How do I change which users have access to Link Whisper?

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How do I change which users have access to Link Whisper?

By default, most of Link Whisper’s functionality is restricted to users that have the “manage categories” capability. Since Editors are the lowest user role that can edit categories, this restricts Link Whisper to Editors and above.

To make Link Whisper available to users with different capabilities, we have created a filter so you can set the minimum capability requirement.

If for example, your authors have the “edit posts” capability, this piece of code will make Link Whisper available to them.

/* Adjusts the Link Whisper permissions check so users with the "edit posts" capability are able to use the plugin */
add_filter('wpil_filter_main_permission_check', 'link_whisper_adjust_main_permission', 10, 1);
function link_whisper_adjust_main_permission($capability = ''){
    $capability = 'edit_posts';
    return $capability;

To install it, you’ll need to either use a code snippet plugin , or if you’re using a child theme paste it into the child theme’s functions.php file.

(For a list of the different WordPress capabilities, and how they relate to default roles, please check out this article)

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