Booking Calendar vs Calendarize it! – A Comprehensive Comparison for Efficient Scheduling

Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! are two popular scheduling tools designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing and organizing appointments and events. Each offering its own set of features and capabilities, these tools cater to varied user needs and preferences. It’s essential for businesses and individuals alike to understand the key differences between the two solutions to make an informed decision on which tool best suits their specific requirements.

Booking Calendar provides an easy-to-use interface, focusing on the core requirements for booking and scheduling events, such as payment features and integration capabilities. On the other hand, Calendarize it! offers users numerous advanced features and options, allowing for greater customization and a more tailored user experience. Both tools have their merits, and understanding the nuances between them will enable users to select the scheduling tool most suited to their specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Booking Calendar focuses on core booking features while Calendarize it! offers greater customization options.
  • Integration capabilities and user-friendliness are essential factors to consider when choosing a scheduling tool.
  • Email notifications, team management, and customer support are important aspects to evaluate in both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! solutions.

Overview of Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a powerful scheduling tool that simplifies the process of managing appointments and bookings. It’s designed to streamline your scheduling experience, providing you with a seamless way to organize calendar events and prioritize your commitments.



Booking Calendar allows you to easily create and manage appointments for various types of meetings, events, and services. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling appointments a breeze, saving you time and effort.


This tool is particularly useful for businesses and organizations that rely on bookings for their success. Booking Calendar can help you keep track of reservations, bookings, and cancellations, ensuring that you’re always on top of your commitments and resources.


The primary feature of Booking Calendar is the schedule management, which enables you to easily view and organize your appointments and events in a visually appealing layout. This gives you a clear picture of your schedule and enables you to make quick adjustments as needed.

Calendar Sync

One of the key features of Booking Calendar is its ability to sync with other calendar applications, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Calendar. This allows for seamless integration, ensuring that all of your appointments and bookings are up to date and visible across multiple platforms.

Overall, Booking Calendar is a comprehensive scheduling solution that provides you with a range of essential features to effectively manage your appointments and bookings. Its ease of use and compatibility with various calendar applications make it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Overview of Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! is a flexible and feature-rich calendar solution for your WordPress-powered website. This plugin is optimized for the new block editor Gutenberg in WordPress, but can also be used with other page or layout builders using shortcodes and attributes.


One of the standout features of Calendarize it! is its ability to handle various event types, such as fixed start and end times, multi-day events, and recurring events. This makes it highly adaptable for diverse scheduling needs, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Calendar Sync functionality is another advantage, allowing users to synchronize their events with popular calendaring platforms such as Google Calendar and iCal. This ensures that appointments and bookings remain up-to-date and easily accessible, no matter where users are viewing or managing their schedule.

The plugin offers multiple view options for displaying events, including:

  • Month View
  • Week View
  • Day View
  • Event List View
  • Event Grid View
  • Event Map View
  • Event Year View

These options cater to the varied preferences of users, enabling them to choose the most suitable and visually appealing layout for their calendars.

With Calendarize it!, users can take advantage of its front-end editing functionality for seamless event management. This includes capabilities to modify event listings, event dates, and even accept user reviews for individual events, all without having to access the WordPress dashboard. This user-friendly interface streamlines the process and makes it more inviting for both novice and expert users alike.

In summary, Calendarize it! is a versatile and feature-packed calendar solution for WordPress websites that delivers an array of functionalities catering to various scheduling needs, including appointments, bookings, and events. Its multiple view options, Calendar Sync capabilities, and front-end editing functionality make it an attractive and efficient choice for users seeking a comprehensive and easy-to-use calendar plugin.

Comparison: Design and Customizability

When it comes to design and customizability, both Booknetic and Calendarize it! offer solid features for users to create appointment booking systems that fit their needs.

Booknetic provides a sleek design and easy-to-use interface. The plugin is fully configurable, which means users can easily adjust the appearance and layout of their booking systems. Furthermore, the plugin is mobile-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience on all devices.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! is a highly flexible and feature-rich calendar solution. It is optimized for the new block editor Gutenberg in WordPress but can also be used with other page builders using shortcodes and attributes. With its wide range of available options, users can craft a customized calendar layout that suits their needs.

Custom fields play a significant role in enhancing customizability for both Booknetic and Calendarize it!. Booknetic allows users to create their own custom fields, giving them more flexibility to customize their appointment booking forms and workflows. Similarly, Calendarize it! supports custom fields and taxonomies, making it an excellent choice for users who want more control over their events management system.

Workflow management is crucial when using appointment booking systems. Booknetic offers an intuitive way for users to create and manage appointment workflows, enabling them to set up different appointment types and durations and customize them accordingly. Calendarize it! also allows for great workflow management with its flexible calendar options and easy event management.

In summary, both Booknetic and Calendarize it! are excellent choices when it comes to design and customizability. They each provide users with an extensive range of options for custom fields and workflows while also maintaining visually appealing designs to enhance user experience.

Integration Capabilities

Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! are two popular calendar plugins for WordPress, each offering different integration possibilities for users. The integration capabilities of each plugin play a critical role in determining their suitability for various business requirements.

Booking Calendar allows users to integrate their plugin with external platforms like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. This ensures that events and appointments created with Booking Calendar can be seamlessly synced with these calendar services. Furthermore, Booking Calendar offers integration with popular payment processing platforms like WooCommerce to facilitate online payments for bookings.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! also provides several integration options for users. The plugin is compatible with Google Calendar, enabling users to sync their events and appointments between the plugin and Google’s service. However, Calendarize it! does not have a native integration with Microsoft Outlook or payment gateways like WooCommerce. To overcome this limitation, users can rely on third-party integrations through platforms like Zapier to sync data between Calendarize it! and other apps such as Outlook and payment processing platforms.

While both plugins do not offer direct integration with scheduling platforms like Calendly and scheduling software like HubSpot, the versatility of the Zapier integration can bridge the connection between these platforms and the calendar plugins. This allows users to streamline their workflows and ensure consistency across different scheduling and booking platforms.

In summary, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! offer users a range of integration possibilities. Booking Calendar caters to users who prefer a more comprehensive, out-of-the-box integration with calendar services and payment gateways. On the flip side, Calendarize it! relies on third-party platforms like Zapier for a broader range of integrations. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual users’ needs and preferences for integrating the calendar plugin into their business workflows.

Scheduling and Booking Management

When it comes to appointment scheduling and management, both Booknetic and Calendarize it! offer convenient solutions for businesses. However, the two platforms have some significant differences that might influence your decision when choosing one over the other.

Booknetic emphasizes automated appointment booking and management, providing functionality like invoicing, flexible scheduling options, and customizable templates. This makes it suitable for a wide range of businesses that require comprehensive scheduling software. Additionally, the plugin works seamlessly with popular payment gateways, making it easy to manage reservations and accept payments for services.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that acts as a flexible calendar solution for your website. It focuses on events management and is optimized for the Gutenberg block editor. However, it does not offer inbuilt appointment scheduling and booking features. To integrate reservation and scheduling functions, you may need to use additional plugins or shortcodes.

Both platforms help automate processes, reducing the time spent managing appointments and schedules. Booknetic, with its extensive appointment booking features, excels in this aspect. It ensures smooth and efficient management of appointments, allowing you to focus more on your clients.

In summary, if your business relies heavily on appointment scheduling and booking, Booknetic offers a comprehensive solution, while Calendarize it! is more suitable if you need a powerful and customizable web-based calendar for displaying events. Consider your needs and priorities when choosing between the two to ensure a successful implementation of scheduling and booking management.

Payment Features

When comparing Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! for WordPress, their payment features play a crucial role in determining which plugin is the right option for your website.

Booking Calendar offers a seamless integration with popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. This integration ensures your customers can make online payments with ease and confidence. The plugin also supports partial payment, where customers can pay a deposit first, then complete their payment later. Additionally, Booking Calendar provides currency customization, giving you the flexibility to set the preferred currency for all transactions.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! has an add-on for Payment Options WooCommerce which enables integration with various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and other WooCommerce-supported gateways. This add-on provides you with the ability to accept online payments for your events. However, you should note that this add-on requires the WooCommerce plugin to work properly.

When it comes to pricing, Booking Calendar offers a range of affordable plans, catering to different business sizes and requirements. In contrast, Calendarize it! is available for a one-time purchase, with optional costs for extended support and additional features.

The concept of payment integration in both plugins is highly efficient. However, if you are seeking a more advanced payment solution, you may want to consider other alternatives like Booknetic, which offers more comprehensive payment options, such as invoicing for your services.

In terms of compatibility with CRM platforms, Calendarize it! provides an option for Salesforce integration through the use of custom hooks. However, this might require some additional development work to make it functional, while Booking Calendar does not have native Salesforce integration.

In conclusion, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! offer basic and functional payment options for online payments. The choice of the plugin largely depends on your specific requirements, such as CRM integration, preferred payment gateway options, and pricing plans. Remember to select the plugin that best aligns with your needs to ensure smooth and secure transactions on your website.

User Friendliness

When it comes to user friendliness, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! offer a selection of features that cater to different user requirements. In this section, we will discuss the ease of use, guided tours, and learning curve associated with each plugin.

Booking Calendar is known for its simple interface and straightforward functionality. New users can quickly get started with the plugin, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop booking system. As for guided tours, Booking Calendar provides helpful tooltips within the admin panel, ensuring that users can easily navigate through the various settings. The learning curve for the plugin is generally moderate, with users only needing a short amount of time to become familiar with its features.

Contrastingly, Calendarize it! boasts a more feature-rich and customizable experience. Although this may initially seem overwhelming, the plugin’s user-friendliness is apparent through its compatibility with Gutenberg, the block editor in WordPress. Users can employ shortcodes and attributes to seamlessly integrate Calendarize it! with other page or layout builders. The plugin does not provide guided tours, but comprehensive documentation and compatibility with popular page builders considerably reduce the learning curve.

In terms of ease of use, Booking Calendar may be more suitable for users seeking a straightforward and uncomplicated booking system. On the other hand, Calendarize it! offers greater flexibility for those looking to create a customizable and interactive calendar experience on their WordPress site. Regardless of your choice, both plugins can be learned and utilized effectively without much difficulty.

While each plugin has its unique strengths, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! prioritize user friendliness, providing users with accessible and comprehensive features to simplify the booking and calendar management processes.

Emails and Notifications

When comparing booking systems, it’s essential to consider the types of email reminders and notifications they provide. Both Booknetic and Calendarize It! offer different ways to help users stay informed and engaged with appointments and events.

Booknetic enables users to request invoices for their services, which are sent via email. This feature is useful for businesses that rely on billing clients for appointments. Additionally, a client can receive email reminders before the scheduled services, helping to reduce no-shows and improve appointment attendance.

On the other hand, Calendarize It! integrates with popular calendar applications, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook, to send email notifications for events and appointments. These notifications can be set up to inform users of new events added to their calendar, event updates, or any cancellations. Like Booknetic, this also helps reduce missed appointments and ensures effective communication between businesses and clients.

For a more comprehensive booking solution, Microsoft’s Bookings offers an integrated approach to managing appointments and events. It includes a web-based booking calendar, integration with Outlook, and automatic email notifications for clients and staff members. These notifications can serve as reminders for appointments and meetings, helping to increase efficiency and minimize scheduling conflicts.

It is essential to consider the notification options that would work best for your business, whether it’s email confirmations or calendar invitations. Calendly also provides booking notifications similar to those offered by Booknetic and Calendarize It!, but tailored to individual preferences. You can choose between calendar invitations and email confirmations, giving users the flexibility to receive the right type of information needed for their appointments.

In conclusion, both Booknetic and Calendarize It! offer email reminders and notifications to help manage appointments and events. Depending on your specific needs, you may prefer one service over the other or explore additional solutions like Microsoft’s Bookings or Calendly for a more customizable experience.

Team and Staff Management

Managing your team and staff effectively is crucial for the success of your business. Both Bookings Calendar and Calendarize it! offer various features to help with team and staff management.

Bookings Calendar allows you to add team members to a calendar and view their availability. This helps ease the process of scheduling appointments for your staff and attendees. You can assign admin, scheduler, team member, or viewer roles for your employees, depending on their responsibilities. This allows for better control and organization within your team.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! does not provide explicit information on team and staff management features. It is primarily focused on creating and managing appointments and events.

When it comes to team scheduling, Bookings Calendar simplifies the process by enabling you to view employee availability in a calendar format. This makes it easy to identify free slots and avoid double bookings. You can also create and manage in-person and virtual appointments, ensuring efficient use of your team’s time.

In summary, Bookings Calendar stands out when it comes to team and staff management. It offers better functionality and organization, making it easier to manage your employees, their roles, and schedules. Calendarize it!, while useful for appointment scheduling, may not be the best choice for managing teams and staff.

Event Handling

Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! are both plugins designed to manage events on your WordPress-powered website. These plugins have different capabilities and features to help you effectively schedule, oversee, and display events.

Booking Calendar allows users to book appointments or reserve assets, such as rooms or equipment. It offers a simple interface to manage bookings, with well-organized tables to track reservations. The plugin specializes in handling individual appointment scheduling, making it useful for services such as consultations with customers or clients. While it may not focus on managing events such as concerts or conferences, the reservation system can be utilized for small-scale community events or meetups.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! is a more comprehensive solution for event management, offering multiple views like Month View, Week View, Day View, Event List View, Event Grid View, Event Map View, and Event Year View. It supports a wide range of event types and comes with advanced features like recurring events and event ticketing. If you are planning to run exhaustive event calendars such as workshops, seminars, or concerts – Calendarize it! is the better choice.

Both plugins cater differently when it comes to handling specific types of events:

  • Booking Calendar: Ideal for appointment-based events, community events, and meetups.
  • Calendarize it!: Suitable for events that require ticketing, recurring events, and extensive event calendars for various purposes.

In conclusion, choosing between Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! depends on your specific event management needs. Small-scale, appointment-based events and reservations fit perfectly under Booking Calendar’s capabilities, while larger events requiring ticketing or recurring events can be better managed using Calendarize it!. The selection of an appropriate plugin will ensure you have the right toolset to effectively display, manage, and promote your events on your WordPress website.

Advanced Features and Options

When it comes to advanced features and options, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! offer a variety of tools to cater to different user needs.

Booking Calendar provides a user-friendly interface that integrates with Outlook to optimize your staff’s calendar. The Microsoft 365 app streamlines appointment scheduling, making it simple for clients to book a time that works well for everyone. Furthermore, automated notification emails contribute to minimizing appointment no-shows, which is essential for any organization.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! is a feature-rich WordPress event calendar plugin that comes with a myriad of customization options. The plugin works seamlessly with Visual Composer and offers a visual CSS editor, as optional free add-ons. This enables users to create visually appealing calendars that suit their website’s overall theme.

While discussing service providers, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! promote efficient management of appointments and event scheduling. Calendarize it! supports shortcodes to accommodate different page or layout builders, making it versatile and easy to incorporate into your website.

In terms of workflow automation, Booking Calendar allows effortless scheduling and managing of appointments, presenting users with a web-based booking/calendar system. Meanwhile, Calendarize it! focuses on creating visually stunning calendars while offering the flexibility to adjust to diverse page builders.

Lastly, export features and discount coupons are essential components of an online booking system for any business or organization. While the information on these features is limited for Booking Calendar and Calendarize it!, it’s crucial to assess each solution comprehensively and consider their overall functionality for your specific needs.

To sum up, both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! implement advanced features geared toward different segments of the market. They each have unique attributes that cater to a range of preferences, making them strong competitors in the online scheduling/calendar arena.

Customer Service and Support

When choosing an online booking plugin, customer service and support can be a significant factor in your decision. Both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! understand the importance of providing effective and timely assistance to their users.

Booking Calendar offers a simple but responsive support system for its customers. Users can access a dedicated support forum where they can post their queries and receive responses from the plugin developers. Besides the forum, the plugin provides a comprehensive documentation for any potential troubleshooting issues. Furthermore, the plugin features regular updates with improvements and bug fixes, ensuring that users have a smooth experience.

On the other hand, Calendarize it! has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. The plugin comes with a 6-month support service when purchased, as mentioned in the IsItWP review. This support can be extended by paying an additional fee. Calendarize it! offers multiple communication channels, including a forum, email support, and tickets system, which ensures that users can quickly receive assistance on any pressing issues. Moreover, the plugin developers regularly update Calendarize it! to address user feedback, leading to continuous improvement of the platform.

Both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! recognize the importance of addressing customer feedback in an efficient and timely manner. While Booking Calendar’s support scope might seem more limited, it still delivers reliable assistance to its users. Calendarize it! offers more comprehensive support options and is particularly useful for customers who expect a higher level of assistance in managing their online booking calendars. No matter which plugin you choose, you can expect to enjoy a satisfactory level of support and customer service tailored to meet your specific needs.

Comparative Summary


Booking Calendar offers a free version with basic features, as well as several premium plans with additional features, ranging from $59.75 to $299.25 per year. These plans include options for an increased number of calendars, advanced booking features, and priority support.

Calendarize it! is a premium plugin with a starting price of $25 for a regular license on CodeCanyon. This license provides the core features and basic functionality of the plugin. Additional add-ons with extra features may require separate purchases.

Pros and Cons

Booking Calendar


  • Free version available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of booking features
  • Multiple premium plans to choose from


  • Additional costs for advanced features
  • Limited customization options in the free version

Calendarize it!


  • Highly customizable with a variety of views and widgets
  • Optimized for Gutenberg block editor
  • Flexible and feature-rich calendar solution


  • No free version available
  • Potential extra costs for add-ons

Final Verdict

Booking Calendar is a great choice for users who are looking for a basic booking solution with a free version available. Its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features make it suitable for businesses of different sizes. However, if customization and extras are crucial for your needs, the cost may increase with premium plans.

Calendarize it! is ideal for users who prioritize customization and advanced features, and who don’t mind purchasing a premium plugin. With various widgets and views, Calendarize it! provides a comprehensive calendar solution for your WordPress website. But keep in mind, additional costs may arise when needing extra functionality through add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Booking Calendar and Calendarize it?

Booking Calendar is a Microsoft 365 app that simplifies scheduling and appointment management, with features such as a web-based booking calendar and Outlook integration for optimizing staff calendars. On the other hand, Calendarize it! is a flexible and feature-rich calendar solution for WordPress, offering various views, widgets, and customization options. For more information, you can visit the Microsoft Bookings FAQ and Calendarize it! plugin overview.

How do these plugins integrate with WordPress?

Calendarize it! is designed specifically for WordPress and is optimized for the new block editor Gutenberg. It can also be used with other page or layout builders using shortcodes and attributes. Booking Calendar, while not exclusively designed for WordPress, can be used on WordPress-powered websites.

Are there any free versions available for either plugin?

Calendarize it! is a premium plugin available on CodeCanyon with a one-time purchase. Booking Calendar is available as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. There may not be free versions for these plugins, but there are alternative free WordPress calendar plugins available, like The Events Calendar.

How do these plugins compare to The Events Calendar?

Both Booking Calendar and Calendarize it! have unique features that set them apart from The Events Calendar. Booking Calendar focuses on appointment scheduling and Outlook integration, while Calendarize it! is more centered around event management with various views and widgets. The Events Calendar is a free alternative with basic event management capabilities but may lack some of the advanced features offered by the other two plugins.

What are some alternative event management plugins for WordPress?

Apart from Booking Calendar, Calendarize it!, and The Events Calendar, there are other alternative event management plugins for WordPress, such as EventON, Modern Events Calendar, Event Espresso, and Amelia. Each plugin offers different features, pricing options, and customization capabilities, suitable for various needs and industries.

Can these plugins be customized for specific industries?

Yes, many event management plugins, including Booking Calendar and Calendarize it!, offer various customization options, allowing them to be used across different industries. Customization can range from designing the appearance of your calendar to implementing industry-specific appointment booking procedures or event management processes.

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