Event Tickets Plus vs RSVP and Event Management: In-Depth Comparison for Success

Organizing and managing events can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to choosing the right tools for selling tickets, handling registrations and managing RSVPs. Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management are two popular options that offer unique features for streamlining event organization processes. Both of these tools have their own advantages and cater to different requirements, enabling event organizers to make the right choice based on their specific needs.

Event Tickets Plus focuses on providing an efficient ticket sales and registration system for WordPress websites. It allows users to create and sell tickets directly from their WordPress dashboard without the need for third-party websites or extra fees. On the other hand, RSVP and Event Management offers an intuitive reservation management system with built-in features for handling event attendees, waitlists, and custom form fields.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management cater to different event organization needs
  • Both tools offer unique features for managing ticket sales and attendee registrations
  • Users should carefully evaluate their requirements before choosing the right solution for their events

Overview of Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful WordPress plugin that specializes in ticket sales and event registrations. It integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms to provide a smooth, secure process for selling tickets and handling RSVPs. As an advanced ticketing solution, Event Tickets Plus works alongside the free Event Tickets plugin to offer a comprehensive system for managing all aspects of event ticketing and RSVP management source.

RSVP and Event Management, on the other hand, is a broader approach to organizing and managing events on WordPress websites. This includes not only ticketing and registrations but also scheduling, displaying event details, and keeping track of attendees. With the right WordPress plugins or tools, users can create customizable calendar views, set up reminders, and offer various options to register for an event, including free RSVPs source .

When it comes to choosing between Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management solutions for your website, the primary difference lies in their respective focus areas. Event Tickets Plus is specifically designed for ticket sales and registrations, offering users complete control over the ticketing process and robust features for handling payments source. In contrast, RSVP and Event Management encompasses a broader scope of event organization, catering to the needs of scheduling, notifications, and display customization in addition to ticketing and registrations.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus offers a specialized and advanced approach to ticket sales and event registrations, while RSVP and Event Management provides a wider range of features and capabilities for overall event organization on your WordPress website. Depending on your specific requirements and goals, one of these solutions may be more suitable for handling your website’s event management needs.

Key Features

Ticketing and RSVP Functions

Event Tickets Plus provides a comprehensive system for managing ticket sales and RSVPs. With support for various ticket types and price levels, it allows event organizers to sell tickets and collect registrations with ease. In contrast, RSVP and Event Management solutions provide basic registration and guest list management to track attendees.

Event Scheduling and Management

Both Event Tickets Plus and RSVP solutions offer event scheduling capabilities. However, Event Tickets Plus integrates with The Events Calendar plugin for WordPress, providing advanced event scheduling and management, including support for recurring events.

Attendee Management and Reporting

event tickets plus offers robust attendee management and reporting features, allowing event organizers to manage attendees, track attendance, and generate reports for analysis. On the other hand, RSVP solutions typically provide basic attendee management, such as managing guest lists and attendance tracking.

Ease of Use

Both Event Tickets Plus and RSVP solutions aim to provide user-friendly interfaces for managing events and handling ticketing and registrations. However, Event Tickets Plus leverages its integration with popular e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, to offer a more seamless and familiar user experience.

Support and Resources

Event Tickets Plus offers premium support for its users, including access to a support forum, documentation, and knowledge base. In comparison, RSVP solutions may offer support through community forums or basic documentation.


Integrations play a crucial role in streamlining event management processes. Event Tickets Plus integrates with popular platforms such as WooCommerce, Zoom, and Easy Digital Downloads, ensuring that the ticketing process is efficient and compatible with your existing tools. RSVP solutions may offer limited or no integration with other platforms.

Customization and Design

Event Tickets Plus, when coupled with The Events Calendar plugin, offers various views and a responsive design that adapts to different devices. This allows event organizers to create a customized and visually appealing display for their events. In contrast, RSVP solutions provide basic customization options for event listings and registration forms.

Comparison of Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management

Pricing and Licensing

Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management both provide different pricing structures and licensing options to cater to user requirements. Event Tickets Plus offers a premium version with pricing tailored to the number of sites, including single-site and multi-site licenses, as well as an unlimited plan. Each license comes with updates and premium support for one year. On the other hand, RSVP and Event Management may offer free and paid versions, with the latter including additional functionality and premium add-ons for added customization.

Compatibility and Integrations

When it comes to compatibility, both plugins are designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress sites. Event Tickets Plus focuses on ease of use and has WooCommerce integration to manage ticket sales and registration effectively. In contrast, RSVP and Event Management might focus on compatibility and integrations with other plugins and tools, ensuring a versatile event organization experience.

Performance and Usability

Event Tickets Plus is known for its user-friendly interface that makes event management, ticketing, and registration a breeze for administrators. It offers key features geared towards optimal performance, such as custom registration fields, email customization, and easy payment processing. Conversely, RSVP and Event Management could prioritize functionality with robust features tailored for specific event management tasks.

To help make information easier to access and understand, both plugins may make use of various formatting options, such as tables, bullet points, and bold text, to convey essential details to users.

Support and Resources

In terms of customer support, Event Tickets Plus offers premium support with its paid plans, ensuring that users can easily access assistance when needed. This can be particularly helpful when encountering compatibility issues or needing guidance on plugin usage. RSVP and Event Management also provide support, though the availability and extent of resources may differ depending on whether one is using a free or paid version of the plugin.

By considering these factors, users can make an informed decision on whether Event Tickets Plus or RSVP and Event Management would be the best fit for their event organization and management needs.


Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management are both useful WordPress plugins for managing events, but they cater to different needs. Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket sales and registration, offering features such as ticket price customization, stock management, and flexible ticketing options source, whereas RSVP and Event Management is specifically designed for wedding-related events, streamlining invitation and guest management source.

When considering these plugins, it’s essential to identify the primary requirements of the events you plan to organize. For businesses and event organizers, the range of features provided by Event Tickets Plus may be better suited to handle diverse events, including conferences, workshops, and concerts. On the other hand, RSVP and Event Management is more applicable for those focused on personal events like weddings, where guest communication and streamlined organization are the top priorities.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and RSVP and Event Management have their unique strengths and limitations. Before making a decision, carefully evaluate the specific needs of your events and consider how each plugin’s features align with those requirements. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on the type of events you plan to manage and the features that matter most to your event organization process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Event Tickets Plus and RSVP systems?

Event Tickets Plus is an advanced ticketing solution designed to work with WordPress and The Events Calendar plugin, providing a comprehensive system for managing ticket sales and RSVPs. On the other hand, RSVP systems primarily focus on collecting guest confirmations for event attendance without necessarily handling ticket sales. Event Tickets Plus offers a more robust feature set for organizing events, including integrations with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, customizable ticket templates, and e-commerce functionality for selling tickets.

How does the integration of Event Tickets Plus with The Events Calendar work?

The integration of Event Tickets Plus with The Events Calendar allows users to create and manage tickets directly from their WordPress dashboard, streamlining the event planning process. Adding ticket options and pricing to individual events is simple, and organizers can also track ticket sales, manage orders, and generate attendee reports within The Events Calendar interface. This seamless integration makes it easy for event planners to handle all aspects of event management on their WordPress site.

What are the benefits of using Event Tickets Plus over other WordPress event management plugins?

Event Tickets Plus offers several advantages over other WordPress event management plugins. Its seamless integration with The Events Calendar contributes to a streamlined workflow for organizers. Additionally, with compatibility for popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, users can sell tickets without relying on third-party ticketing services, potentially saving on fees. The customizable ticket templates, QR codes for check-ins, and efficient attendee registration management are other features that help set Event Tickets Plus apart from competitors.

How does Event Tickets Plus compare to Eventbrite for ticketing?

While both Event Tickets Plus and Eventbrite offer ticketing solutions for events, there are notable differences. With Event Tickets Plus, users can manage ticket sales directly on their WordPress site, whereas Eventbrite requires using their platform for ticket handling. This aspect allows organizers to maintain more control over the ticketing process. Additionally, selling tickets through your WordPress website with Event Tickets Plus can potentially save on processing fees compared to using Eventbrite. However, Eventbrite offers additional marketing and promotional features that may be beneficial for larger events or those looking for more exposure.

What features does Event Tickets Plus offer for managing event registrations?

Event Tickets Plus provides various features to manage event registrations efficiently. Users can set up events with multiple ticket types, limited quantities, and tiered pricing. Attendee information can be easily collected through customizable registration forms, streamlining check-in processes. QR codes on tickets enable quick and easy check-ins at the event. Reporting tools also allow organizers to quickly visualize sales data, attendee information, and more, making it easier to manage and plan for events.

Are there any additional extensions available for enhancing Event Tickets Plus functionality?

Yes, there are additional extensions available for enhancing Event Tickets Plus functionality. These add-on plugins can provide features such as advanced attendee management, event reminders, waiting lists, and more. By combining these extensions with the core Event Tickets Plus plugin, organizers can tailor the system to fit their unique event management needs and streamline their workflows.

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