7 On-Page Optimization Strategies to Double Your SEO Traffic!

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Internal link building is one of the most underused strategies in SEO and Link Whisper takes the hard work out of it by making intelligent suggestions that are easy to manage.

7 On-Site SEO Strategies to Boost Your Traffic

Video 1: How to Update Old Website Content to See BIG Google Traffic Results

Are you interested in potentially doubling the SEO traffic coming to your blog posts?

Not only is it possible, but I'm going to share a few examples of articles that I updated and saw major traffic increases to...quickly. Using the strategies that I lay out to update old content on your site, you can likely see results as well.

Video 2: 3 Ways to Find Orphaned Posts (Pages with No Internal Links) and Why It's Important for SEO

In this quick tutorial video, I'll show you 3 different ways that you can find orphaned posts. Orphaned posts are pages on your site that have no internal links pointing to them.

In addition, I share why building these internal links is so important and some of the results I've seen.

Video 3: SOPs and Checklists for Writing Content and Internal Linking

Learn the processes and procedures I use to outsource all of my content to writers and editors. Having these SOPs in place ensures that I rank better in Google and internally link my content properly each article.

I will GIVE you these SOPs and Templates when you join this free min-course!

Video 4: How to Optimize Your Articles to Better Target Specific Keyword Phrases

Learn how to better use related keywords throughout your content so Google understands what keywords it should rank you for. (Free and Paid tools shared and reviewed).

Video 5: How to Find and Fix Broken Links, 404 Pages, and Other Errors to Improve SEO

Learn the tools and processes you need to find and fix broken links on your site. Keeping a clean and well-structured site can help you perform better in Google.

Video 6: How to Find and Fix Anchor Text Issues for Better Performance in Google

Learn how to identify anchor text issues on your site and how to go about fixing those in a streamlined way. Optimizing your anchor text can help Google better understand and rank your website.

Video 7: Google is Telling You! Exactly How Long Your Blog Post Content Should Be

A frequent question for bloggers, niche site builders, and other webmasters writing articles is "how long should my blog post be?"

If you are wondering how long your content should be, this video should help. I walk through 3 specific examples and 2 tools that I use to help me determine exactly how long my articles need to be to rank at the top of Google.

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