Event Tickets Plus vs EventPrime: A Comprehensive Comparison

Organizing events and selling tickets through a WordPress website can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right plugin. In the world of event management, two popular options are Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime. Each plugin offers unique features and functionalities, catering to different event management needs, making the decision even more complicated.

Event Tickets Plus is a versatile plugin that integrates seamlessly with The Events Calendar for WordPress, providing a user-friendly platform for managing ticket sales, registration, and RSVPs. On the other hand, EventPrime is a comprehensive events calendar plugin offering a plethora of features ranging from online reservations and registrations to onsite check-ins and customizable email notifications. The choice between these two plugins depends on various factors, such as pricing, specific event requirements, and personal preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime are popular WordPress event management plugins, with distinct features and functionalities.
  • Event Tickets Plus focuses on ticket sales and registration management in conjunction with The Events Calendar plugin.
  • EventPrime provides a comprehensive solution for event scheduling, bookings, and on-site check-ins, among other features.

Overview of Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus is a powerful event management and ticket sales WordPress plugin designed for online and in-person events such as conferences, virtual events, and other gatherings. This plugin works seamlessly with The Events Calendar, a popular event listing tool for WordPress websites.

The main purpose of Event Tickets Plus is to provide event organizers with a simple and efficient solution for handling ticket sales and registrations. With its native WooCommerce integration, it simplifies the process of creating, selling, and managing ticket inventory for all event types.

As an extension of the free Event Tickets plugin, Event Tickets Plus adds premium features that optimize and improve the ticketing experience. For instance, it enables organizers to sell tickets for various locations, making it easy to manage events with multiple venues or sessions.

Event Tickets Plus is often compared to other event management plugins like Amelia and EventPrime, each of which offers its own set of features and benefits. Amelia, for example, focuses on a more robust booking system, while EventPrime is geared towards overall event management and attendee registration.

In addition to ticket sales, Event Tickets Plus offers useful features like support for virtual events, where organizers can sell tickets for online events like webinars or streaming concerts. It also includes capabilities for handling RSVPs and collecting contact information for guests, enabling more personalized communication and follow-ups.

In summary, Event Tickets Plus is a versatile WordPress plugin that streamlines event management, ticket sales, and registrations for various event types. Its integration with The Events Calendar and WooCommerce makes it a convenient option for organizers seeking a reliable and efficient ticketing solution for their events.

Key Features of Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus is a premium WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of the popular Event Tickets plugin to cater to a range of requirements for event organizers and attendees. It is developed with flexibility in mind, enabling users to create and manage event registrations seamlessly.

One of the significant features of Event Tickets Plus is its built-in support for various e-commerce providers, allowing event organizers to collect payments through multiple payment gateways easily. Among them are popular options like PayPal and Stripe, ensuring secure financial transactions for both organizers and attendees.

The design of Event Tickets Plus focuses on functionality and user experience. Users can access a clear user interface, making it straightforward for them to create events, manage tickets, and track attendance. It also offers widgets to enhance the event listing, presenting essential details and promoting events without difficulty.

Event Tickets Plus allows users to create recurring events, ensuring event organizers do not have to create new events manually for each instance. Additionally, there are custom fields for event registration and tickets, catering to specific requirements and added flexibility.

In terms of the registration process, Event Tickets Plus offers custom registration fields, enabling event organizers to collect more information from their attendees. This could include additional preferences, requirements, or personal information, ensuring a smooth registration and check-in process during the event.

To sum up, Event Tickets Plus is a powerful and flexible solution for event organizers seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin to manage attendee registration, payment gateway integration, and event promotions. Its support for recurring events, custom fields, and widgets enhances the overall functionality and user experience in delivering top-notch event management.

Overview of EventPrime

EventPrime is a popular WordPress event management plugin that caters to event organizers by helping them create, manage, and display events on their websites. It comes with various features that make managing events simple and efficient.

One of the key highlights of EventPrime is its events manager, which enables users to effortlessly manage events on the backend while providing attractive and informative calendar views for website visitors on the frontend. The plugin’s calendar system allows event organizers to visualize their schedule and provide clear and organized event details to potential attendees.

Besides event management, EventPrime also offers event registration capabilities. It has a straightforward registration system, allowing attendees to easily book their places at events. The plugin supports flexible event ticketing options, allowing users to create various ticket types and prices, ensuring a versatile and customizable solution for a wide range of events.

A crucial aspect of organizing events is being able to provide accurate location information to attendees. EventPrime excels in this department with its Google Maps integration, enabling event organizers to effortlessly connect their events with real-world locations and provide clear directions for attendees.

In conclusion, EventPrime is a comprehensive event management plugin for WordPress that caters to event organizers’ varying needs, offering essential features like event registration, calendar views, location integration, and more. This plugin enables users to efficiently create, manage, and showcase events, making it an invaluable asset for any event-based WordPress website.

Key Features of EventPrime

EventPrime is a versatile WordPress plugin, offering a user-friendly platform for managing various types of events with a modern and sleek design. It is an all-in-one solution that combines an events calendar with a bookings and ticket management system. The plugin delivers an array of features essential for both event organizers and attendees, making it an attractive option for handling events on a WordPress website.

One prominent aspect of EventPrime is its capability to manage both free and paid event tickets. Besides, it supports single day and multi-day events, so event organizers have the flexibility to cater to a wide array of event formats. With customizable event tickets, you can create multiple ticket types for different target audiences, making it easier to manage complex event structures.

To ensure a seamless event experience, EventPrime offers an integrated events calendar with customization options. This modern, interactive events calendar allows users to easily navigate through events and stay updated on upcoming happenings. The plugin also supports event performers, venues, and locations, providing a comprehensive event management solution.

EventPrime’s compatibility with WooCommerce enables smooth and secure online transactions for selling event tickets. This integration allows event organizers to leverage popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, streamlining the payment process for attendees. In addition, the plugin offers a stock countdown feature that helps organizers keep track of the available ticket inventory.

With a strong focus on customization, EventPrime allows users to modify the front-end design without any coding knowledge. The plugin features a responsive design that is mobile-friendly and adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

In conclusion, EventPrime’s rich set of features, customization options, and seamless integration with WooCommerce make it an excellent choice for event organizers seeking a comprehensive event tickets plugin for their WordPress site.

Payment Process and Gateways

Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime are both popular event management plugins for WordPress that offer different payment process features and gateway options. Understanding their respective payment options will help users to select the most suitable tool for their event ticketing needs.

Event Tickets Plus is known for its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This allows users to leverage these platforms’ payment gateways, providing a wide range of options for processing ticket sales. Some well-known payment gateways supported by this plugin include PayPal and Stripe, enabling organizers to accept secure and convenient online payments. This plugin’s integration with numerous payment gateways helps ensure a hassle-free event ticketing experience for both organizers and attendees.

On the other hand, EventPrime offers a powerful event management solution with some degree of customization related to payment options. Although it does not provide direct integration with WooCommerce, it does support PayPal as a primary payment method for ticket sales. It should be noted that the range of available payment gateways for EventPrime is relatively limited compared to Event Tickets Plus. However, with the widely accepted PayPal support included, users can still confidently manage the payment process for their events.

In terms of payment support, Event Tickets Plus allows for custom ticket fields and front-end ticket sales, making it more flexible for organizers to tailor the payment process to their specific needs. EventPrime, while more focused on customizable tools for the WordPress events calendar, may not offer the same level of depth in payment customization. Regardless, both plugins provide essential payment processing features necessary for selling event tickets through a WordPress site.

In conclusion, when comparing Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime based on their payment process and gateways, Event Tickets Plus offers a wider range of integrations, gateway options, and payment support features. EventPrime, while offering a more limited payment gateway selection, still provides a robust payment processing solution through its support of PayPal. Ultimately, users should consider their specific event ticketing needs and platform preferences when selecting between these two plugins.

Ticketing and Registration Process

Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime are both excellent solutions for managing ticket sales and event registrations on your WordPress-based site. Each plugin comes with unique features to help streamline the entire process for both event organizers and attendees.

Event Tickets Plus allows users to sell tickets using Tickets Commerce functionality or by integrating with popular e-commerce providers, such as WooCommerce. Additionally, this plugin enables users to create RSVPs and collect responses from attendees, making it convenient for organizers to keep track of event numbers. One notable feature of Event Tickets Plus is the ability to create custom ticket fields, which helps obtain specific information about attendees.

On the other hand, EventPrime focuses on offering advanced event management tools, including event registration and the ability to sell tickets for events. The plugin boasts its package management capabilities, which enable users to create multiple ticket types and offer pricing options for attendees. Additionally, EventPrime is equipped with custom registration fields, allowing event organizers to gather essential information from their attendees during the registration process.

The ticket sales settings in both plugins offer a high level of customization, catering to various event types and sizes. EventTickets Plus has front-end ticket sales and WP REST API support, making it more adaptable for a diverse range of event management situations. EventPrime, on the other hand, supports a variety of payment gateways, providing flexible options for collecting ticket revenues.

In conclusion, both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime offer valuable features for managing ticketing and registration processes for events on WordPress websites. While Event Tickets Plus leans more towards ticket sales and RSVPs, EventPrime showcases its package management and customization possibilities during the registration process. Ultimately, choosing between the two plugins will depend on your specific needs and priorities in organizing your events.

Integrations and Compatibility

Event Tickets Plus offers seamless integration with popular platforms such as WooCommerce and Eventbrite. This allows event organizers to sell tickets directly on their websites without the need for third-party vendors. The plugin facilitates the creation of multiple tickets for a single event, and the robust compatibility with WooCommerce ensures that transactions are secure and efficient. Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe can also be integrated, adding another layer of flexibility and functionality to the ticket-selling process.

In contrast, EventPrime is an events calendar and ticketing plugin that primarily focuses on creating and managing events directly from the WordPress dashboard. While it does not directly integrate with platforms like WooCommerce, it still offers a simple and user-friendly interface for handling bookings and tickets. EventPrime supports various payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, making it easy for users to process transactions securely.

When it comes to add-ons and premium support, both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime offer an array of additional features and services. Event Tickets Plus requires a core plugin called Event Tickets but adds numerous premium features such as custom ticket templates, QR codes for easy check-ins, and advanced reporting. Premium support ensures that users can obtain timely assistance whenever they encounter issues or require guidance on the plugin’s functionality.

EventPrime also offers additional modules, such as Events Calendar, Bookings, and Tickets, which allow users to further customize their event management experience. Premium support for EventPrime ensures that users receive timely assistance in the form of plugin updates, bug fixes, and personalized customer service.

Both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime demonstrate flexibility in their integration capabilities and access to various features and add-ons. Event Tickets Plus integrates with prominent platforms for a seamless ticketing experience, while EventPrime focuses on offering an easy-to-use event calendar and ticketing system built specifically for WordPress. Both plugins also ensure secure transactions by integrating with trusted payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. Users can enjoy improved functionality and support with the available add-ons and premium features for either option.

Setup and Customization

Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime are both popular WordPress plugins, allowing users to create and manage events effectively. When it comes to setup and customization, these plugins offer different features and approaches to make the event management process smooth and efficient.

Setting up Event Tickets Plus is quick and easy. Upon installation, you gain access to a range of features and integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. With shortcodes and widgets available in the plugin, it becomes simple to incorporate event registration and ticket purchasing options throughout the website. The plugin is designed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring that users can easily access event pages from any device.

EventPrime, on the other hand, focuses on providing a streamlined interface to create and manage events within the WordPress dashboard. The starter guide provides detailed instructions on setting up and customizing events, including booking and reservations. EventPrime offers a unified calendar view, allowing users to schedule events effortlessly.

When it comes to design and customization options, Event Tickets Plus offers various ticket tier options, enabling the organizer to differentiate between ticket types and price levels. The plugin’s user interface can be customized to match the website’s theme, providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

EventPrime also allows users to customize the look and feel of their event pages through its various design components. With features like venue layouts, seating charts, and participant profiles, users can create engaging pages that cater to specific event requirements.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime offer a range of setup and customization features, ensuring a smooth user experience when handling events, bookings, and reservations. With their respective strengths in widgets, design elements, and responsive interfaces, these plugins accommodate different needs and preferences for event organizers to manage their events easily and effectively.

Support and Resources

Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime both offer a variety of support options and resources to ensure a smooth integration and ongoing usage of their event management tools.

Event Tickets Plus, compatible with WooCommerce, provides a comprehensive knowledgebase containing detailed documentation, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. Users can rely on this resource to find answers to common questions and resolve issues they might encounter. Additionally, Event Tickets Plus offers premium support with prioritized response times and one-on-one assistance as part of their subscription package.

On the other hand, EventPrime, which focuses largely on event management, offers a dedicated customer support for their users. This support is available for both free and premium users, ensuring everyone can access assistance when needed. EventPrime’s website also features a knowledgebase with helpful articles, video tutorials, and guides on various aspects of the plugin.

Both plugins provide regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions, along with the introduction of new features and improvements. When it comes to troubleshooting, users can easily consult the respective knowledgebases provided by Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime, which offer extensive information to address common challenges that may arise.

In conclusion, those looking for a robust support system and resources should be well served by either Event Tickets Plus or EventPrime. Both plugins offer detailed documentation, access to knowledgeable customer support teams, and continuous updates, ensuring users can manage their events efficiently and effectively.

Comparison Between Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime

Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime are both popular ticketing solutions for managing events on a WordPress website, but they come with different features and pricing options. This comparison will examine a few key aspects of each offering.

Event Tickets Plus is a well-known WordPress plugin designed for users who want to sell tickets or collect RSVPs for events. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, and offers advanced event listings and ticket sales capabilities. Its focus is primarily on ticketing, rather than comprehensive event management.

In contrast, EventPrime is a more versatile event management plugin that includes ticketing features. Besides handling ticket sales, it also provides an event calendar with multiple display options and attendee management. Additionally, it supports several payment gateways and offers customizable event pages and registration forms.

When it comes to pricing, Event Tickets Plus has a higher initial cost, as it requires purchasing a premium version of The Events Calendar plugin for full functionality. The exact pricing may vary depending on the package chosen, but it provides continuous updates and support, justifying the costs for those who rely heavily on ticket sales.

On the other hand, EventPrime offers a free version with basic features, making it a more accessible choice for smaller events or users who want to test the software before committing to paid options. For advanced features, EventPrime has different plans that cater to varied needs and budgets.

Regarding features, Event Tickets Plus excels in ticketing and registration, handling both paid and free events seamlessly. Also, its compatibility with WooCommerce allows users to leverage the WooCommerce ecosystem for add-ons and additional features. In addition, it grants users the ability to create Eventbrite tickets, making it even more versatile.

EventPrime, however, provides a more comprehensive event management toolset. Its flexibility allows users to handle various event types, including workshops, seminars, and virtual events. Apart from ticketing, it also enables customizable email notifications, personalized e-tickets, check-in management, and extensive attendee data tracking.

In summary, both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime cater to different user needs, with the former primarily focusing on robust ticketing options while the latter excels in comprehensive event management functionalities. Users should consider the specific requirements of their events when choosing between these solutions to ensure they select the most appropriate tool for their needs.


In comparing Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime, it’s evident that both plugins cater to different event management needs. Event Tickets Plus focuses on event listings and ticket sales, with native integration to WooCommerce, allowing for seamless transactions. On the other hand, EventPrime offers a comprehensive solution for managing events, including customizable features and support for various event types.

Both plugins can integrate with Google Calendar, ensuring that users can easily sync their events to stay up-to-date. When it comes to customer support, both plugins provide resources and responsive assistance to help users maximize the benefits of their respective tools.

Performance-wise, Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime aim to optimize your event management process, while minimizing any negative impacts on your website’s loading speed or user experience. To ensure smooth operation, both plugins are regularly updated, maintaining compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and improvements.

In conclusion, your choice between Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime will depend on the specific requirements of your website and events. By considering the features, integrations and support provided by each plugin, you can make a well-informed decision that best suits your event management needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime?

Event Tickets Plus focuses on a complete event ticketing solution and allows users full control over event ticketing using favorite e-commerce providers. On the other hand, EventPrime is an events calendar plugin that provides comprehensive event management features, including a booking system, event types, categories, and tags. Both plugins cater to different event management needs and offer various features to enhance user experiences (source).

How do both plugins integrate with popular event calendar systems?

Event Tickets Plus seamlessly integrates with popular event calendar plugins like The Events Calendar. EventPrime, being a standalone events calendar plugin, may not require any additional integration, as it comes with built-in event management features for efficient organization of events (source).

Which plugin offers better customization options for event ticketing?

Event Tickets Plus provides users with extensive control over the event ticketing process, while EventPrime focuses more on events and scheduling. When it comes to customization for ticketing, Event Tickets Plus may offer more options for personalization (source).

What are the pricing differences between Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime?

For pricing details, users may visit the respective plugin websites, as price structures may vary over time. Please note that factors such as features, additional add-ons, and license terms may impact the pricing of each plugin.

How do these plugins compare to WooCommerce Event Manager?

While both Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime provide event management features, WooCommerce Event Manager is specifically designed for integration with the popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce. This allows for streamlined event management and ticket sales within a WooCommerce environment. Users looking for deeper integration with WooCommerce may consider WooCommerce Event Manager as an alternative solution.

What are user experiences and reviews like for Event Tickets Plus and EventPrime?

User experiences may vary depending on individual use cases and requirements. As a starting point, potential users can refer to plugin reviews on the respective online marketplaces, forums, or blogs to get an overview of each plugin’s performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Keep in mind that individual user experiences may not represent the overall functionality and quality of each plugin.

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