Forminator vs Ninja Forms: A Comparative Guide for WordPress Users

Introduction to Forminator and Ninja Forms

When we look at WordPress form plugins, Forminator and Ninja Forms emerge as two noteworthy contenders in the arena. Forminator is a versatile plugin that provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing us to create engaging forms with ease. It’s designed for both beginners and professionals, offering a wide range of capabilities from simple contact forms to complex quizzes and polls.

On the other hand, Ninja Forms presents itself as a powerful form creation tool with a user-friendly approach. It gives us the flexibility to build forms with a straightforward drag-and-drop editor. Its customization abilities are robust, which means we can tailor forms precisely to our website’s needs.

Feature Comparison:

FeatureForminatorNinja Forms
User InterfaceDrag-and-drop editorDrag-and-drop editor
Pre-built TemplatesAvailableAvailable
Add-ons & IntegrationsExtensiveExtensive

When comparing Forminator and Ninja Forms, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of our website. Both plugins provide us with a wealth of features and integrations, making form creation a less daunting task. Whether we aim to capture leads, conduct surveys, or gather customer feedback, analyzing the strengths of each plugin will help us make an informed decision for our site.

Core Features

As experts on WordPress form builders, we’ve thoroughly compared the core features of Forminator and Ninja Forms to help users determine which plugin best serves their needs.

Form Building Capabilities

Forminator and Ninja Forms both provide robust form building capabilities with drag-and-drop editors, making it easy to create custom forms. Unique to Forminator is its built-in support for quizzes and polling, as well as its ability to handle calculations right within the form.

Integrations and API Access

Ninja Forms distinguishes itself with its wide array of integrations and API access. It connects seamlessly with popular services such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Salesforce via the Zapier integration. Forminator isn’t far behind, offering an array of integrations that enhance its functionality across various platforms.

Survey and Poll Functionality

We recognize that both plugins are equipped with survey and poll functionalities. Ninja Forms facilitates survey creation, while Forminator provides versatile options for both surveys and polls, including the collection of offline responses.

Payments and Financial Transactions

Forminator and Ninja Forms both support financial transactions, allowing for easy integration with PayPal and Stripe. This functionality is critical for users who require payment collection directly through their forms.

Form Deployment and Management

Our comparison has found that both plugins can be efficiently deployed and managed on numerous websites, as they can be downloaded from and respectively. Each offers a dashboard for managing submissions, with Forminator excelling in its abilities to manage entries directly within WordPress.

Multi-Media and Interactive Elements

When it comes to incorporating multi-media and interactive elements, Forminator and Ninja Forms accommodate the inclusion of audio, images, and video within forms. This caters to a more engaging user experience and allows for a richer data collection process.

Through our analysis, we provide clear insights into the core features of Forminator and Ninja Forms, aiming to furnish you with precise details to inform your decision-making process.

Compatibility and Extensions

In evaluating the compatibility and extensions of Forminator and Ninja Forms, we focus on how these tools integrate with the WordPress ecosystem and the practicalities of their CRM and email service compatibilities. These attributes are paramount for users seeking to enhance and streamline their website functionality.

WordPress Ecosystem Integration

Forminator and Ninja Forms both excel in their integration within the WordPress environment. Forminator is built to work natively with Gutenberg, the current WordPress editor, offering blocks that users can easily insert into their pages. Ninja Forms, meanwhile, provides a smooth experience for both Gutenberg and popular page builders like Elementor, ensuring wide compatibility across various design workflows.

WordPress Ecosystem Integration:

  • Forminator: Seamless Gutenberg integration with dedicated blocks.
  • Ninja Forms: Compatibility with Gutenberg and Elementor page builders.

CRM and Email Service Compatibility

We recognize the importance of connecting forms to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and email services. Ninja Forms facilitates integration with various CRMs and email marketing platforms, including Emma, CleverReach, and EmailOctopus. It’s important to note that some connections may require premium add-ons.

CRM and Email Service Compatibility:

For Forminator, the compatibility is focused on:

  • Email Services: It supports direct connections to email services, although specifics should be checked based on the latest plugin updates and available integrations.

For Ninja Forms:

  • CRMs: Supports various CRMs with potential premium add-ons.
  • Email Services: Extensive compatibility with services like Emma, CleverReach, and EmailOctopus.

User Support and Community

In comparing Forminator and Ninja Forms, it’s important to consider the type of user support and community resources available. We’ll explore the customer support services as well as the training and resources each offers to ensure users can effectively utilize these tools.

Customer Support Services

Forminator, provided by WPMU DEV, supports its users with a range of customer service options. The official website hosts a support hub where users can access live chat with the support team. Additionally, there is an extensive knowledge base and a community forum where users can seek help and advice. As part of its services, WPMU DEV members also receive 24/7 access to expert support.

Ninja Forms, on the other hand, is supported by WP Ninjas and offers several tiers of support. The basic support includes access to extensive documentation and user forums. Higher tiers of support, accessed through purchasing premium plans, enable direct email support. For urgent issues, there is a priority support option that ensures quick responses.

  • Forminator Support:

    • Live chat
    • 24/7 support for WPMU DEV members
    • Community forums
  • Ninja Forms Support:

    • Documentation and forums for all users
    • Email support for premium users
    • Priority support for critical issues

User Training and Resources

When it comes to training and resources, both plugins offer documentation to assist in creating forms and troubleshooting issues. Forminator includes detailed guides and tutorials, many of which are accessible on the WPMU DEV website or through Elementor integration, catering to users who combine these tools for design and form purposes. Ninja Forms also provides a comprehensive collection of resources on the WP Ninjas website, with a selection of guides designed to facilitate both basic and advanced form creation.

For users who seek enhanced learning experiences, Ninja Forms offers an array of user guides and developer documentation. Though less extensive, Forminator also provides essential resources necessary for users to get started and advance their skills in form creation and integration.

  • Forminator Resources:

    • Integration guides (e.g., Elementor)
    • Tutorials on the WPMU DEV website
  • Ninja Forms Resources:

    • Detailed user guides
    • Developer documentation for advanced use cases

User Experience and Ease of Use

When comparing Forminator and Ninja Forms within the context of WordPress, we recognize that user experience (UX) plays a significant role in the selection of a form builder. Both plugins have been developed with a focus on UX, aiming to provide an intuitive interface that caters to users with various levels of expertise.


  • Simplicity: Its drag-and-drop builder ensures that we can create forms quickly and efficiently.
  • Customization: Provides a range of customization options without overwhelming new users.
  • Feedback: Real-time feedback on design changes allows for immediate corrections.

Ninja Forms:

  • User Interface: Adopted a minimalist approach to design, reducing clutter for easier navigation.
  • Functionality: While easy to use for beginners, it offers complex functionalities for advanced users who need more control over their forms.
  • Support and Resources: Extensive documentation and support resources are available to help users at all levels.

When it comes to ratings and user feedback:

  • Forminator has been positively rated for its user friendliness and depth of features available even in its free version.
  • Ninja Forms often receives praise for its clean interface and flexibility, though the premium modules might be necessary for more advanced features.

Both Forminator and Ninja Forms offer strong user experience for WordPress site owners looking for reliable form builders. As we guide users through the creation and management of their online forms, we appreciate the importance of an interface that is both approachable and powerful, capable of meeting diverse requirements.

Pricing and Subscriptions

In evaluating Forminator and Ninja Forms, we consider the impact of pricing and the differences between what is offered for free and what requires payment.

Cost Comparison


  • Free Version Available: This plugin offers a robust free version with various features for form building.
  • Pro Subscription: Pricing details for the pro version can be found on the vendor’s website, offering advanced features and support.

Ninja Forms:

  • Free Version Available: Provides essential functionalities in its free tier.
  • Paid Plans: A range of subscriptions are available:
    • Personal: For single-site owners
    • Professional: Ideal for small businesses
    • Agency: Suitable for developers and agencies with multiple clients

Details for each paid plan’s cost are provided by the company, with potential discounts for yearly subscriptions.

Free vs Paid Features


  • The free version includes quizzes, polls, and various form types.
  • The paid subscription introduces payment collection, marketing integrations, and additional form templates.

Ninja Forms:

  • The free version covers basic form creation tools.
  • Paid features expand functionality with condition logic, multi-part forms, and priority support.

Both plugins offer paid versions that significantly enhance the user’s ability to customize and integrate forms within their WordPress sites, with pricing structured to cater to different needs. Alternatives in the market may influence pricing strategies for both Forminator and Ninja Forms, making it essential for users to assess which plugin’s pricing and features align best with their requirements.

Forminator and Ninja Forms in Different Countries

When examining the presence of Forminator and Ninja Forms across the globe, our focus is particularly on their usability and market presence in various regions. In the United States, both Forminator and Ninja Forms have established a strong user base, largely due to the widespread adoption of WordPress as a content management system.

Market Penetration:

  • Forminator: Available internationally but sees a significant portion of its usage in the United States. It’s appreciated for its no-cost entry point and extensibility.
  • Ninja Forms: Also enjoys a global presence, with a substantial market share in the United States, buoyed by its user-friendly interface and robust feature set.

Usage by Country:

  • United States:
    • Forminator: Often chosen by businesses looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution.
    • Ninja Forms: Favored for its advanced functionalities and integrations.

We notice that in other countries, the choice between Forminator and Ninja Forms may depend on factors such as local language support, currency compatibility for payment integrations, and community and support accessibility. These factors are crucial for non-English speaking regions where localized support can determine the preference for one plugin over the other.

Integration and Support:

  • Both plugins offer integrations with popular email marketing services, payment gateways, and CRM systems, which are essential for businesses operating internationally.
  • Localized support varies between the two, with Ninja Forms generally having a more extensive support network due to its larger user base and longer time in the market.

To summarize, our examination of Forminator and Ninja Forms shows that both are viable options internationally, with a notable presence in the United States. The choice between the two in countries outside the United States depends on specific local needs, language support, and integration requirements.

Forminator and Ninja Forms Alternatives

When exploring alternatives to Forminator and Ninja Forms, it’s essential to consider various options that cater to different needs, from simple contact forms to complex survey systems.

Comparing to Other Market Options

In our analysis, we have identified several robust form builders that serve as alternatives to Forminator and Ninja Forms. WPForms, a user-friendly plugin, offers a drag-and-drop form builder suitable for both beginners and professionals. For more advanced requirements, Gravity Forms is a powerful tool with extensive add-ons, allowing for a high degree of customization and functionality.

  • Contact Form 7: A free and basic form builder, known for its simplicity and flexibility, which can be extended with third-party plugins.
  • JotForm: Provides a wide variety of templates and customization options, ideal for users looking for extensive design control.

Here is a quick comparison table to illustrate the differences:

FeatureContact Form 7WPFormsGravity FormsJotForm
Ease of UseBasicVery User-FriendlyUser-FriendlyHighly Customizable
Drag-and-Drop BuilderNoYesYesYes
Pre-designed TemplatesNoYesNoYes
Payment CollectionVia Add-onsYesYesYes

Niche Form Builders

We also recognize the need for niche form builders that specialize in particular types of data collection.

  • FastField: Ideal for field service data collection, FastField is tailored for mobile use, providing offline data collection capabilities.
  • Alpha Transform: Offers tools that convert paper forms into mobile apps, which can be suitable for industry-specific needs.
  • SurveyLegend: A user-friendly platform to create engaging surveys, useful for market research and customer feedback.
  • Act!: Combines CRM with powerful marketing automation, including forms for lead capture.
  • SurveySparrow: Transforms the traditional survey experience into conversational forms, making it interactive for users.

Each of these specialized form builders brings unique features to the table, which may be more suited to specific use cases compared to Forminator and Ninja Forms.

Advanced Features and Customization

In evaluating Forminator and Ninja Forms, we focus on their capabilities in handling advanced tasks such as conditional logic, calculations, and custom form creation. These features are essential for creating dynamic and interactive forms that can cater to complex scenarios and diverse user inputs.

Advanced Conditional Logic and Calculations


  • Conditional Logic: Allows us to create forms that change based on user selections, ensuring a tailored form-filling experience.
  • Calculations: It offers built-in calculation fields that enable us to perform complex mathematical operations within forms, ideal for quotes or bookings.

Ninja Forms:

  • Conditional Logic: We can implement multi-tiered conditional logic that adapts the form’s questions and flow according to user responses.
  • Calculations: Supports advanced calculations, which we can utilize for order forms, surveys, and detailed estimations.

Integrations and API Access:

  • Both plugins provide API access allowing us to integrate with a variety of third-party services, enhancing the functionality and flexibility of our forms.

Custom Form Creation


  • Product Features: Includes a drag-and-drop form builder with a wide array of field types. We have the liberty to create custom forms fitting our specific requirements without needing to code.
  • Design Customization: Offers several pre-designed templates, and we can customize them deeply to maintain brand consistency.

Ninja Forms:

  • Product Features: A user-friendly interface equipped with a drag-and-drop editor makes our form creation process intuitive.
  • Design Customization: It ensures significant control over form design with distinct styling options that can be adjusted to adhere strictly to our design guidelines.


  • Forminator and Ninja Forms support integration with numerous marketing and CRM tools, extending their functionality and enabling us to streamline workflows.

By carefully examining these features in Forminator and Ninja Forms, we can determine the most suitable form builder for our advanced needs, ensuring our forms are not only functional but also highly customized.

Security and Reliability

When it comes to managing online forms, security can never be understated, especially when handling payments and sensitive user information. Our evaluation of Forminator and Ninja Forms prioritizes these fundamental aspects.

With Forminator, our assessment reveals robust security measures. It integrates with services like Stripe and PayPal for secure payment processing, ensuring that transactions are handled safely. We also appreciate that it’s developed by WPMU DEV, a well-known entity that consistently delivers reliable and secure WordPress plugins.

On the other side, Ninja Forms equally emphasizes security. It also supports PayPal and Stripe for payments, among other add-ons, to provide a secure transaction environment. It’s important to highlight that its developers are committed to regular updates and patches, which is crucial for maintaining a strong defense against potential vulnerabilities.

Regarding the reliability of both plugins, our findings suggest:

  • Forminator:

    • Regular updates supplied by WPMU DEV.
    • A proactive approach to security concerns.
    • Positive feedback on stability and support.
  • Ninja Forms:

    • A transparent update policy.
    • Good track record with security.
    • Highly regarded for consistent performance.

Both plugins have demonstrated a commitment to user trust through their ongoing efforts to bolster security and reliability. Our advice to users is always to keep plugins updated to the latest version to benefit from the newest security features and fixes.

Testimonials and Case Studies

In our experience with Forminator and Ninja Forms, we have gathered testimonials and studied use cases that reveal how these plugins perform in real scenarios. Clients have praised both for their contribution to lead generation and user experience on their respective websites.


  • User Satisfaction: Users consistently mention the intuitive interface and the variety of form-related features.
  • Lead Generation: Business owners report an increase in leads after integrating Forminator’s interactive polls and quizzes.

Ninja Forms:

  • User Reviews: Many highlight the plugin’s ease of use, even for beginners, and the flexible customization options.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Developers appreciate the extendability with add-ons that cater to a variety of needs, from email marketing to payment processing.
PluginKey FeaturesUser RatingsImpact on Leads
ForminatorUser-friendly, Advanced form fieldsHighPositive
Ninja FormsBeginner-friendly, Extensible with add-onsHighPositive

Case Studies:

  • Users of Forminator have noted a direct correlation between the use of interactive forms and an uptick in user engagement.
  • Ninja Forms users report similar successes, with case studies indicating that the use of customizable forms adapts well to different business models, subsequently aiding in lead capture.

Our analysis shows both plugins are valuable assets for businesses prioritizing lead generation and user experience through forms.

Claiming and Updating Information

In the world of form builders, keeping information current is crucial for both practical use and maintaining customer trust. We’ll guide you through the processes to claim and update features for Forminator, Ninja Forms, and Pro-Forms.

How to Claim Forminator

To claim Forminator, you first need to be recognized as an official representative of your company. This typically involves contacting the Forminator support team with verifiable credentials. Once confirmed, you can proceed to update features and information for Forminator directly through your account’s dashboard or by coordinating with their customer service.

  • Contact Support: Reach out through the official Forminator contact forms or support channels.
  • Verification: Provide necessary documentation to prove your association with the company.
  • Access Dashboard: Update your Forminator features and information as needed.

How to Claim Ninja Forms

For Ninja Forms, claiming and updating your company’s information also requires verification. As Ninja Forms is highly user-centric, they have a structured process for validating ownership.

  1. Submit Ownership Claim: Use the designated Ninja Forms support channels to start the claim process.
  2. Provide Proof of Ownership: This might include business registration documents or an official email.
  3. Update Information: Once verified, you’ll be granted the ability to update Ninja Forms features via the administrative panel.

How to Claim Pro-Forms

Claiming Pro-Forms follows a similar path of verification to ensure that the claimant has legitimate rights to alter the software’s listed features.

  • Contact Pro-Forms Support: Get in touch with the Pro-Forms team through their official communication lines.
  • Confirm Identity: Supply the required identification to establish your relationship with the company.
  • Implement Changes: After verification, gain the necessary access to update features and information related to Pro-Forms.

Marketing and Lead Generation Tools

When evaluating Forminator and Ninja Forms for marketing and lead generation tools, our focus is on how these platforms can help us capture and manage leads efficiently. Forminator integrates with popular marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, which enables us to automate the addition of new leads to our email campaigns. This integration facilitates a streamlined process for nurturing leads through targeted, automated emails.

Ninja Forms offers a similar integration with Mailchimp, allowing for seamless collection and management of subscriber data within our marketing funnels. In addition, Ninja Forms supports connections to a variety of CRM platforms. This integration ensures that we can track our interactions with leads and move them effectively through the sales pipeline.

For those of us leveraging HubSpot, it’s worth noting that both form builders allow for HubSpot integration, making it simpler to funnel leads directly into our HubSpot CRM. This direct path helps maintain a clean and accurate dataset for our sales and marketing activities.

FeaturesForminatorNinja Forms
Mailchimp IntegrationYesYes
HubSpot IntegrationYesYes
CRM ConnectivityLimited to specific CRMsExtensive CRM integrations
Automated Email CampaignsVia MailchimpVia Mailchimp
Lead Tracking & ManagementBasic functionalityAdvanced features

Both Forminator and Ninja Forms enable us to capture leads effectively. Our priority should be matched with the plugin that best aligns with our existing tools and marketing workflows.

Technical Support and Documentation

When evaluating Forminator and Ninja Forms, we carefully consider the support and documentation each provides, recognizing the importance for users to resolve issues and utilize features effectively.

Forminator, developed by WPMU DEV, offers extensive documentation accessible directly through their website. Documentation includes a comprehensive overview, active modules, and detailed guidance on using each feature. In terms of support, WPMU DEV is known for their responsive and helpful customer service.

  • Documentation Highlights:

    • Accessible online via WPMU DEV’s website
    • Detailed guides and walkthroughs
    • Overview of active modules
  • Support Structure:

    • Direct support from WPMU DEV
    • Community forums for user collaboration
    • Priority support for premium members

With Ninja Forms, crafted by WP Ninjas, the documentation is thorough, including information on add-ons as well as technical support. Although it is considered cost-effective, users should be mindful of potentially higher expenses as their needs expand.

  • Documentation Highlights:

    • Detailed documentation for the core plugin and add-ons
    • Technical support for troubleshooting
  • Support Structure:

    • Assistance available from WP Ninjas
    • Community forums to exchange knowledge and experience
    • Individual add-on purchases can lead to higher costs over time

In summary, both Forminator and Ninja Forms provide users with substantial documentation and support through their respective creators, WPMU DEV and WP Ninjas. Our examination emphasizes the clear and accessible resources that enable users to navigate both platforms with confidence.

Multilingual Support and Localization

When it comes to multilingual support and localization of contact forms on a website, we believe it is crucial for a plugin to cater to diverse audience groups, potentially across different countries. In our analysis of Forminator and Ninja Forms, we’ve identified some key aspects of their approach to this feature.

Forminator currently lacks native multilingual support, which might limit our use of this plugin for projects requiring multiple languages. The absence of direct compatibility with widely-used multilingual plugins such as WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is a disadvantage we’ve noticed. Despite its rich feature set, this limitation is significant when compared to competitors in the global market.

In contrast, Ninja Forms excels with its official WPML support. This integration means we can rely on it to translate forms and manage submissions across multiple languages seamlessly. This compatibility expands Ninja Forms’ versatility and allows us to target a broader international audience.

Here’s a brief comparison:

FeatureForminatorNinja Forms
WPML CompatibilityNot natively supportedYes – Official support
Multilingual MarketLess competitive without multilingual supportAdvantageous with WPML compatibility
User InterfaceClear, feature-richFlexible with drag-and-drop, clear user interface

We must acknowledge that while Forminator has many strengths, its limited multilingual capabilities require us to look for additional solutions or plugins if we aim to create a multilingual website. Meanwhile, Ninja Forms presents us with a ready-to-use, WPML-compatible option, which simplifies our workflow and enhances our forms’ accessibility to a global audience.

Future Developments and Roadmap

In our assessment of Forminator and Ninja Forms, we have gathered data on their upcoming paths and enhancements. Both platforms are driven by a commitment to improve user experience and extend functionality.

Forminator is poised to build upon its user-friendly interface with enhancements that streamline form creation and data management. Our sources indicate a focus on:

  • Integration capabilities: Expansion of third-party integrations for improved workflow automation.
  • Analytics tools: Advanced reporting features to enable more detailed insights into user interactions.

For Ninja Forms, future developments appear to concentrate on:

  • Customization features: Enhanced tools for building more dynamic forms tailored to complex needs.
  • Performance improvements: A continued effort to optimize form loading times and reliability across various platforms.

We prioritize tracking these progressions to keep our readers informed. Below is a summarized roadmap reflecting the discussed points:

FeatureForminatorNinja Forms
IntegrationExpanded third-party supportEnhanced CRM integrations
AnalyticsAdvanced reporting toolsImproved user engagement tracking
CustomizationDynamic field optionsTailored user experience
PerformanceOptimized load timesFocus on reliability enhancements

Our analysis will remain adaptive, ensuring that we present the most recent and factual information about these products and their features.

Closing Remarks

When choosing between Forminator and Ninja Forms for your WordPress website, it is essential to consider your specific needs and the capabilities of each plugin. We have outlined the key features and differences to guide you in making an informed decision.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Ideal for beginners and those who prefer a straightforward setup.
  • Cost-effective: Offers a robust free version that suits budget-conscious users.

Ninja Forms:

  • Flexibility: Advanced customizability caters to developers or those needing more complex forms.
  • Add-ons: A wide range of premium features available for specific functionality.

Our goal has been to highlight the core aspects that differentiate these tools within the WordPress ecosystem. We understand that the choice greatly depends on the complexity of forms required, the level of customization desired, and the scale of your website’s needs.

We encourage our users to prioritize functionality, support, and budget as they align with their project goals. Remember, the ultimate aim is to enhance user engagement on your website through efficient and effective form management. Choose wisely to ensure the form builder aligns with your long-term digital strategy.

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