Formidable Forms vs Forminator: A Detailed Comparison for WordPress Users


Introduction to WordPress Form Builders

WordPress form builders have revolutionized the way we collect information and interact with our website visitors. These plugins allow us to construct everything from simple contact forms to complex survey tools with ease.

Formidable Forms, developed by Strategy11, provides a robust solution for creating forms that go beyond standard fields. We can utilize its advanced features to generate posts, calculate prices, and even display submitted data with views.

On the other hand, Forminator, developed by WPMU DEV, takes pride in its user-friendly interface and broad range of integrations. It emphasises simplifying form creation while still offering a myriad of functions such as quizzes, polls, and payment collections.

Both plugins excel in their own areas:

  • Formidable Forms focuses on in-depth customization and functionality.
  • Forminator champions ease of use and a no-code user experience.

Our choice between Formidable Forms and Forminator hinges on our specific needs and the strategy we wish to employ. Whether we require a form with advanced conditional logic and data management or a straightforward and visually engaging tool will guide our decision. As we proceed, we’ll dive into the features, user experiences, and benefits each plugin offers, enabling us to select the tool that aligns best with our goals.

Comparing Formidable Forms and Forminator

In this section, we’re examining the differences and similarities between Formidable Forms and Forminator, focusing on features, usability, cost, and more, to help you determine the best solution for your WordPress site.

Overview of Features

Both Formidable Forms and Forminator offer a wide range of functionalities for creating forms on WordPress websites. Formidable Forms provides advanced features like conditional logic, multi-page forms, and an extensive API for integrations. Forminator also supports conditional logic and integrates with numerous apps, providing a comprehensive toolset for form building.

User Experience and Interface

We find that both plugins prioritize user experience with their drag-and-drop interfaces, making form creation intuitive. Formidable Forms’ interface is targeted toward users who require robust customization options, while Forminator is designed to be user-friendly for all skill levels.

Pricing and Plans

Formidable Forms starts at $79/year for a single site license, offering basic features. Their premium plans increase in price, providing greater access to advanced form templates and features. Forminator, on the other hand, has a free version, which is quite extensive, as well as a Pro version that includes additional integrations and support.

Form Building and Design Capabilities

Formidable Forms excels with its wide range of templates and layout options, catering to more complex form designs. Both tools allow for high levels of customization, but Formidable Forms typically offers more advanced functionalities for professional needs.

Integration Options

Formidable Forms and Forminator both provide a variety of integration options with external services like CRM systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft. Forminator’s strength lies in its native integration with numerous WPMU DEV plugins and third-party services.

Data Management and Analysis

For data management and analysis, Formidable Forms comes with a powerful report builder and supports real-time data tracking. Forminator provides basic analytics and data collection tools, but Formidable Forms may have the edge if your focus is on detailed data extraction and utilization.

Marketing and Automation Tools

Forminator integrates seamlessly with marketing tools and services, enabling autoresponder emails and marketing automation workflows. Formidable Forms also supports automation, with options to integrate with a variety of marketing tools, increasing the potential for workflow efficiency.

Payment Processing Features

Both plugins offer payment processing features, supporting popular providers like PayPal and Stripe. They both allow you to implement payment options directly within your forms, with Formidable Forms providing a slight edge in terms of advanced payment features and conditions.

Security and Spam Protection

To secure forms and protect against spam, Formidable Forms and Forminator include features like Akismet integration, honeypot, and reCAPTCHA. These security measures ensure that your form entries are legitimate and reduce the risk of receiving unwanted spam content.

Unique Functionalities in Formidable Forms

Our exploration of Formidable Forms reveals a suite of advanced features that set it apart. These functionalities enable the creation of complex, dynamic solutions tailored for diverse online needs, from business applications to interactive data-driven web portals.

Dynamic Fields and Conditional Logic

We recognize the superiority of Formidable Forms’ dynamic fields feature which allows for real-time updates on the form as users interact with it. This robust functionality makes for a much more interactive user experience. Conditional logic is another exciting feature; we leverage it to display or hide form fields based on user selections, thus creating a personalized form-filling journey.

Complex Calculation Abilities

For those seeking complex calculation abilities, Formidable Forms stands out. Our advanced users particularly appreciate the option to perform intricate calculations, which are indispensable for applications such as online stores or detailed quotes. This feature supports a wide range of mathematical operations, offering an invaluable tool for businesses that need to incorporate calculations into their forms without engaging in manual processes.

Sophisticated Data-Driven Web Applications

With Formidable Forms, we harness the power of its no-code app builder capability to construct sophisticated web applications. This goes beyond simple forms and surveys; it enables us to develop comprehensive solutions for data collection, analysis, and display. Given this strength, Formidable Forms by Strategy11 is not just a form builder but a strategic tool that can pivot a simple WordPress site into a feature-rich web portal.

Unique Functionalities in Forminator

In our comparison of form plugins, we’ve identified a few unique features in Forminator that stand out, particularly in crafting interactive experiences. Owned by WPMU DEV, Forminator is more than just a form builder—it excels at creating polls, quizzes, and engaging content that can be crucial for gauging customer and employee satisfaction.

Polls and Quiz Builders

Forminator offers robust Polls and Quiz builders to our users, enabling the creation of interactive and sophisticated quizzes, as well as opinion polls. With this plugin, you can:

  • Design quizzes with varied question types and custom results.
  • Create polls with real-time visual results.
  • Gather valuable insights to measure customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction.

These tools are seamlessly integrated within the Forminator plugin, ensuring users can engage their audience without the need for additional software.

Interactive Engagement Features

Beyond surveys and forms, Forminator enhances Interactive Engagement across your site with features such as:

  • Customizable ratings systems to capture user feedback directly on your services or products.
  • Drag-and-drop form-building that includes options for user ratings, making it easy to implement features that appreciate customer satisfaction metrics.

It’s clear that Forminator by WPMU DEV emphasizes interaction and user engagement, aiming to provide more than just data collection. By incorporating these functionalities into your forms, you are well-equipped to foster an interactive environment that can lead to improved insights and user experiences.

Deployment and Compatibility

When choosing a form plugin for your WordPress website, deployment and platform compatibility are key considerations. Both Formidable Forms and Forminator are designed to operate seamlessly within the WordPress environment, ensuring a simple installation process directly from the WordPress dashboard or via a plugin file upload.

Formidable Forms:

  • Deployment: Easily integrated with WordPress sites through standard plugin installation practices.
  • Compatibility: Primarily for WordPress websites with no direct apps for iOS or Android. However, forms are responsive and function well in web browsers across devices.


  • Deployment: Can be quickly deployed on WordPress with similar ease as Formidable Forms through the WordPress plugin repository.
  • Compatibility: Like Formidable Forms, Forminator does not have native iOS or Android applications. It is also optimized for WordPress and ensures forms appear and function correctly on mobile browsers.

We find that neither Formidable Forms nor Forminator is platform-independent because their use is confined to WordPress websites. This means that if you’re looking to deploy forms outside of this ecosystem, such as on standalone mobile apps or non-WordPress platforms, you will need to look for other solutions. However, in the context of WordPress, both plugins offer robust compatibility with various browsers and devices, facilitating a smooth user experience regardless of where the respondent is accessing the form. It’s also worth noting that mobile responsiveness is a vital feature, as a significant amount of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

Customer Support and Training Resources

When evaluating Formidable Forms and Forminator, we find it imperative to assess their customer support systems and the training resources they offer. Our users’ experience is significantly influenced by the availability of timely assistance and quality educational materials.

Formidable Forms provides robust support channels, including:

  • Documentation: Comprehensive guides and tutorials for ease of use.
  • Helpdesk: A ticket-based system for personalized support.
  • Community Forums: A place for user discussions and peer support.
  • Priority Support: Available for premium users, offering faster responses.

In contrast, Forminator also has a solid support structure with the following:

  • Extensive Documentation: Clear and detailed steps are laid out for users.
  • WordPress Support Forums: Actively maintained for the community-driven aid.
  • Live Chat: Available for immediate assistance to premium users.

For training resources, both plugins take distinct approaches:

  • Formidable Forms:

    • Webinars and video tutorials for visual and auditory learning experiences.
    • Live training for a real-time, guided approach to mastering the plugin.
  • Forminator:

    • Includes an interactive onboarding process for new users.
    • Provides online courses that cover basic to advanced form-building techniques.

We ensure that our community is well-supported and educated on plugin functionalities. Access to these resources allows our users to troubleshoot independently and utilize the full potential of their chosen form solution.

User Opinions and Accessibility

When we examine user opinions on Formidable Forms versus Forminator, it is evident that accessibility plays a crucial role in their experiences.

Formidable Forms

  • Accessibility: Users generally find Formidable Forms to be an accessible plugin offering a range of features for creating advanced forms without requiring expert-level technical skills.
  • User Interface: Its drag-and-drop interface promotes ease of use, a facet often highlighted in user reviews.
  • Support: The responsive support team behind Formidable Forms often receives positive mentions for their timely assistance.
CriteriaUser Rating
Ease of useGood
Customer SupportExcellent


  • Accessibility: Forminator, on the other hand, is praised for its user-friendly design and seamless integration with other business tools.
  • Learning Curve: New users typically appreciate the straightforward approach to form building that Forminator provides.
  • Extensions: The plugin’s compatibility with a broad range of external applications enhances its accessibility.
CriteriaUser Rating
Ease of useVery good
Customer SupportGood
AccessibilityVery good

In summary, both plugins display strong accessibility features, but user opinions suggest Forminator may edge out with slightly higher ease-of-use ratings. However, it’s important to note that specific requirements can affect an individual’s or business’s experience, and thus, each plugin’s suitability may vary per case.

Exploring Alternatives

When considering alternatives to Formidable Forms and Forminator, it’s crucial to examine the features, usability, and integrations of similar plugins to ensure that we choose the best solution for our specific needs. Various other WordPress form builders cater to different levels of complexity and enterprise requirements.

Gravity Forms vs Formidable and Forminator

Gravity Forms is a well-regarded WordPress form plugin known for its robust features and flexibility. It stands out by offering extensive integrations with various services, which makes it a strong contender for businesses that require advanced form functionalities. Compared to Formidable Forms and Forminator, Gravity Forms may surface as the preferred choice for users needing a higher level of detail in their forms and for those who manage complex field service workflows.

WPForms vs Formidable and Forminator

WPForms, developed by Strategy11, is praised for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Here’s how it compares with the other two:

  • Ease of Use: WPForms emphasizes simplicity and speed, making form creation accessible to beginners.
  • Features: While it offers a comprehensive feature set, some advanced features like the ones found in Formidable Forms may require premium upgrades.

JotForm and Other Competitors

JotForm is a versatile form builder that operates beyond WordPress, offering easy embedding options and a wide range of templates. In addition, alternatives such as Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7 provide a varying balance between simplicity and functionality. Ninja Forms is recognized for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, while Contact Form 7 is favored for its no-cost approach, although it may require add-ons for advanced features.

Enterprise Solutions and Complex Workflows

When it comes to enterprise-level solutions and intricate workflows, having customizable forms and integration capabilities is essential. Options like Titan cater specifically to enterprise needs, offering high scalability and security for complex systems. For businesses that rely on detailed workflow automation, exploring plugins that integrate seamlessly with CRM and other business tools should be a cornerstone of our strategy.

Advanced Topics

In this section, we explore the sophisticated capabilities of Formidable Forms and Forminator, particularly focusing on custom development, mobile optimization, and scalability for enterprise use.

Custom Development and API Access

For those of us requiring bespoke solutions, Formidable Forms offers robust API access, allowing us to integrate and extend functionality beyond standard features. This is particularly valuable when building custom web applications or when integrating with other business tools. Leveraging APIs enables us to automate workflows, sync data across platforms, and create custom data solutions.

Forminator, meanwhile, provides an intuitive interface for customization without an extensive coding background. While API access may not be as comprehensive as Formidable Forms, Forminator allows us to handle a variety of advanced features, such as approvals and conditional logic, with relative ease.

Mobile Optimization and Field Service Solutions

We recognize the importance of mobile optimization in today’s fast-paced world. Forminator shines with its responsive design, ensuring forms look great on any device. For field service solutions, this is paramount, enabling users to complete safety checklists and access time clock features on-the-go.

Formidable Forms also accommodates mobile users, but our focus with this platform shifts towards complex form solutions. Its advanced features can be leveraged to create detailed service forms that can include location services, photo uploads, and more, but we must ensure proper testing on various devices for optimal performance.

Enterprise-Scale Deployment and Management

When it comes to enterprise requirements, Formidable Forms is well-equipped to handle the demands. It is designed to scale, allowing us to deploy it on unlimited sites with a range of advanced tools suitable for a large corporation. Permissions, approvals, and complex data management tasks are all within our grasp, making it conducive to enterprise-scale deployment and management.

On the flip side, Forminator offers an appealing solution for smaller-scale enterprises or those just embarking on the digitization journey. Although it may not support unlimited sites, it remains a competent choice with a focus on user-friendly interfaces and ease of deployment that require less technical oversight.

By focusing on these advanced topics, we can determine the most appropriate tool based on the complexity of our requirements, the need for custom solutions, and the scale at which we plan to deploy these form plugins.

Case Studies and Real-World Applications

In our exploration, we find that Formidable Forms and Forminator play pivotal roles across various sectors. They enhance workflows and data management, directly influencing customer and employee satisfaction.

Small and Midsize Businesses

Small and midsize businesses often seek cost-effective solutions that maximize efficiency. We’ve observed Formidable Forms being utilized to streamline order processing, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Forminator, on the other hand, has empowered businesses with its intuitive interface, enabling employees to design and manage forms without extensive IT knowledge.

Key Implementations:

  • Order Forms: Creation and management of customized order forms.
  • Feedback Collection: Efficient collection of customer feedback for service enhancement.

Non-Desk Employees and Mobile Field Service

We’ve seen non-desk employees leverage these form builders to capture data while on the move. Formidable Forms excels with its advanced features for complex data handling, while Forminator’s ease of use is especially beneficial for mobile field service personnel who require simple and robust forms.

Key Implementations:

  • Mobile Surveys: Conducting surveys easily on tablets or smartphones.
  • Service Reports: Generating instant reports from field data to streamline communications.

Process Automation and Digital Transformation

Our case studies highlight that businesses employing Formidable Forms for automation have experienced enhanced employee satisfaction due to reduced manual entry. Forminator is also recognized for assisting digital transformation initiatives by simplifying data collection and integration across platforms.

Key Implementations:

  • Data Integration: Automating data flow to and from other digital platforms.
  • Lead Generation: Enhanced lead capture mechanisms feeding into CRM systems.

Customer and Employee Experience Management

Analyzing the impact on experience management, we’ve found Formidable Forms is preferred for complex scenarios where tailored experiences are key. Forminator shines in creating user-friendly forms, which has shown to significantly improve the ease of interaction, boosting overall satisfaction rates.

Key Implementations:

  • Custom Surveys: Customized surveys for detailed customer feedback.
  • Internal Feedback: Simplified form creation for internal employee feedback processes.

Choosing the Right Form Plugin for Your Website

When we assess Formidable Forms and Forminator, two prominent WordPress form plugins, it’s clear that each offers distinctive features tailored to specific needs. Our website’s success depends on having a form plugin that not only aligns with our goals but also offers a seamless user experience.

Formidable Forms stands out for its ease of use, with a drag-and-drop editor and a plethora of pre-built templates. It’s crafted for those of us who prioritize simplicity and speed in form creation. Moreover, Formidable Forms is well-suited for complex form-related tasks such as advanced calculations and data-driven applications.

On the other hand, Forminator boasts versatility in integrating with other business tools, making it an excellent choice for those looking to optimize lead generation. It excels in creating interactive forms like quizzes and polls, which can engage visitors effectively.

Here’s a quick comparison:

FeatureFormidable FormsForminator
Complex FormsYesNo
Lead GenerationAdequateExcellent
Pre-Built TemplatesNumerousLimited

We must also consider the long-term support and updates offered by the plugin developers. Both Formidable Forms and Forminator are accompanied by active support, which is crucial for resolving issues and ensuring our website remains up-to-date.

In selecting the right form plugin for WordPress, our specific needs guide us—whether it’s for simple contact forms or for more sophisticated lead generation and data collection. Hence, we must evaluate the merits of each plugin in the context of our website goals.

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

When considering Formidable Forms and Forminator for your WordPress website’s form-building solutions, it’s crucial to evaluate your specific needs. Both plugins offer robust solutions, but their strengths cater to different user requirements and preferences.

For the more complex form needs, we recommend Formidable Forms, developed by Strategy11. It excels with its:

  • Advanced data management capabilities.
  • Ability to create complex, multi-page forms.
  • Extensive customization options and views for displaying submitted data.

For seamless integration and ease of use within the existing ecosystem of your WordPress site, Forminator by WPMU DEV stands out. Consider this plugin if your priorities include:

  • Easy integration with other business tools.
  • A straightforward user interface.
  • A combination of decent feature set and user-friendliness without a steep learning curve.

To summarize, our final recommendations are as follows:

  • Opt for Formidable Forms if you are looking for depth in functionality, with a focus on data-centric features and complex form structures.
  • Choose Forminator if your goal is to quickly build forms that integrate well with your WordPress site and other WPMU DEV tools, without needing as many niche features.

Strategy11 users:

  • Leverage Formidable Forms for sophisticated, data-driven applications.
  • Enjoy the breadth of advanced features tailored for developers and power users.

WPMU DEV members:

  • Take advantage of Forminator’s ease of integration within the WPMU ecosystem.
  • Utilize the intuitive design and sufficient feature set suitable for general use.

By aligning the form builder with the demands of your projects, we ensure efficiency and effectiveness in form management and performance on your site.


In this appendix, we provide essential details about the vendors of both Formidable Forms and Forminator, their licensing terms, available technical resources, and a history of software updates. These particulars support a deeper understanding of the context and use of each form builder plugin for WordPress.

Vendor and Company Information

Formidable Forms is a product of Strategy11, a company founded in 2009 and operating within the United States. It has established a reputation as a robust form builder and data management tool for WordPress websites.

  • Company Name: Strategy11
  • Founded: 2009
  • Location: United States

Forminator, on the other hand, is a creation of WPMU DEV, a well-known provider of plugins, hosting, and support for WordPress users across the globe.

  • Company Name: WPMU DEV

Licensing and Usage Rights

Both Formidable Forms and Forminator offer different licensing packages to accommodate the needs of various users, from single-site owners to agencies requiring multiple site management.

Formidable Forms:

  • Copyright: All rights reserved by Strategy11
  • Licensing: Offers both free and premium versions; premium features available in tiered pricing based on the number of sites and additional functionalities.


  • Copyright: Owned by WPMU DEV
  • Distribution Rights: Provides a free version with the option to upgrade to Forminator Pro for extended features and integrations.

Technical Documentation and Resources

Access to documentation and resources is vital for effectively utilizing any plugin.

Formidable Forms:

  • Documentation: Comprehensive guides and tutorials are available, explaining plugin features, add-on integrations, and usage scenarios.
  • Resources: A resource center is provided, featuring FAQs, community support forums, and a knowledge base for troubleshooting.


  • Documentation: Offers detailed instructions for setup, customizations, and use cases.
  • Resources: Includes a variety of resources like live support, community hubs, and a learning center for users.

Release Notes and Changelog

Keeping track of updates and changes is critical for maintaining plugin performance and security.

Formidable Forms and Forminator: Both plugins maintain a changelog documenting the continuous improvements, bug fixes, and feature updates. Users can refer to the official websites to access the most recent changelog entries.

  • Updates: Both plugins receive regular updates to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and address any security concerns.

Formidable Forms Changelog:

  • Updates: Regularly released, detailing new features and improvements.

Forminator Changelog:

  • Updates: Includes information on the latest changes and enhancements introduced in each version.


When comparing Formidable Forms and Forminator, we have relied on several authoritative sources to ensure our discussion is accurate and up-to-date. Below is a list of references we utilized to gather insights into the features, pricing, and user experiences of these WordPress form builder plugins.

  • SourceForge
    • We referenced the comparison charts on SourceForge to assess key differences in pricing, features, and user reviews.
    • Provided a side-by-side comparison of Formidable Forms and Forminator.
  • Crazy Egg
    • Crazy Egg’s comparison emphasizes the utility of each plugin in different scenarios.
    • Mentioned Formidable Forms as optimal for managing submitted data.
  • Slashdot
    • Slashdot offers a detailed comparison chart focusing on various factors including cost and features.
    • Assists in comparing the target market and integration capabilities.
  • Content on relevant websites
    • Various blog posts and content managers stress the importance of user-friendliness and feature richness.
    • Prioritized WPForms alongside to add perspective on industry standards.

Below is a brief table summarizing the aspects where sources helped elucidate the comparison:

SourceForgeProvided comprehensive side-by-side comparisons
Crazy EggHighlighted specific strengths of plugins
SlashdotDetailed the business aspect and integration capacities
Blogs & Content ManagersEmphasized usability and features for end-users

Our approach remains neutral and data-centric to assist in delivering clear, concise information on both plugins without any biased embellishments.

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