Event Tickets vs EventON: A Comprehensive Comparison

Event management and ticketing are essential components of organizing successful events. WordPress offers various plugins to cater to these needs, with two popular options being Event Tickets and EventON. Both these plugins help in streamlining event organization, from creating visually appealing calendars to managing ticket sales and registrations.

Event Tickets focuses on providing an intuitive interface for handling event registrations and ticket sales. With robust features and customization options, it aims to simplify the process for both organizers and attendees. On the other hand, EventON is known for its visually appealing event calendars and extensive add-on repository, which allows for extended functionality such as booking management, virtual events, and social media integration.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets and EventON are popular WordPress plugins for managing event registrations and ticketing.
  • Event Tickets prioritizes a user-friendly interface, while EventON emphasizes an appealing event calendar design.
  • Both plugins offer customization options and additional features through add-ons to cater to various event management needs.

Event Tickets Overview

Event tickets are an essential aspect of any event management system, allowing organizers to sell and distribute tickets to attendees for various events such as sporting tournaments and international football club matches. This process often involves providing the buyer with an e-ticket, which contains essential information like event details, a unique ticket identifier, and a scannable QR code or barcode for entry validation.

Event Tickets plugin is a popular solution for event organizers, boasting a user-friendly interface that enables seamless ticket sales and management. The plugin integrates with several payment gateways, ensuring secure and reliable transactions for both event planners and attendees. As the tickets are issued via email, fans can promptly receive their e-tickets without needing a physical copy.

In addition to providing all the necessary ticket functions, the Event Tickets plugin allows organizers to personalize their tickets with event-specific details and branding. By doing so, event hosts can enhance the attendee experience and present a professional, polished image to their audience. This level of customization helps build trust and credibility with fans, who can feel confident purchasing official tickets through the system.

Furthermore, the Event Tickets plugin supports various formats such as single event tickets, multi-day event passes, and seasonal packages, catering to events of all types and sizes. Organizers can also set up tiered pricing and promotional discounts for ticket sales if desired, opening up opportunities for targeted marketing and increased fan engagement.

Overall, the Event Tickets plugin serves as a comprehensive and flexible solution for event organizers, enabling them to manage ticket sales and distribution in a streamlined manner while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Ticketing Features

Event planning and management have reached a new level with the introduction of advanced ticketing features. Two popular WordPress plugins in this space are Event Espresso and EventON, both offering users distinct capabilities when it comes to organizing and selling tickets for events. Keeping in mind the following entities: dynamic pricing, premier league, custom, hospitality packages, ticketing, and categories, a brief look into the ticketing features provided by these plugins is presented.

Event Espresso boasts a comprehensive event registration system, allowing users to seamlessly sign up for events. Furthermore, it offers a rich set of options for creating and selling tickets to various events like concerts, workshops, and conferences. Additionally, it supports multiple payment gateways making transactions smooth and secure.

Dynamic pricing is an important feature that both Event Espresso and EventON offer. This comes in handy when dealing with events like the premier league, where ticket prices may fluctuate based on market demand, time, or available seats. Both plugins allow operators to set custom pricing rules to accommodate such scenarios.

Customization is key when it comes to ensuring memorable experiences for attendees. Both plugins offer custom event management tools that enable users to design unique tickets and keep track of various event categories. With these features, plugin users can tailor ticket designs to their audience needs and preferences.

Hospitality packages can be essential to draw premium eventgoers. Event Espresso and EventON allow organizers to build attractive packages, including offers for hotel accommodation, transportation, complementary services, and more. These packages not only contribute to superior user experiences but also help businesses maximize profits.

Overall, the ticketing features presented by Event Espresso and EventON cater to the growing demands of event organizers and attendees alike. By providing dynamic pricing, customization options, and hospitality packages, these plugins empower operators to create unforgettable experiences and derive value from their events.

EventON Overview

EventON is a widely-used WordPress event calendar plugin that helps event organizers create and manage both virtual and physical events conveniently. With its extensive features designed to simplify event management, it has become a popular choice among users.

One of the main features of EventON is its intuitive event calendar, which allows users to display events in a visually appealing manner. The calendar offers various customization options to match the specific needs of event organizers. Additionally, it supports recurring and multi-day events, making it effortless to manage event schedules.

EventON seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing users to sell tickets and manage orders right from their website. This integration empowers event organizers to collect payments for events without the need for an external platform.

As for support, EventON is available for purchase on CodeCanyon, which is known for offering excellent customer assistance and regular plugin updates. Buyers can expect reliable support for any technical issues they might encounter while using EventON.

In summary, EventON is a comprehensive event management solution for WordPress users, with a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and robust support. Whether organizing virtual events or in-person gatherings, EventON is an excellent choice for streamlining the event planning process.

Comparative Analysis

When comparing Event Tickets and EventON, several key factors are important to consider for an informed decision. Both plugins offer unique features and cater to different user needs.

Event Tickets is a robust WordPress plugin that primarily focuses on event registration and ticket selling capabilities. Registrants can easily sign up for events, and organizers can create and sell tickets for various events, such as concerts, workshops, and conferences. This comprehensive event registration system streamlines the process of organizing and managing events.

On the other hand, EventON is a versatile plugin that offers a flexible and feature-rich event calendar solution for WordPress websites. Its main goal is to provide users with a visually appealing and customizable calendar that showcases upcoming events. EventON supports various calendar views, customizable event details, and filterable event categories, allowing website visitors to easily find and engage with events of interest.

When it comes to customization and user experience, both plugins offer different levels of support. Event Tickets allows for custom event registration forms and personalized email notifications. Additionally, it supports multiple payment gateways and integrates with popular e-commerce solutions, providing a smooth and secure transaction experience. It also ensures easy attendee management with features such as manual registration, guest list exports, and check-in functionality.

EventON, while not primarily focused on ticketing, also supports ticket sales through add-ons and integrations with e-commerce platforms. The plugin shines in its calendar customization options, providing users with the ability to tailor the appearance and functionality of the events calendar to their website’s theme and target audience. Users can create unique, visually engaging calendars that reflect their event brand and encourage visitor engagement.

In conclusion, Event Tickets and EventON cater to different aspects of event management on WordPress websites. While Event Tickets offers a more comprehensive event registration and ticket selling experience, EventON provides a visually appealing and customizable event calendar solution. Depending on the specific needs of the website, either plugin may be the right choice for managing and promoting different types of events.

Types of Events and Packages

Music Event

Music events attract a wide range of audiences, from small intimate concerts to massive festivals. Many music events offer various ticketing options catering to different preferences, such as general admission, VIP, and even hospitality packages. Hospitality packages generally include premium seating, exclusive access to lounges or after-parties, and sometimes meet-and-greets with the artists.

Sporting Tournaments

Sporting tournaments, such as tennis or golf competitions, attract dedicated fans and casual spectators alike. To accommodate these varying interests, event organizers often provide several ticket options, ranging from general admission to all-access passes. In addition, sporting tournaments may offer hospitality packages that grant guests exclusive access to VIP lounges, premium seating, and behind-the-scenes experiences.

International Football Clubs

International football clubs compete in diverse tournaments like the Champions League and the Europa League. These clubs also organize friendly matches to engage with their global fanbase. To cater to various types of fans, football clubs provide a range of ticketing options, including single match tickets, season passes, VIP experiences, and hospitality packages. These packages may include access to club lounges, reserved seating, and exclusive dining experiences, ensuring that fans have a memorable time during the match.

In conclusion, music events, sporting tournaments, and international football clubs each offer unique experiences, and event organizers ensure that there is a suitable ticket option or package for everyone involved. These options can cater to casual fans and dedicated supporters, providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for all attendees.

Insights into Venues and Seating

View from Your Seat

Finding the right event venue is critical for ensuring a good experience for attendees. Many event venues, especially in major cities like London, provide a feature known as “View from Your Seat.” This tool helps potential attendees get a virtual representation of the site lines and views available from different seating areas. This information is essential for patrons to make informed decisions when purchasing tickets, especially for events with various tiered seating, such as upper tier corner, middle tier short side, and upper tier long side positions.

Luxury Padded Seats

Comfort is a significant factor when attending an event. Increasingly, venues are offering luxury padded seats as an option for attendees seeking a more comfortable experience. These premium seating options are generally present in the middle tier shortside and longside second tier seats, providing an excellent view and added comfort. Offering luxury padded seats can enhance the overall experience for attendees, making it a valuable addition to event venues.

Various Tiered Seating

To accommodate the diverse preferences and budgets of attendees, event venues often provide various tiered seating options. Upper tier corner seats are typically more affordable, while still offering a decent view of the event. Middle tier shortside and upper tier longside seats tend to be mid-range in terms of pricing and provide a better perspective. Longside second tier seats are generally premium seating options, offering the best views and, in some cases, luxury padded seats. Incorporating diverse tiered seating options ensures that venues cater to a wide range of attendees and contribute to a fulfilling event experience.

VIP and Hospitality Offerings

Lounge Access

Many events offer lounge access for VIP ticket holders, usually comprising various levels, such as VIP Level 3, VIP Level 2, and VIP Level 5. These lounges provide ticket holders with a comfortable area to relax and enjoy additional amenities such as free drinks, hot food dishes, and street food stations. Lounges often feature luxury padded seats for extra comfort, allowing guests to enjoy the event in style.

Hospitality Packages

In addition to lounge access, events often provide hospitality packages that enhance the overall experience. These packages may include a private lounge, exclusive access to event amenities, or even complimentary food and drink selections. Guests can choose packages that suit their preferences and budget, ensuring a memorable and tailored event experience.

Off-Site Hospitality

For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, off-site hospitality options are available. These external hospitality lounges are located away from the main event venue, offering a more secluded environment for guests to enjoy. Off-site hospitality options often provide additional services, such as reserved parking and dedicated event staff, catering to the unique needs of discerning attendees.

Understanding the Purchasing Process

When considering event management plugins such as Event Tickets and EventON, it’s essential to understand the purchasing process for attendees. The purchasing process should be user-friendly, secure, and efficient, ensuring a smooth experience for both event organizers and attendees.

One popular platform for processing event ticket sales is WooCommerce, a widely used e-commerce solution that can be seamlessly integrated with event management plugins. This integration allows event organizers to sell tickets, manage payments, and track attendees easily.

E-tickets are a popular trend in event management, as they provide a more convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to physical tickets. With official e-tickets, attendees can quickly receive their tickets through email, which they can then present at the event venue for entry. This eliminates the need for physical ticket production and shipping, reducing overall costs and streamlining the ticketing process.

Many event organizers also choose to collaborate with authorized ticketing partners such as P1 Travel to provide travel packages, combining event tickets with services like accommodation and transportation. This approach is especially popular for major sporting events such as the Premier League, where fans travel from different locations to attend matches.

In conclusion, understanding the purchasing process in event management is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both organizers and attendees. By using platforms like WooCommerce and e-tickets, and collaborating with ticketing partners for travel packages, event organizers can effectively manage ticket sales and ensure an enjoyable event experience for all involved.

Refunds and Cancellations

When comparing Event Tickets and EventON, handling refunds and cancellations is crucial for both organizers and attendees. Event organizers are tasked with creating policies that balance their needs and those of the ticket holders, while attendees expect clear and reasonable guidelines for when they can request refunds in case of cancellations or other changes.

Typically, event tickets are subject to a “no refund” policy or a “partial refund” policy, as it is quite difficult to maintain “full refund” policies for most events (“Why Most Event Tickets Have a ‘No Refund’ Policy”). Organizers are often reluctant to offer full refunds due to the financial implications and risks associated with event planning. However, if an event is canceled, some platforms like Ticketmaster and Live Nation issue automatic refunds to the original form of payment within a set timeframe (usually 30 days) (Bankrate).

EventON, on the other hand, focuses on providing tools for managing events, it does not get directly involved in the refund process between organizers and attendees. Instead, it offers the organizers flexibility to establish their own refund and cancellation policies and communicate these terms effectively to ticket purchasers.

In certain situations, such as rescheduled, postponed, or moved events, tickets may remain valid, giving attendees a chance to attend at a later date. With platforms like Ticketmaster, when refunds or credit options are approved by event organizers, ticket holders can also opt for a refund or credit instead (Ticketmaster).

Ultimately, both Event Tickets and EventON aim to provide solutions that cater to the needs of event organizers and attendees when it comes to refunds and cancellations. Each platform has its approach, with Event Tickets often adhering to the platform’s broader policies, while EventON allows organizers to establish and manage their own refund and cancellation terms.

In-Depth Club Insights

Manchester United

Manchester United is a well-known football club with a rich history and strong fan base. They have had many successful seasons and their matches are always exciting to watch. The team’s home stadium is Old Trafford, which is located in Greater Manchester. Manchester United’s matches generate a lot of interest, and tickets are in high demand. Due to this, events like the availability of EventON or specific ticket types can help fans purchase tickets and stay updated on match schedules.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is another popular football club with a dedicated fan base. Their home ground is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, located in London. Matches featuring Tottenham Hotspur tend to be competitive and entertaining, making their tickets highly sought after. EventON can be a great tool for fans to keep track of the matches and easily purchase tickets, providing a convenient platform to plan their match day experience.


Everton is a football club with a long history and loyal fans. Goodison Park, located in Liverpool, serves as their home ground. Everton matches are known for their intense gameplay, and the tickets for these games are always in high demand. By using EventON, Everton supporters can keep updated on the match schedule and secure tickets in a timely manner.


Fulham is a football club based in London and their home ground is Craven Cottage. The team has had its ups and downs, but their matches are still enjoyable for football fans. Being able to use EventON as a tool to plan and attend Fulham matches can help their supporters stay informed about match timings and ticket availability, ensuring a smooth experience when attending games.

EventON Support and File Integrations

EventON is a versatile event management plugin for WordPress that provides users with various tools to create and manage events, with a focus on functionality and aesthetics. One important aspect of EventON is its support and file integrations, which allows users to import events and synchronize their calendars with other platforms.

When it comes to support, EventON offers a comprehensive knowledge base that covers a wide range of topics related to the plugin, making it easy for users to find answers to their questions. Additionally, the plugin’s developers are known for their timely and professional support, which is particularly helpful for users who encounter issues or have specific inquiries about the plugin’s features.

EventON supports various file formats for event import and export, including iCal and CSV. The iCal format is widely used in calendar applications, such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, and enables users to integrate their events seamlessly with these platforms. With iCal support, users can easily synchronize their EventON-powered calendar with other calendars, ensuring that their events are up-to-date across different platforms.

CSV file support is another useful feature provided by EventON, as it allows users to import and export bulk events in a simple and organized manner. Event organizers can manage their events offline, for example using a spreadsheet program, and then import the events in CSV format into EventON. This feature streamlines the event management process and enables users to maintain a consistent and efficient workflow.

In conclusion, EventON’s support and file integrations are essential components of the plugin, making it a reliable and practical choice for event management. With a helpful knowledge base, responsive support, and compatibility with popular file formats like iCal and CSV, users can confidently manage their events and integrate with various platforms for a seamless experience.


Both EventON and Event Espresso are popular event management and ticketing plugins for WordPress. However, they offer different features and capabilities that you should consider when choosing the right plugin for your website.

Event Espresso provides a comprehensive solution for event registration, ticketing, and payment processing. Furthermore, it offers various integration capabilities and customization options, making it a suitable option for businesses with complex event management needs.

On the other hand, EventON focuses on providing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for managing event calendars and ticketing. Its simplicity and straightforward design make it a great choice for users who prioritize ease-of-use and aesthetics in their event management plugin.

When it comes to pricing, both plugins offer different pricing tiers to cater to various budgets and requirements. It’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and determine which plugin offers the features and functionality your business and audience will benefit from the most.

Ultimately, selecting the right event management plugin for your WordPress site is a decision that should be made based on your unique requirements. By carefully considering the features and benefits of both EventON and Event Espresso, you can make an informed choice that will best serve your event planning and ticketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between event ticket and EventON sites?

Event ticket sites focus primarily on selling and managing tickets for various events. These platforms provide tools for booking, payment processing, and customer support. On the other hand, EventON is a WordPress plugin designed for event management and ticketing. It offers features like registration, payment options, and integration capabilities for enhancing the event experience on your website.

How do I purchase resale tickets for events?

Purchasing resale tickets can be done through various online platforms that act as marketplaces for buyers and sellers. These websites often offer a guarantee for the authenticity of the tickets and secure payment options. Ensure that you choose a reputable platform and double-check the event details before making any purchases.

What is the process for buying away game tickets?

Buying away game tickets typically involves visiting the official website of the hosting team or using ticket exchange websites and marketplaces. It is essential to stay updated on the ticket release dates, as availability may be limited. Some clubs also have dedicated sections for away supporters, so make sure to check the seating options before making your purchase.

How can I join a season ticket waiting list?

To join a season ticket waiting list, visit the official website of the team or organization you wish to support. Most teams have a dedicated page with information on season ticket packages, benefits, and instructions on how to join their waiting list. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting period or additional requirements depending on the popularity of the team or event.

Are there membership requirements for purchasing tickets?

Membership requirements for purchasing tickets vary depending on the team, event, or organization. Some sports teams or venues may require you to be a member or subscribe to a specific fan club to access ticket pre-sales or special offers. It’s crucial to research the specific membership requirements and benefits before making any commitments.

What are some tips to get Premier League match tickets?

To secure Premier League match tickets, consider the following tips:

  1. Sign up for club memberships or fan clubs to access pre-sales and exclusive ticket offers.
  2. Monitor the official websites of the participating teams and ticketing partners for updates on ticket release dates.
  3. Check for available away game tickets if a match is sold out at the home team’s stadium.
  4. Use reputable ticket exchange websites or marketplaces for resale tickets, ensuring the transaction is secure and authentic.
  5. Plan well in advance, as high-demand matches tend to sell out quickly.

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