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A Revolutionary WordPress Plugin to Speed Up the Process of Internal Linking and Help You Rank Better in Google

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Small Suggestions, Big Results

Link Whisper quietly and quickly “whispers” contextual internal link suggestions that can both help your readers better find content on your site and helps Google rank your site better due to the improved link structure.

Google, Moz, Search Engine Land, and even Bing knows that internal links are important.  Link Whisper helps you take what was once a time-intensive chore (that gets even bigger as your site grows) and turns it into an opportunity for you to have a better-optimized site than your competitors.

Smart Anchor Text, With Complete Control

You no longer have to highlight the words you want, click on the link icon, and then try to find the URL you want to link to.  Instead, Link Whisper automatically suggests the link AND anchor text!

Don’t like the anchor text suggestion?  Just click the words you want to add or remove from the anchor text.  You have complete control over your anchor text variation.

Customize Internal Links Suggestions and Settings

If you want to fine-tune the link suggestions for your site, you have that capability.

Within the settings you can ask link whisper to ignore certain words or phrases in order to get the optimal linking opportunities for your site.

Want to open all internal links in a new tab?  No problem!  Link Whisper has an optional setting for that.

Automatic Link Suggestions As You Write

Links Whisper is smart.  Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article…right within the WordPress editor.

Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Just check the box and hit save.  Internal links done.

Internal Links Reporting

Ever wondered if you have any “orphan” content out there that doesn’t have a single internal link built to it?

With Link Whisper you can quickly see which pages have very little or no internal links pointing to them.

But it doesn’t stop there!  You can just as quickly click “add” new internal links TO those articles with very few internal links pointing to them.

In addition to the number of links pointing to a given post, the reports page also shows how many outbound internal links and external links are coming from each article.

Simple Install

Setup is as simple as installing the plugin and activating it.  Links suggestions will then happen automatically.

Easy to Use

It really is as easy as reviewing the link suggestions and checking the box next to the ones you want.  Click and done.

Continuous Suggestions

As you add more content to your site, Link Whisper continuously finds new internal link opportunities…automatically!

Time saver

Finding content, selecting anchor text, and inserting links takes a long time.  Let Link Whisper do most of the work for you.

Powerful Reporting

Quickly see how many internal links are pointing to or from each article on your site; including outbound external links.

Improve Rankings

Internal links are a standard way to increase rankings in Google.  Now you can do it faster.

Editor Compatible

Compatible with all editors: Classic, Gutenberg, Thrive, Elementor, or other visual editors.

User Success

Link Whisper is building an ever growing army of fans that love the amount of time they save and the results they see building internal links.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Kind of Link Suggestions Can I Expect?

Link Whisper suggests link based on the content of your site.  In other words, it finds relevant connections that are related.  These in-content, relevant links are the most powerful type of internal link there is.

You are in complete control to either accept or reject the link suggestion.

What if I Want to Remove Links After I Make Them?

Internal links added with Link Whisper act just like any other link on your site.  You can remove the links within your editor, just like you would any other link.

What if I Uninstall the Plugin or Cancel Link Whisper, What Happens to All My Links?

All your links will remain active, even if you cancel or uninstall the plugin! Once you add internal links to your site, they are just like any other link.  They are “permanent” links that will only be removed if you want them to (even if you stop using Link Whisper…which we hope you never stop doing!).

Will Link Whisper Help Me Rank Better in Google?

There is no guarantee that you will rank better in Google just because you start using Link Whisper.  However, internal links definitely can have a positive impact on your rankings, so ideally you will see improved traffic as you use the smart link suggestions from Link Whisper.

Who Should Use Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is ideal for bloggers, niche site creators, and anyone with a content heavy website.  The more content you have on your site, the more powerful Link Whisper becomes.

What is Required to Use Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin.  So, all you need is a self-hosted website that has WordPress installed.

What if I Don’t Like the Link Suggestions I’m Getting?

Remember, you can customize the settings to fine tune the types of links are suggested.  You can set certain words and phrases to be ignored if certain suggestions are coming up too much.  While the link suggestions are excellent right out of the box for most people, if you want help fine-tuning your settings, just let us know.