generated. Users can easily navigate through different sections, such as events, tickets, and attendees, to access the specific information they need.

WP Event Manager, on the other hand, features a visually appealing and intuitive interface. The plugin allows users to create and manage events efficiently with its easy-to-use forms and shortcodes. Event listings can be easily customized to match the look and feel of the website. Furthermore, WP Event Manager provides a host of features for organizing event details, such as speaker profiles and venue information, giving users a comprehensive view of their events.

Both Tickera and WP Event Manager prioritize creating a seamless user experience through their clear and well-organized interfaces, making event management a breeze for their users. With the installation and user interface aspects in mind, both plugins cater to the needs of event organizers in terms of ease of use.

Payment Solutions

When it comes to payment solutions, both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer seamless integrations with various payment gateways, allowing event organizers to easily collect online payments from attendees.

Tickera natively supports several popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and 2Checkout. This expands the range of payment options for customers, thereby simplifying the process of purchasing event tickets. Tickera also offers an add-on that allows integration with WooCommerce, further broadening the payment capabilities and providing users with additional e-commerce features.

Similarly, WP Event Manager also offers compatibility with multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe, to ensure secure and flexible online payments. However, it is important to note that some of these payment gateway options are available only in the premium version of the plugin. The positive aspect of WP Event Manager’s payment integration is that it fully supports WooCommerce, empowering event organizers with the complete set of WooCommerce features for managing online payments.

In both cases, the integration of payment solutions comes with a variety of settings that allow event organizers to customize how transactions are processed. These include options for setting up taxes, handling refunds, and managing currency conversions. Moreover, the secure and reliable nature of these payment gateways ensures that transaction-related information remains confidential throughout the payment process.

In conclusion, Tickera and WP Event Manager both provide comprehensive payment solutions for event organizers, making it simple to collect and manage online payments from attendees. With multiple payment gateways and WooCommerce integration available, users can easily choose the best method for their event requirements, ensuring a seamless and secure payment experience for their attendees.

Support and Documentation

When comparing Tickera and WP Event Manager in terms of support and documentation, both plugins offer comprehensive resources to assist users in setting up and managing events on their WordPress websites. This section will focus on the support and documentation aspects for each event management plugin.

Tickera provides extensive documentation for each of its features, from the initial setup and installation process to managing the different event aspects. This makes it easy for users to find helpful information and resolve any issues they may encounter. Users can also reach support through their email support system, and premium support is available for those with a Tickera premium subscription. The professional and timely support ensures that users get the help they need for a seamless event management experience.

WP Event Manager also offers detailed documentation for its various features and functionalities, enabling users to effectively use the plugin for their event management needs. The documentation is well-organized and easily accessible, providing instructions and guidelines for different user scenarios. Support is available through email and an online contact form. For those who require additional assistance, WP Event Manager offers premium support for users with a paid subscription, ensuring a better and timely resolution for any potential challenges.

In summary, both Tickera and WP Event Manager provide clear and extensive documentation to guide users in using their respective plugins. Each of them offers accessible support for their users, with premium support options available for those with paid subscriptions. This ensures that the users of both plugins have access to reliable assistance during their event management process, thereby offering a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear support experience.

Mobile Compatibility


Both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer mobile compatibility for Android devices. Tickera’s Checkinera app, available for Android, allows event organizers to easily check-in attendees using a QR code scanner. This ensures smooth and efficient entry management at events.

WP Event Manager’s responsive design ensures that event listings are easily accessible and visually appealing on Android devices. Users can manage and browse events on Android devices without experiencing any significant differences in performance or functionality compared to using the plugin on a desktop platform.


Similarly on iOS devices, Tickera’s Checkinera app is also available, bringing the same QR code scanning functionality for checking in attendees at events on iPhone and iPad devices. This app ensures seamless event management and attendee experience for event organizers and attendees using various Apple devices.

WP Event Manager’s compatibility extends to iOS as well, ensuring that event listings appear visually appealing and are easy to manage on iPhones and iPads. Its responsive design caters to the varying screen sizes and resolutions of different Apple devices, leading to a consistent user experience across both Android and iOS platforms.

SEO and Marketing

The aspect of SEO and marketing is of vital importance when it comes to comparing Tickera and WP Event Manager. Both plugins strive to offer the essential tools and integrations to optimize your event management effectively.

Tickera offers a comprehensive event ticketing system that integrates seamlessly with WordPress, providing advanced ticketing solutions and various payment gateway options. On the other hand, WP Event Manager focuses on event management with features such as calendar integration, payment processing, and customization for various user needs.

In terms of SEO, both Tickera and WP Event Manager allow users to optimize their events for better visibility on search engine result pages. These plugins can enhance your event website’s SEO by generating search engine-friendly URLs and incorporating highly-searchable metadata for your event content.

With the integration of Google Maps, both Tickera and WP Event Manager can facilitate the process of embedding interactive maps to your event site. This feature is essential for users to easily find the venue location and plan their attendance accordingly. The embedded Google Maps feature caters to both you and your attendees’ convenience and enhances their overall experience.

Furthermore, Google Calendar serves as a useful feature in organizing and scheduling events. Both Tickera and WP Event Manager can integrate with Google Calendar, allowing users to manage their event schedules efficiently. The event information can be readily synced with the Google Calendar, making it easier for potential attendees to save and share the event details with their networks.

Networking plays a significant role in the event management sphere, and it is crucial for event organizers to foster connections and collaborations. Tickera and WP Event Manager cater to this aspect by offering various networking features, such as social media integration and email marketing solutions. Such functionalities enable event organizers to effectively promote their events, generate interest, and attract more attendees.

In conclusion, by providing key SEO and marketing features such as Google Maps, Google Calendar, and networking integrations, both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer event organizers the necessary tools to optimize their events’ visibility and attract more attendees.

The Verdict: Pros and Cons

When comparing Tickera and WP Event Manager, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to each plugin. Understanding these pros and cons will aid in making an informed decision for your specific event management needs.

Tickera is a comprehensive event ticketing system that deeply integrates with WordPress. It offers advanced ticketing solutions and seamless payment gateway integrations. Some of its benefits include:

  • Flexible ticketing options
  • Compatibility with major payment gateways
  • Customization features to suit various event types

However, Tickera does have some drawbacks:

  • The plugin can be complex for those without prior experience
  • Some users may find the interface less user-friendly than its competitors

On the other hand, WP Event Manager is designed as a versatile event management plugin, providing features like event registration, calendar, and ticketing. Its advantages include:

  • A simple and intuitive interface, great for beginners
  • Free version with core functionalities available
  • Ability to extend capabilities through premium add-ons

Despite its benefits, WP Event Manager has its limitations:

  • Payment gateway integration is not available in the free version
  • Advanced features may require additional investment in premium add-ons

In terms of reviews, both plugins have received positive feedback from their users. Tickera is praised for its robust ticketing system, while WP Event Manager receives compliments for its ease of use and customization options.

Ultimately, the choice between Tickera and WP Event Manager depends on one’s specific needs and preferences. Assessing each plugin’s pros and cons while considering the aspects of event management that are most important will aid in making a confident and knowledgeable decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Tickera and WP Event Manager?

Tickera and WP Event Manager are both popular event management plugins for WordPress, but they cater to different needs. Tickera focuses mainly on event ticketing solutions and offers features such as ticket sales, barcode scanning, and check-in source. On the other hand, WP Event Manager provides a more comprehensive event management solution, including event listing, registration, and calendar features.

Which plugin is better for event booking in WordPress?

When it comes to event booking, both Tickera and WP Event Manager offer useful features. Your choice depends on your specific requirements and priorities. If ticket management and sales are your main priority, Tickera is a solid choice due to its robust ticketing solutions. In contrast, WP Event Manager is a better option if you require comprehensive event management features, like event listing and registration.

How do Tickera and WP Event Manager compare in terms of features?

Tickera offers powerful ticketing features like barcode generation, ticket inventory management, and seamless check-ins source. WP Event Manager, however, provides a broader range of event management functionalities, such as event listing, registration, and customizable event calendar views. Both plugins offer a good set of features, but which one is more suitable depends on your specific event management needs.

Can Tickera and WP Event Manager integrate with WooCommerce?

Yes, both Tickera and WP Event Manager can integrate with WooCommerce. Tickera has a built-in WooCommerce integration that allows you to manage ticket sales through your WooCommerce store source. WP Event Manager also offers a WooCommerce extension called “WooCommerce Paid Listings” that enables seamless event ticket sales through WooCommerce.

How user-friendly are Tickera and WP Event Manager for setting up events?

Both Tickera and WP Event Manager are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They offer intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use settings to help event organizers create and manage events. Tickera simplifies ticket management through a straightforward interface, while WP Event Manager offers a seamless event creation and management process with customizable fields and layouts.

What is the cost difference between Tickera and WP Event Manager?

Tickera offers different pricing plans based on the required features, starting from a $49 annual plan source. WP Event Manager is available as a free plugin with basic event management features, but it also offers premium extensions that come with additional functionality, depending on your needs. Costs of these extensions vary, and you can choose to purchase individual extensions or opt for a bundle, which includes all premium features.

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